• Skatomic

    wow…totally totally real. Where is Jake the Snake Roberts…and who keeps this

    • Adam Heffelfinger

      Thank you for beating the "First" guy just so he looks like a bigger asshole than he would have. His level rivals that of the recently added "Scumbag Steve"

  • Gulliver


    • Nicholas Warner


    • looney

      mega fail

      • Mr. Mean

        Who in the fuck say's "Mega Fail"?

        I know….

        A Mega Douche!!!!


    • 'first' hater


  • Nickrob

    that was dumb

  • Rob

    Damn, I think I lost 20 IQ points just watching that.

  • Shabs

    Gayer than gay porn.

  • Gman

    Swan dive Poppageorgio LOL

  • Spencur


  • -------

    my mom hates dead space ads more than she hates dead space!

  • Ryan


  • weird eyebrows

    hypnotosis is not mentioned in the rule book.

    • Avante

      Hypnotosis is not mentioned in a dictionary either

      • rdh014


      • jeffroe

        I hope you're not busting up eyebrows. He is quoting what the announcer said near the end. The announcer was the one that said hypnotosis and not hypnosis.

      • Mike

        EPIC FAIL

        PLS watch entire vid before commenting m'kay? Or else you just make yourself and the people that thumbed you up look stupid.

  • brent

    old news .. that was so, like, 3 days ago.

  • Billy the Accountant

    Anybody mentioning a dead space ad doesn't know how to use the internets. I hate reading the comments of everybody complaining about this ad that i have yet to see.

    • Done

      So be helpful, and note the add-on's you use…

      Firefox: Adblock plus ( works fine blocking the DeadSpace above.
      Chrome: AdBlock – does not block DeadSpace above – better alternative?
      IE: 8+ – don't know, don't use.

      • Heed

        Safari: No add-ons needed

  • robertoqb


  • top dog

    That was funny as hell!!!

  • MiddleLane

    I picture UFC boss Dana White watching this while petting his cat like the evil lord from Inspector Gadget, saying "yeeeeeesssssss……"

  • Worm

    Textbook worm by Ryan Slater!!!!

  • rodrocks

    OH MY GAWD!!! Hey isn't that EL ASSO WIPO?

  • Adam Sandler

    the shit just got real

  • Negrodamas

    Gayer'n cum on a mustache.

  • soberhobo

    I think it would make a person become insane!

  • floscar

    I LULZ so hard i peed a little.

  • Jonathan

    Can anybody tell me what happened after 0:15?? I was too hypotized to watch the whole video…

  • Stupid

    Here I am thinking I'm gonna see some crazy wrestling injury. Maybe a bone coming out of the skin, etc. and instead I get this. Lame.

  • jeffroe

    I for one am really glad to see this video has made it's way across the internets. I've tried to tell my friends for years that wrestling is real, now we finally have indisputable proof!

    How could anyone not believe this was 100% real?

    Wrestling is finally proven real! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Ulicqel


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