Daily Afternoon Randomness (44 Photos)

Thanks again to Madison Gregory for the Dumb and Dumber shot.

  • jason

    #32 was followed by #33

    • TIZ

      #2 was followed by #3

    • Ed Debevic

      #32 #37 I would wear their asses like a surgeon's mask. Om nom nom nom!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/ACooper43 Andrew Cooper


      • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

        dude why don't you go find Paula and wear her ass like a surgeon's mask. just go away

    • Wavien

      And #26 was followed by #27

  • mike b.

    #24 – i would expect nothing less from a chive office mannequin

  • charlie

    as a devout ass guy, #44 is something I can get behind

    • Inmate #324

      Is it worth the jail time though?

      • Shitfaced


    • iamqueensboulevard

      this is why wednesday is my favorite day

    • Malachi Constant

      I salute you sir, and btw she is of age our Chive would be in jail-

    • Jim

      I saw this on /b/ last night

    • tag


    • Kjell King

      I see what you did there…

    • gok attack

      anal creampie that badboy

    • dudeBro

      It's funny cause 44 is now a picture of a dude's ass so I'm confused as to whether Chive turned gay or not.

  • Random

    #37 – Chive, what happened to "Which one would you choose & why?"

    • Jason

      where is the other picture of these chicks and why dont we find mooaaaarrR???!!?!?!?!

    • ????

      why don't i remember the pictures that go with this one?

      • Greg

        it was just one (I think)wearing the same shit just in different poses – long time ago…….and to answer Random….1 (by a mile) ,3,2

      • Mikey WINS

        If my memory serves me correct this was in DAR on Halloween 2010.

        I only remember this because I put these classy ladies as my wallpaper, and forgot to take it down before class…Tehe

        • doodle

          this is probably the biggest win answer to a question in the chive's comment section that i have ever seen.

    • Wolfram

      All things considered, I think "all 3" would be a valid answer. At least, one they'd go for.

    • anon

      too old…

    • That's all.

      Because "Which one would you choose & why?" is fucking retarded. No one cares what you think.

      • Nick702

        1 cause I like gold heart pasties.

      • Ken

        And you're a twat "that's all", trying to sound tough on a board you wiener! I would choose far left because of face and the way tit*ies hang. I don't approve of her middle finger though, just like Child Protection Services doesn't agree with "That's all" cuddling nightly with his papa.

      • Robert

        just like no one cares what you think. stop commenting.

        • Robert

          oh and to answer the question….1,2, then 3.

    • SIdSaint

      Jailbate,thats what!

    • kcbmw

      thank you for this pic, I still want more PLEASE FIND MORE

  • The Mule

    Paula made the DAR!!!!! #28

    • Paula

      I'm busy right now. Can I ignore you some other time?

      Kick in the sack,

      • The Mule

        oooooooh. You got me. Hit a little close to home I see.

      • Fuck Paula

        Dear Paula,

        Everyone hates the shit out of you.

        All the Chivers…

        • simon

          So i was thinking there was a whole big story about Paula.

          Is it seriously just some bloke who says needlessly harsh things and then types in a girls name to help preserve his conscience?

          Or is it a girl called Paula who's been in need of a damn good rogering for several years now?

          Either way they've been given far too much air time on here.

          • Paula

            It's just several guys having fun, that's all.

            the Hugs Paula

            • Paula is yummy!

              They're all haters! I propose the Chive give Paula her own HQ post just to piss the haters off…..and please me…..several times! 😉

  • Rainier

    #11 FTW!!!

    • Chase

      I believe the best movie of all time is Con Air. It has everything

      • Kjell King

        Nice to see John finally took his scarf off

        • Frankie

          just what i thought. Finally came off!!

    • DaddyD

      Snakes on a Plane. Samuel L. Jackson. That is all.

    • Bradster

      You're all wrong!!!! It should have been the "Spice World: The Movie"

  • Pez

    #2 is funny 'cause it is true

    • Wolfram

      That depends if she means "different pussies" or just pussy in general (as in, same girl everyday).

    • LKj

      I went to high school with that girl. She's actually got a boyfriend and is 100% straight.

  • louise einhorn

    is #41 necessary? we all know she's uglier than shit in real life booyaaa

    • Terry

      Actually not much changes besides making hte boobs alittle bigger and skin tone. Y U NO Straight

      • louise einhorn

        come one dude, you saw the pic of her with no make up on! she looks like she's about to grab a skateboard and go to the park. seriously, she doesn't do anything for me after that pic was exposed. y u no agree?

        • hmmm

          because you are wrong, that's why you're getting thumb downed like shit.. stop being jelly and/or gay.

      • Djz

        And her thigh was slimmed, her sock is gone,and a mole is missing.

        • Alan

          And that day, not a single fuck was given.

          • ahah


    • http://www.facebook.com/wjacksonjr Wayne Jackson


    • mick

      I would still, every single day of the fucking decade

    • ANON

      Look, come out of the closet somewhere else, okay?

    • dean

      man, like, two of the chicks i've dated were actually hot without makeup, just waking up, most girls need at least a touch up.
      and the patridge pic, wonky eyes and all she's still doable, like the chivette pics that get sent in haven't been taken and re-taken 20 times in soft light with flattering camera angles with push up bras and perfect make up until they get the best one. and most of those chicks are cute at best, even after all the work.

    • famous or not

      would fuck her in a second

  • http://www.facebook.com/thaipaige Ty Paige

    #7 my thoughts exactly

    • Wolfram

      Agreed. What a stupid ass.

    • Just Sayin'

      I'm pretty sure that is what facebook is for…not the chive!

    • hmmm

      yea man, what a fucking loser.. like meet a girl at a RANDOM party full of random people and he asks the chive to find her… find her yourself numb nuts.

      • Tristan

        you sucked his nuts numb?

    • JHL1

      I agree he should have at least asked her name while she was at his party.
      However if anyone else were to submit more pics of her I would do my part and look at them

    • ODB

      Try looking in 1980.

  • LansingMI

    #41 – Are you kidding me? Like if Katy Perry had three more wrinkles you wouldn't murder your best friend to know her biblically?

    • Biggus Diccus

      I love the 'know her biblically' euphemism<—- yep i used google for spellcheck

      • Steve's Mom

        i would do unspeakable things for one poke

        • kodakkid

          one poke shit i would do unspeakable things for 1 lick.
          one lick before any of you got a poke

      • LansingMI

        Nice work! Perhaps she's a grammar Nazi. A grammar Nazi with wonderful breasts.

        • justfinished

          ohh such wonderful breasts. VICTORIA SECRET SHOW!!!! uhhhhh

  • Paula

    First, bitches!!!!


    • TheDudeFromNY

      Imitation Paula FAIL 🙂

    • gofistyourself

      go die in a car accident ….. a firey one .. . soon …. !!!

      • bodhi1990

        seriously guys, stop thumbing her/him/it down, stop replying, stop going under the bridges for trolls

        • Lucky

          Dont' Listen to Bodhi!!!! I need something to laugh at. The comments are part of my Chivesperience and I love it.


          • Paula

            Finally someone who gets it 🙂


  • Paula

    #6 Hi Dad!


    • GoDie

      At least your dad scored some pussy!

      • Paula

        Don't piss me off today, I'm running out of places to hide the bodies.

        Already digging,

        • gofistyourself

          go swallow a bottle of sleeping pills !

          • Paula

            I'm sorry, but talking to you is as appealing as playing leapfrog with unicorns.


  • Seldi84

    #44 is an epic ass.

    • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

      Om,nom,nom, nom

      • Paula

        Glad you enjoyed it!


  • troll

    fuck the chive

    • Shitfaced

      We get it, you want attention. Have some thumbs down.

    • Paula

      Shut up, you'll never be the man your mother is.


    • lovebird.

      go away.

    • Kelsow Farlander

      No, you've misunderstood. The girls IN the Chive posts, that's what you want to (as you so crudely put it) want to fuck. Now, if you can't keep up with the rest of us, I recommend you stick with the Drudge Report. BBFN!

    • eroon

      Scumbag Steve?

    • bigmac

      fuck you troll

  • BudHa

    neither of those shopped magazine covers really changed anything. at least not as bad as some we have seen

    • hmmm

      I agree, that girl didn't need to be shopped at all, in fact not much changed.. I guess you are allowed to be gay if you don't like photoshop.

  • HankT


    • Wolfram

      I love small tits too!

      Oh wait.

      • Wolfram

        I know, I know, I'm replying to myself.

        But! I just noticed there there's actually another person on the right side of the shot! I think we need the full photoshoot here.

    • Danny P

      Extacy is a helluva drug

    • lol

      And they say house music is gay….

  • TheTruth

    Who let #2 out of the kitchen?

    • Claude M.

      who picked up a rock and let you crawl out?

      • Poololololol

        Who let you out of the closet?

  • jason in pc

    lot of reposts but i dont mind this one #32 i could see this one everyday, every post.

    • BudHa

      yea shes got the goods kid

      • mattty

        obvious shopped boobs are obvious though.

    • Nateb123

      I seriously want to shop her boobs smaller again so she looks normal. She's so damn fine then she's got a shopped on rack that could take a persons's eye out.

  • Shawn35

    #44 and my day is complete

    • kodakkid

      well 30 seconds after seeing that pick my day was complete too!

  • Shitfaced

    #32 – MOAR. Now. Who knows who she is so I can Google the fuck out of her?

    • Bert

      there was a whole post on her a while back……forget her name…..use tineye

      • Boom

        Gabriella Greco or something like that

    • Seannerz

      She looks so much like Poppy Montgomery.

    • CHRI

      Don't you mean fuck the Google out of her?

    • John

      gabriella grecco

  • Brad

    #2 – Awesome. Can I have some, too?
    #44 – Good God Almighty!

    • LondonEffect

      #2 That chick is Busted! as Hell!

    • NICK


  • MigraineBoy

    #27 #32 #44 Have my vote and undivided attention.

    #2 is just…true.

  • Pussy cat

    I would like to make sexy time with you.
    Gawd daaaaaamn this girl is hot as they come!
    There sure is a lot of pussy in this DAR!

  • Jason

    I need more of 37, i havent even seen the other picture… wtf?!. If i dont get more of these chicks im gonna murder someone.

  • Ilike2play2day

    #32 & #44 more please!

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