New camouflage art by Liu Bolin -insane. (11 photos)

If you want to see his work up close, Bolin will open a new solo exhibition at the Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery on June 29th.

via [Daily Mail]

  • edward

    1st awesome

    • douche

      I was first to thumb you down

  • neo

    this guy's good!

    • marriedDudeBro

      So is this guy awesome cause of his ability to just stand there while other people do amazing jobs of painting him?

  • mrjimmyos

    He's like Solid Snake as an artist!

  • Anakrusix

    Very impressive. Hey Chive, you should hold a contest and see if the Chivers are as talented!

    • Statan

      Only if their showing us big boobs!!!!

    • yup

      How about hiding a pair of boobs somewhere, like body painting, inverted colors or gray scale. Lol

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    This was amazing when it first came out but now it's getting a little repetitive.

    I assume the man in the photos is NOT the artist, as clearly he is not the one doing the painting!

    • McBeastie

      looks like photography to me, not painting. but i could be wrong.

      • wadafakutakinabout

        hahahaha. it is a photograph but of a painted man. derp…

  • Frank

    Where's Paula?

  • Statan

    WTF!!!! Hey! More T & A. This artsy BS does not make me horny!! Back to big titties and butts please.

    • Picard_

      ….right….Learn to Learn!

    • Ashley

      Wrong site. You're looking for their brothers.

  • Yeahbeer

    #2 was amazing!

  • GK-4

    #4 lookis like there's a ghost

  • paulie

    like a boss

  • misschris

    He is amazing.

  • Leo's Big Fan

    Hey that Chinaman sure is talented, eh Leo? What will those Chinamen think of next? Leo feels me!

  • bob

    Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature

    • Mario

      However, for the commenter that called him a chinaman, I believe douche is the preferred name.

    • Roy

      The chinaman is not the issue bob! It's about drawing a line in the sand!

  • someguy

    #5 is fuckin phenominal

    • Puffs

      u mean phucking.

  • Diana Santos

    only a problem…he can't move…jk ^_^

  • krista

    can you see me now?

  • top dog

    #5, if it wasn't for them shoes, I had a hard time seeing this guy. Impressive, most impressive.

  • fakespotter


  • Pat

    And yet, not a shit was given that day!

  • RandomGuy

    Reminds me of Octocamo from MGS4

  • Guste

    His photos would benefit if he was actually trying to hide rather than being in the center of each shot (or at least off to one side). None-the-less truly astonishing work with the camouflage!

  • Rolis

    as i was scrolling down, until a saw his feet in #5 i did not know where he was

  • eric

    photoshoped all the way

  • Alex


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