Best Photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • AdamBaldick

    #26 who are you and where can i find the original. Also I would like to mention (again) that #39 makes my world spin

  • quitcensoringdamnit

    #26 !!FAIL!!

    censoring photos is not only demeaning to the subject (she posed for it, for chrissake) and the photographer, it's demeaning to your readers. this isn't russia, is it? is this russia, Danny?

    • Cbra

      its a gif dumb ass sit in front of ur screen closely and blink really fast…ull see

  • Ethan Shuster

    Anyone have a much bigger version of that Mario Bros. image?

  • somedude

    Vigo the Carpathian. So badd ass.

  • Pixle

    #9 looks pretty hot!
    Almost makes me wish there was a "Sexy Chivers' post for us ladies. :]

  • Lalo Teijeiro

    I still cracked up when I saw #6 again.. great use of 34 there…. and I just can't get enough of our sexy chivettes! #11

  • William Karl Foster

    You guys realize the poop from these. #42

  • LazyTheKid

    #3 Darkside of the Darkside. Anyone try syncing it up with the Empire Strikes Back?…It doesn't work, just in case you thought I was serious.

  • Ryan

    Look at # 26 for a while and see what happens

  • Too Soon?

    Dude…your sexy Asians post broke Japan.

  • pyrosis

    #2 Damn! The body on the woman on the left is unreal!! Find her!!

  • orylolol


  • confucius06

    was #42 ever identified?

  • Rebecca Salas

    I'm in love with #42

  • Stix

    #26 WHY WHY WHY?

  • albyok


    Never hate so much eye blinking.

  • HankT

    #14…most definitely the best photo of the week…

  • teximport

    and i'm proud to be an American…
    No funny comment, just DAMN..

  • Michel Payette

    FIND #49 NOW|

  • Jay

    #26 is a flasher. nice!!

  • LuisV009

    seriously???????? Is this The Lauren Gentile? #42

  • Dan

    For the briefest moment, the briefest.. the censor bar on #26 stopped working I guess? maybe it was a trick of the mind but I'm not questioning it. It was beautiful.

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