Bully learns a painful lesson (Video)

Casey (the kid on the right) allegedly has been bullied his whole life according to his classmates. I guess he had enough of that.

A note to all bullies: 1. don’t do it; 2. If you are going to do it make sure that you’re bigger than the person you are bullying.

But seriously, don’t do it. PWNAGE shall ensue…

  • Roscoe

    Bullies suck. Sad that kids do this shit.

    • Skar

      http://www.caseyheynes.com/ His own fan site!

    • Cake is a Lie

      "They laughed at me in class… I laughed at their funeral"

      • Sad

        Yeah, nothing like a kid two times the size of the one "bullying" him "defending" himself by body-slamming a little kid into a concrete floor. I bet you wouldn't be cheering now if he killed or paralyzed that "bully." It's people like this kid that go on to shoot up the workplace because, in the end, they don't have any balls and are weak.

        • Brother Maynard

          The small kid started the fight, don't start it if you cannot finish.

          • Too Far

            I bet next you're going to say those kids who murdered their "bullies" at Columbine High School should get applause too.

            • Brother Maynard

              No they should have gotten the death penalty, had they not shot themselves, at least they the state some legal fees. I'm a firm believer in self defense as log as the threat is imminent. In this video the large kid was being punched by another kid, he stuck up for himself, not using weapons. The Columbine attack was a cowards act.. Much different.

              • Too Far

                He didn't stand up for himself, he picked up a kid two times smaller than him and almost slammed him on his head. That is hardly self defense. Being as big as he is, he could have easily just grabbed the kid, pinned him down and restrained him, or walked away instead of standing there and building up rage. Instead, he impulsively chose to do something which could have easily ended much worse than it did. There is no excuse for that, and I hope he is not only suspended but undergoes some serious counseling too.

                • Brother Maynard

                  Had the situation been reversed and a little kid punched the bigger kid unconscious people would be laughing. I see where you are coming from, but I think we're just going to have to disagree on this one man. There way too many differences of opinion to bring up on a message board.

            • claudio

              yes indeed they do. Did u know that 70% suicide rate of students is about bullies,ofcorse the other 30 are about pressure from exams etc…
              would you rather hav the kids who were bullied to commit suicide and then hav the their bullies laugh at their faces? I say for them to get at that point, it was just a matter of it was either them or us beacouse they coulndt stand being hurt and humiliated anymore. They made a stand.

              • Huh

                I'm not sure you realize that you just said that you think that people who kill people for bullying them should be applauded. And if you do, you need help, asap.

                • claudio

                  would you rather they killed themselves?

                  • claudio

                    imagine the news i dont know the details but:
                    "today 10 kids commited suicide due to excessive bulling, parents are devastated with what has succeded"

                  • Huh

                    No, I'd rather they looked for help, which is always available.

                    • claudio

                      so the guy who get beated up and umiliated everyday is the one who must get help. how about the other way around?
                      i think that kid who has no responsability, no moral valors no education no kind perception of the situation and is too damn dumb to figure out what is right or wrong should be the one who need guidance. wouldnt you agree?

            • Kris

              You're comparing a massacre to a fist fight. Apples and oranges.

              • Too Far

                It wasn't really a just fist fight now was it? I don't think the bullied kid punched him back, he damn near wrecked the kid for life.

                • claudio

                  tell me how many bullies ended with lifetime injuries and how many bullied ended with lifetime injuries

        • anon

          I wish the kid got paralysed. Little fucking shit.

          • tomatso

            Totally agree. Evolution at its best. Little monkey picks on big monkey. Big monkey throws little monkey out of the tree.

    • Dude

      I was bullied by the older boys when i was little but when i got to be the older boy i started bullying and sure enough i understood why i was being bullied, it was pure fun!

      However i soon realised that it must suck for the other kid as it sucked for me when i was kid but i like being a bully so i was torn. That's when i decided to be a bully of the bullies. Now THAT was cool. The whole school was safe and would come and get me whenever a fight would broke out, no one was getting bullied except for those who caused trouble for the others.

      That kid should do like i did and hunt down all the bullies and establish an era of peace.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Juan.Guillermo.Chaves.F Juan Guillermo Chaves F

        wow!! that sounds like a cool 80s-90s kid movie

        • LOL

          Laugh out loud funny.

  • Random

    Zangief's spinning piledriver

    • George

      I loled to this

    • Grifo

      That little S#!T got what he deserved. The big guy gave him three freebies before he unleashed hell.

    • Frank


    • LazyTheKid

      Zangief kid is a hero…which is why I'm a bad person because this made me smile. I guess Newton was wrong, for every action there is NOT an equal and opposite reaction…because that shit was BOSS.

    • Jake

      AWESOME!!! but somebody needs to tell him that the wwe is staged

    • fibonacci5150

      I know man! and he has such a huge hit box I can't believe the noob got ulted…

  • kiwwi


    • GoJessicaGo


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Shaw/669440656 Steve Shaw

    Not that I advocate violence as a solution to anything, but good for him. That little fucker deserved it.

  • nothingman017

    Here's the worst part. The big kid was SUSPENDED for defending himself! And the scrawny bully? Nothing! (Except being humiliated on the internet in front of millions)

    • Saucy

      how the hell would u know that?

    • Steveystevesteve

      Yeah but he'll forget the suspension, that little shit won't forget that there are occasionally consequences for fucking with people.

    • Jimmy C

      The suspension, although it may seem unfair, was entirely worth it. One day being "punished" and not being able to go to school in exchange for no one ever fucking with this kid again? Definitely worth it. Besides, after his parents find out the reason why, do you really think he is going to be scolded?

      • Wow

        I really hope so. He should learn a lesson that doing something much worse to someone who is irritating you is not an acceptable way to function in society. I'd hate to see what this kid does when his wife keeps asking him to take out the garbage a few times.

        • kyle_j

          But the whole point is that the kid was not being subject to a reasonable request, he was being bullied and punched by the smaller one. Fighting back isn't an overreaction, he just responded in kind, which is (rightly or not) exactly the way society functions. The bigger kid won't get picked on again, and you can be sure the little one will think twice before doing anything like this in the future.

          In fact, many high schools will suspend both kids for a day if there's violence, regardless of who threw punches. This is essentially a safeguard so that kids being punched won't be afraid to defend themselves; they know they're already going to be suspended, so they might as well defend themselves.

        • anon

          Fuck off.
          You are so far off base it is not funny.
          You have no idea what it is like to be tormented by hundreds of people, day in day out.
          That was perfectly acceptable.

          • Wow

            I'm sure you know exactly what it's like to be tormented by hundreds of people, and I'm sure you find brutal and violent revenge acceptable. You need help, man.

            • TLAALOOCCC

              and you need to step out of your basement every once in a while…

        • gaz


        • Ethan

          You're an idiot and obviously very sheltered. Unfortunately, in this world, some people have to be punched in the mouth before they'll treat you with respect.

          My personal rule is to treat people with respect from the get go, but I will defend myself however I have to. If I can avoid such people, I will, but sometimes you simply cannot. Then you just piledrive the little shit…

          • LOL

            I can see how you treat people with respect, solely based on the fact that you started your post with "You're an idiot." STFU

        • ACMC

          I'm sure ignoring the problem and it might magically go away. While the response was violent , how else were you going to deal with a bully? Did you see that taunting dance? That was overconfidence, people like that rarely back off. You are posing an irrational and poor argument by escalating the consequences and basing it on the slippery slope idea.

          Do not mistaken my opinion for pro-violence, there are other solutions, but this one did seem most effective. I've seen the system gamed too many times.

    • Falthor

      not exactly nothing… he does have a fractured Shin for his troubles… but I agree totally shitty he wasn't suspended too considering he threw the first punch.

      • Skar

        He got expelled for 20 days, or so

        • 93GT

          dont make shit up

      • Flicka

        He threw the first THREE punches. THEN he got fucking pwned.

    • Balorati

      Um, possibly because he fucking piledrived a kid that is clearly much smaller and weaker than him. Getting punched in the face does not = piledriver. True the bully shouldn't have been bullying to start with, but the retaliation has to be in reason.

      • OneManDifference

        Well who's fault is that? The smaller kid knew he was picking on a bigger kid. It's his fault for being weaker and starting the fight is it not? The retaliation was more than fitting because it ended the fight absolutely. I guarantee that little kid and probably the others will think long and hard before they mess with the nice, quiet big kid again. It's called RESPECT and the big kid just earned it in spades. Kudos, big boy, kudos.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Allan-Santiago/501236064 Allan Santiago

        It says the kid's been bullied for a long time. all the punches, insults, pranks= piledriver.

      • Whiplash

        bullshit. that little kid deserved the piledriver. As with most cases of bullying, this was probably the ending to a long period of teasing and harrassment. Also a fights a fight, this wasnt some MMA competition with rules and judges. If you dont want to be piledrived, don't pick on a kid 3 times your size.

      • Shut It

        Stop being a vigina.

        • Lance

          please don't misspell the most awesome body part!

      • Rob

        screw that!!! That little punk got what he asked for… a life lesson. Careful who you pick a fight with. The big kid did right to send a message to the bully and then simply walk away… no trash talk …. now yelling …. no finger pointing …. he just walked away.

      • Dillon Turcotte

        if you watch the video again you'll see that getting punched in the face did in fact = piledriver

        • LansingMI

          Ha ha, nice. Definitely a causal relationship there.

      • Sarah

        I take it you've never been continually bullied then…

        I was when I was a kid, I had never retaliated violently, and bullying just kept coming.
        However I lost my cool one day in high school and slapped one of them (stupidly it was in class) – we both got a dressing down for it (no suspension or anything though)
        However – believe me or not but the following day two teachers quietly said 'good for you' as they pass me in the hallway as the guy was a known troublemaker and they knew what I'd been through. Funnily enough – the guy & his posse didn't bother me again..

        Granted Violence isn't the answer, but you can really only take so much abuse, I reiterate to my children to walk away but i appreciate that one day they may fall foul.

        • Adam Heffelfinger

          I was going to call you a pussy for slapping the person, but then I saw your name was sarah, so slapping is much more acceptable. lol good work then Ms.!!!

        • Balorati

          I'm a gay guy who grew up in a small hick town…I was bullied throughout my entire childhood and early adult life. I've fought back before, but for someone punching me in the face (while it does have certain risks of bodily harm) I never retaliated with dropping somebody on their head and neck. He could have severely injured this douchebag of a bully. If the bully has any severe damage from this attack, he or his parents will come after the big kid and/or his family.

          • j.w.

            you gave your bully a different kind of piledriver, didn't ya.

          • FDR

            Who cares that you're gay? I thought gays were equal to straights and that stereotypes aren't accurate. So why mention it? That is, unless it does matter and you are counting on people applying their preconceived stereotypes to you to generate sympathy?

            If that's the case, then I conclude you couldn't pile drive anyone even if you wanted to.

        • WolfP

          It was sad that the teachers didn´t do anyting against the kid if they knew he was a troublemaker. Too bad that thats the situation in many schools around the world 😦

      • Flicka

        The kid let him punch him consequence-free twice. On the third time, fuck that little prick. If he was an adult you could shoot him.

        • lol

          Yeah, you could, and go to prison for murder, moron.

      • EZEE

        Sorry – some people only understand overwhelming force. I got picked on – and when I knocked the fucking guy's teeth right out of his skull, he stopped.

        Your logic never works, because the aggressors are always willing to go 1 for 1 – why do terrorists strap bombs to their kids? Because they know they can make more kids. Overwhelm them, destroy them, then salt the ground.

      • The Dude

        You're a pussy dude. That little bitch got what he deserved

      • Terry

        Id like to piledrive your face.

      • notghandi

        actually it does. think about how the world actually works.

        one small country invades a much larger country = colossal ass whipping (see Japan vs united states)

        this is the entire concept of armed response. have a massive amount of force at your disposal, and this deterrent will keep others peacefully at bay. if you have massive force, and you do not respond with it when attacked, your deterrent is gone. so the only acceptable response when attacked is to respond with savage and brutal violence, even when disproportionate with the initial attack.

        if the punishment/consequences are not shockingly severe then there is no reason to be an acceptable moral member of society. for example : break into a house -> go to jail = career criminal , break into house -> get shot in the face -> other people reconsider being a burglar.

        mind you, I am not a waco nutjob. I am actually a pacifist who has been the victim of violent crime and burglary. I do however understand the need in the world for others to enact violence as a means of deterrent to uninitiated violence.

      • jake

        dude when you were in elementary school were you thinking about proper reactions? ill answer that for you, NO. all you were thinking about was how to stop what was happening to you

      • BOD

        So if someone slaps you, you just slap them back no more no less? If someone steals something from you, do you steal something from them? since when does retaliation, or in this case punishment, have to be equal?
        I did this when I was a kid.. I was a bigger kid who got bullied all the time and then my dad told me to just hit em.. As soon as I did, that's when I started growing a personality.. So good job big kid, the little prick deserved it!

    • yup

      "Heynes and his antagonist have both been suspended for four days by Chifley College Dunheved’s Campus"

    • Lolzy

      It's true, here's the support facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CaseyHeynes

    • Guest
    • Shawn Forth

      That's probably bs, typically it's zero tolerance so both kids most likely would be suspended. However, that's just my guess and not any facts behind it.
      That was awesome, the skinny kid deserved what he got.

    • Jules

      Not true. The child being bullied was suspended for four days, the bully suspended for 21 days.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Clayton-Knoblauch/693782577 Clayton Knoblauch

      not true, i read on yahoo news that they both got suspended.

    • Cyrill

      "And the millions…." – The Rock

  • eroon

    Good form… Good form

  • PoopIsFun

    BOOM! fucker got what he deserved.

  • ostrichman1985

    that was awesome!

  • Urban

    Well the big buy gave him a chance, but he kept on.

    • Flicka

      Yup. Third strike YOU'RE OUT!

  • davey

    right on!!

    I loved it. Wish he did the same to the other one after.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Flowers/509922959 Adam Flowers

    I guess those years of watching WWE finally paid off!!

  • imbrovvn

    Lol, kid got messed up.

  • biscuit

    He deserved it.

  • ramalamadingdong

    conflicted feelings

  • Htisss

    What a little shit.

    • Malkintosh22

      I was slowly scrolling down hoping another Chiver had already said this. Good for him. I hope that little shithead lives a life of misery.

      • BIGboy BOYKINS

        i hope he broke his f'ing leg

        • Jay

          Yes he broke his ankle

  • Jason

    I hope every bully gets that shit!

  • davisrj

    Little bastard should of known he was in deep shit when that kid took one right to the jaw and shrugged it off like it was nothing.

    • Brother Maynard

      That's true, most people would have had an oh shit moment and ran.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dawn-DuBois/507725936 Dawn DuBois

    that little shit deserved it. Too bad Casey got in trouble, too (theres a facebook page now to support him) Bullies are the worst, and parents ought to teach thier kids better then to act like little assholes. Good on that big kid!

    • Dumb

      HOLY CRAP!? A Facebook page to support him!? What a novel and useful idea! Maybe if we create a Facebook page supporting world peace everyone will stop shooting each other!

    • Moron

      Yeah, totally agree, let's use unrestricted brute force on anyone who gets in our way!!! Guns for everyone, let's "defend" ourselves against these bullies!

    • TheAbeVigoda

      There's a facebook page about a schoolyard fight to support a suspended kid? Man, I mean, it sucks and all, but there are definitely more important causes to support than "the fat kid that became a legend in one body slam got suspended" cause.

    • Maynard B.

      It figures in our world that lacks common sense, that a kid would get in trouble for defending himself.

      • Jen

        this little asshole fucks with my son every day on the bus and in class, makes fun of him and makes him cry. finally, i told my son that between he and i, he has permission to hit him back. sounds like bad parenting, but my son needs to learn how to stand up for himself and protect himself. being raised by a single mother, he needs someone to teach him to be tough! let the criticism begin!

        • Soe

          You are the best mom ever.

  • cincyO

    Initially when I saw the screen, I assumed the big kid was the bully….good for him, maybe that little shit will think before he tries that again…

  • Obvious Troll

    little late on trolling reddit, huh Chive?

    • Paul

      Yeah, but only cause they got held up banging reddit's girlfriend

    • Ron

      Yeah really, even izismile posted this hours ago.

      • Obvious Troll


        • sofaking

          You see, there's a reason they call it "Viral". It's called getting posted fucking everwhere. The Chive happens to be part of everywhere.

          • LOL

            Yeah, except usually after the party is already over.

            • Paul

              Well hipster, if you're looking for a site to get stuff first so you can be the first to show it to all your hipster friends and say, "You probably haven't seen this yet" , then you're obviously in the wrong fucking place.

              Grab your black rim glasses, Converse All Stars, and lady jeans and GTFO!

              This ain't Williamsburg, (//kicks hipster into pit//)…THIS…IS…THE CHIIIIIVE!

              • The Real D. Nozzle

                it's comments like this that make me wonder how that dude above could doubt there are douchebags on this site.

                What we need is casey to come over here and pile drive your ass.

            • its_forge

              It could be all over the web but it's not truly awesome until it's been commented on by Chivers. So dude, STFU or something.

    • Anon

      Dude, this is The Chive. Everything they post comes from somewhere else.

      • bobsky

        WHOA!!! You mean The Chive doesn't have roaming reporters and photographers that get all of this content? and here I thought everything online was 100% original! Maybe someday The Chive can afford a great, on-the-scene, reporting team like reddit and izismile have…

        Saying that another site had it before The Chive = saying "First!" on these comments….nobody cares!!!

        • Jules

          Childern please calm your shit….the Chive is awesome, that is all. Other sites are awesome as well, but obviously you are commenting here so it must hold some sort of amusement to you, so if you don't like the Chive then go back to your other awesome sites and stay there!
          Kay Thanks!

  • top dog

    Thats all you gotta do, smack em in the mouth and they'll leave you alone. Way to grow some balls kid. Normally I don't condone fighting but, kicking a bully's ass is different……I don't like bullies.

  • Andre

    Did u see the kid who tried to step in like he was some sort of tough shit? Funny he goes in after his buddy gets owned, little fucker.

    • Observer

      Watch at the very last second of the video when that tough shit friend of his goes around the girl, his last step (that can be seen) looks like he takes off after Casey. I hope he planted that prick too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.holliday Joshua Lee Holliday

      Then he got punked out by a chick, that whole video is full of win.

    • Joe Pancake

      Yeah, thats what pissed me off the most. You know that normally he was bullied by a group and was probably outnumbered… After the little kid got whooped, one of the larger kids ran in to back him up.

  • Cake is a Lie

    That was rad. Beat the little Napoleon complex kids arse

  • Todd

    That was awesome!!!! I saw a one punch coming but that was 10 times better

  • Wolfram

    I saw this yesterday, and I have to say that besides all the good stuff about standing up to a bully, gotta give props to that girl at the end who stands in the way of the bullie's friend to keep him from going after the fat kid.

    • A Bully

      I love that you call him "the fat kid." Hilariously ironic. High five.

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