Shopping malls: The year–1990 (22 Photos)

These hilarious photos and more at howtobearetronaut.

  • Jimmy


    • Paz

      Make me want to go back there, back there.

    • Brand_n

      Indeed, great post. Very nostalgic.

    • Will Moog

      Makes me so glad that Nirvana came around and destroyed this whole look.

      • Six

        Now you quoting VH1?

  • Guse

    I'm glad someone said that, because I pretty vividly remember 1990.

  • Zack

    The mall in Butte MT still looks like this……

    • freakscene

      Nice, dude. The Billings (Rimrock) Mall provides a pretty good laugh as well with all the wannabe gangsters.

    • Zoink

      HAHAHAHA – BUTTE – that means ass

    • SeaBassEX

      Both Butte and Billings are shitholes.

      • Apoennim

        You must be in Billings…
        Chive on from Butte!

    • The 406

      Heeeeeey, Montana Chivers!!! Over in Billings myself, and yes indeed our shopping malls are shit-tacular. We have great breweries though… Bout to go indulge soon. Happy St. Patricks day! Wish I was in Butte 😦

      • cantkillcastro

        lol, The one in Missoula isn't any better, friggin college towns blow goats. Chive on Montana style!

    • Johnny Two Toes

      Chive on from Billings, sure are a lot of Montana folk on here

    • Gwen Tiffany Perez

      LOL I was just in the Missoula mall not to long ago, yup still the same

  • Urban

    #7 Ah, the tight rolled jeans. So funny today.

    • Paul

      I dont think they're rolled. I think those bad boys are elastic.

      • Ryno

        No they are tight rolled.

        • lonin


    • BobSugar

      One word (kinda): "Z. Caviricci"

    • nwest

      Peg those jeans!

    • RichXTC

      Sadly, I was rocking that look… aghhhh, what was I thinking!

  • Oasis

    #22 Look he's wearing a life preserver. Dork thinks he's going to drown.

    • KeyserSoze

      Yeah, we all saw back to the future…

    • Eric

      Maybe he wants you to make a donation to the coast guard youth auxiliary?

  • James

    Any UK Chivers need only go to Bournemouth or PooleTODAY to experience this.

    • nemesis

      Don't forget Slough, Swindon and Luton.

    • Pat Mcgroin

      Looks like New Jersey circa 2011 to me

  • ETS

    WTF was up with hair then. I look back at it now and don't understand how I ever thought it looked good.

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      when all the rage was bon jovi, every girl wanted to look like their idol. yes, i blame that bastard bon jovi

      cheers, beers

    • Breast Inspector

      So….much….hair spray…..o.0

      • yoselahonda

        There wasn't a Starbucks at each entrance to the mall so they all still had the morning frizzle going.

  • ssf

    #3 love chicks in belly shirts! Find her! What? It's a dude? Find him!

    • dub

      I thought Anthony Kiedis (RHCP) or Luke Wilson.

      • lonin

        Iggy Pop

  • chris

    Lots o' mullets.

  • Wolfram

    #9 Tape World. Righteous!

    • Philo

      my thoughts exactly !

  • 123RoastHim

    #20 is that Freddie Mercury?

    • anon

      no…your boyfriend.

  • freshbeer

    I really thought I looked cooler than that

  • EastSidePaul

    Did this make anyone else think of Wayne's World?!

  • hot carl

    #13 would these women be cougars, 90's style?

    • dub

      Yeah, bitch on the right is checkin' some man-ass.

  • salverai

    #15 sums it all up. nothing like being in the 90's stuck in the 80's.

    • Wicked

      dude looks pretty standard for any time period.

  • Nick

    #9 tape world ftw

  • Greg Suarez

    It's like behind-the-scenes of a John Hughes movie.

  • Mullet Dave

    Hold on, my beeper's going off.

  • Duaneo

    Sigh…. The memories of the acid washed 501s "pegged" at the ankle.

  • Poontangler

    #7 – I will literally suck the tight rolls out of those jeans.

  • bless1


    • biglog

      THIS Patrick Swayze poster… or THIS one…?

    • Wayne Knight

      I know right? AHAHAHAHAHAHA Shit was fuckin awesome!

  • newscot

    And hipsters.

  • Erich Backhus


    The SR2 was AWESOME!

    • Don_Aguelo

      It was never awesome. Not even in the 90's.

      The ride was a huge "meh".

      • Green doodoo

        Wrong…that shit was dope, unless you were 42 around that time like your photo suggests. For a kid…the simulator was badass. I wish they were still around!

  • gaz

    #13 is that steve irwin?

  • Sussexmatt

    Jesus that looks like London in 2011, what the hell is with reviving horrible looks like all of the above in an "ironic" way… kind of just makes you look like a douchebag.

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