Duckfacebook. (28 photos)

  • bettingonthecubs

    I don't know whats scarier #12 face or #28 nails

    • Mark

      I think they're the same girl.

      • jeff

        Kill it with fire!1!!

        • zach

          you're gonna need more than fire for that one.

    • aosux

      AaaHHH, Kill it quick!

    • Diana Santos

      she looks like a barbie…

      • cheezebits

        she looks like one of those scary porcelain dolls that have eyes watching you no matter where you are in a room!!

        • ckris King

          stop being creepy ,these creepy thing creep me out !! crap

    • HankT

      Even without the duckface I doubt this one is attractive…

    • RichXTC

      "Duck Face" more like "Yuck Face"

    • RichXTC

      "Butter Face"

    • crabman

      Wow! I've seen better heads on boils!!

    • newscot

      #12 literally made me recoil in fear.

    • t-to

      I think those are the same person…looks like a dude in drag.

    • Lindsey

      'scared' is definitely the word. Not sure what THAT is…

    • Angry Old Man

      Birth Control. Try getting hard with that image in your head.

  • RufioRufioRuFi

    This one seems more like a post of tits with a side of duckface, I'm a fan. Especially #3, damn

    • Craig Weiss

      Didn't even notice that #3 had a face

    • BigDingo


    • Maynard B.

      Yes, exquisite.

    • Jeff Mullin

      If the ratio of boobs/cleavage is great enough, any duckface will/should go unnoticed.

    • Not Me

      Them are some saggy, baggy titties and will be bouncing off her knees by the time she's popped out her first kid. No thanks.

      • Frankie Muniz

        That is in the future not now…. Tits or get the fuck out.

        Me likey

    • whitneysouth

      Uhmm yeah she's a BABE. Even regardless of the boobs and duck face.
      If you can't see that… I'd be willing to bet you have terrible taste in women.

    • RobTheScientist

      facebook Victoria Florencia to see more 🙂

  • Dan

    #23 – – Die in a fire.

    • prankster

      it's pretty bad, but if i had to guess…(at least i'm hoping)…i would say he's doing it as a joke?

      • Grim

        I am pretty sure he's joking. That is my first thought anyways.

    • Banks

      Hey Chive, We don't want any guys in this…….are you f-ing stupid………

    • John Mick

      Amen to that…. also the king of douche bags


    More of a platypus face.

    • Frankie Muniz

      More like the cover of the Sherlock Holmes and the Who Shit in my Shoes Novel.

    • Entombed

      Eh, more of a 'I'm going to make a duckfa-OHGODOHGODOHGOD I JUST SHIT MY PANTS!' face

  • stickeys

    I forgive her.
    Would work in a DBAG posting as well.

  • You betcha

    …Yeah, just gonna wait for Sexy Chivers instead.

  • Pat

    #2 has a face? hmmmmm, what was I looking at… oh yeah "the Girls"…

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I can't stand the duck face! How did this ever catch on as the thing to do? Who can we blame?

    #20 and #22 – That face is eerily similar to the one I make when I am dropping a deuce.

    • Nazz1962


    • jason in pc

      personally i prefer it when they squat and smile like a donut ;-")

      • Tommy

        Is #20 that bitch from Jersey on American Idol?

        • Daris

          If so, at least the dude has a voice to fall back on.

  • ROK247


    dont care. still hot.

  • Hungry

    Sober up Leo!! A few double posts in there!! J/K….drink up,its Friday!!

  • Batman264

    #3 and #15 same picture

    • Turduckenn

      OHH EMM GEEE UR SOOO RIGHT LOLZ!!!! no shit sherlock

    • TCB12

      so? she's hot as shit….Id take a whole gallery of her.

    • akajako

      Thanks Tips…

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      thank you captain obvious, what could we ever do without you?
      cheers, no beers for you

    • MoeMoe

      You have amazing observation skills

    • Daris

      "You have a firm grasp of the obvious."
      -Jay Kell

    • ENGINENO99

      Well done!

  • Nazz1962

    #17 #18 #23 OMG LOLZ!!! WHAT the hell??? I can't wait until this fad passes and girls start actually SMILING in pictures again! 😉 And dudes, forget it – you just look stupid when you do it, lol

    • TCUchiver

      no when dudes do it they look GAY! well and stupid.

  • aosux

    I don't see any issue with #2

    • ROK247

      i see two enormous issues!

  • jeff

    dumb dumb

  • shamshe

    Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!

  • TCB12

    #28 might want to get that eyebrow looked at…..looks infected.

    • Annie Marie Morris

      I'm sorry…I'm sorry. But HOW do you see past that nightmare inducing face?

  • Rolis

    well the first half should be called, cleavage book

  • EZEE


    That's, "I at way too much bran, crab cakes, corn on the cob, and washed it down with some beer' face.

  • Jen

    its obvious that bitches dont care what anyone thinks about the duckface LOL

  • Eddie Biggar

    What duck face? All I saw were tits.

    • Jason Ciotti

      Exactly my thoughts…if you were paying attention to the duckfaces…we've got bad news for you.

    • Nazz1962

      Flawless victory, mate!

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #12 and #28 – Looks like someone either fed it after midnight or spilled water on it.

    • MacGruber

      Does she have her eyelids painted and closed?

  • mush2422

    Please find #14

  • brad

    #12… WTF.

  • beer

    Can we make a distinction here between duckface and kissyface? #9 = duckface. #7 = kissyface. #16 = kissyface. 20-28 = duckface.

    Neither's gonna kill ya.

    • Nazz1962

      Hmmm … you make a good point there!

  • Maury Povich

    #12 looked like she was scrapped off the underside of the bar around 4AM

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