We all have our hobbies, this dude enjoys picking up mascots (19 Photos)

John is a professional carpenter from Hollywood. He travels a lot for some of his jobs which include Extreme Home Makeover. Some people like to collect snow globes from the places they visit. Others like finding the nearest local mascot and hoisting them up. More about John here.

  • FeeFeeG

    #18 Now that just looks like a bad idea.

    P.S. Where's the girls???

    • financial aids

      definitely not in this gallery. http://www.oneadayporno.com

    • UserName

      @FeeFeeG – are you on Sexy Chivers? I want to punch my computer because I cannot get your thumbnail pic any bigger 😦 Do it for my computer!

    • walt

      check out hamburglar… and "his" pink Adida shoes.. lol.. I'm guessin that's one of your girls there

  • Joe

    anyone else get the urge to fuck a mascot?

    • prankster

      maybe #5

  • apple

    needs to pick up a chick yaknowatmsayinnnnnnnn

  • Apollos

    does the chive fuck with your mouse pointer?

    everytime I am on the site my cursor blinks…and it happens on multiple computers.

    I don't care though…I keep coming back!

    • Jeremy

      Mine started doing that yesterday on one page and I'm on Firefox. Haven't had it since though.

      • Gabe D

        I've been having the same problem.

  • DemonDan

    #1 McFunny!

  • Anon

    #8 looks like he's about to throw a fireball…FIREPIG!

  • Jayavc

    Is he feeling a bee boob….or is it a boobee? #18

  • j22


  • ale

    Worst fetish ever…

  • WTF

    This guy has an abundance of mascot friends.

  • Blindsp0t

    Purple in ma soda!

    • yabootz


  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    No Chivettes tomorrow? Is that what I just read from John? No Chivettes this week…? 😥

  • Josh Gorter

    I will get that bitch a mascot, bitches love mascots.

  • Neight4

    #17 I want one of these costumes. Loved them as a kid.

  • FeeFeeG

    That's quite the compilation!

    What's up with the saran wrap Tiger #9 ??? 🙂 Or is that a poncho?

    • http://www.facebook.com/johnbbest John Best

      Protection, it had flees. Also it was raining.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Punkuhr-Haley/1035408985 Michael Punkuhr Haley

      I think the tiger knew that this guy got around, so he "gloved up" before any physical act…

      • FeeFeeG

        Haha Michael! You're hilarious! I'll admit that my mind went there too….

        -Fee ❤

  • Brother Maynard

    Odd hobby, but funny as hell.

  • Roscoe

    From McDonald's website: “Grimace is a big, loving, fuzzy purple fellow who is Ronald McDonald's best friend. He's sure Ronald is the world's ultimate authority on everything. While Grimace loves all McDonald's foods, he's absolutely crazy about milkshakes. Grimace is very enthusiastic and eager to try new things. His joyous spirit helps everyone overlook the fact he's a little slow and clumsy sometimes.”

    • Jen

      i think he's supposed to be a fat black dude…he's so black he's purple

  • Cheffy

    I believe that is a Fetish not a hobby……. To each his own!

  • Gabriel Burgi

    #12 – Turd Burglar. Robble Robble!

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnbbest John Best

    If you enjoy the pics please go to my Facebook site and like it. http://www.facebook.com/BuildItLikeBest

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnbbest John Best

    Not me I promise, this is just good ol fun.

  • Takingbackcider

    I've wasted my life…

    • SkyVader

      I bet it was wasted way before this post.

      • Takingbackcider

        No,before I used to go around trolling other people's comments.

  • Grimace

    He is a great big purple Tastebud enjoying the thousands of delicious flavours of McDonalds.

    • Jen

      why did i get thumbed down? is that racist?

    • Anon

      yah he was meant to be a tastebud

  • DaddyD

    Definitely unusual.

  • NMSUblows

    #4 Paydirt Pete FTW!! GO UTEP!!!!!

    • LegendofMarioBros.

      GO MINERS!

    • Miner82

      This is so awesome, Miners on the Chive. UTEP FTW!!!

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