• Howard

    Wow…they do shit a bit different over there!

  • Russia is Awesome!

    inappropriate, yes
    fap, fap, fap

  • Blergh

    Wow… That's as if a busty singer like Katy Perry went on a kids show like Sesame Street or something…

    • juggernaut

      if i'm not mistaken, the katy perry sesame street thing never aired…the parents used the old "not wanting my child knocked out by a random flopping titty" defense. looks like the russians didn't feel the same way..

      • Wilkes

        Looks like I'm in the wrong country then…

    • yepppp!

      What Katy was wearing wasn't nearly slutty as this,
      in fact it wasn't slutty at all,
      just unreasonable uptight parents.

  • joe

    Different then letting your daughter watch mtv / brittney spears etc music videos how?

    • Ryno


  • top dog

    Inappropriate? I didn't see anything inappropriate about it.

  • Spacemanspiff

    I'm a big kid now!

  • dub

    This particular type of garment should, in my opinion, revisit the limelight of fashion.

  • Watching, Waiting...

    Is it inappropriate to watch over and over again waiting for a slip?

  • Dan Alyanoff

    why did you have the music on anyway?

    • truthteller

      Its still better than FRIDAY

  • BigDawg

    What song?

  • ajh

    Anyone know who she is? It would be nice to see those outside a family-friendly setting

  • anon

    The only think wrong is she should have thought about a different outfit. She has a great body and should be proud of it, but showing it off on a kids show is creepy.

  • greg

    her name…Nadia "Angina" Igoshina Nadezhda Olégovna

    go brave!

    • Adam

      From what I understand, she's a big deal in Russia, but I can't find anything else from her, just different websites showing this video, and a picture of her jogging that I thing was on another post on here…

      Kinda annoying.

  • Dan


    • HuskerDu

      I fucking concur!!! MOAR!

    • nom nom nom

      and her wonder twins!

  • Manny Velez

    That just shows that either the U.S. is anal about stuff or other countries are too lax…you decide. Cause didn't Katey Perry's scene from Sesame Street get cut because of her outfit??

  • Nigel

    The Russian version did appear on screen at the beginning and end.

  • jp34

    damn europeans get all the good stuff on their TV, when we're stuck with crap like american idol

  • DaveMMM

    All she needed was a gold stripper pole to swing from …

    • simon

      miley cyrus was the next act to follow

  • DaveAmi

    One of the words she sings sounded like "boobage". What's Russian for Tig Old Bittys??

  • vnzla.rz

    dont know witch turned me on the most, her tongue piercing or her boobs jumping all over the place =D

  • Grandpa Bob

    This makes me think back to when my kids were growing up and watched the children's show from brazil with the gal XuXa as the host! I was so conflicted…hot blonde with lots of little kids surrounding her…

    • DaveAmi

      I remember XuXa. She would slather her Lips with bright red lipstick at the end of each episode and give all the children kisses. That's when I remember first thinking that we miss out on some awesome stuff in Amreica.

  • Pedo-Man

    NO! DON'T!!

  • Pat

    nothing wrong there.. the problem is in America…we are not enough open-minded for this yet…they are a lot more advanced then us…this is nothing for them…just another Saturday morning kid show!

  • jaredallas

    But on the positive end, at least MDMA Jr. has finally found its market.

  • jaredallas

    Explain why this is not a retarded statement with no merit.

    • Nick

      having no double negatives is not retarded…

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