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    Lmao. That's fuckin' hilarious. Little foreign bastard.

  • Tyler Wilson

    Jersey Shore Must Be Importing Now

  • Memyselfandeye

    A clown just like Prince Naseem Hamed who got a beat-down by Marco Antonio Barrera.

  • Long Duk Dong

    As I started watching this video my dislike for this little fellow grew by the second. I saw him superimposed upon a Pakistani flag and the Cross of St. George as if we are to believe they are the same or could ever be the same. For this little turd to pretend, even for a second, to be British, is an insult to every white man in the country. His cockeyness is a reflection of the cockeyness with which the millions of his fellow countrymen have come to Britain to leech off of our society and our taxpayers.
    I don't proclaim to be a boxer, and this little twat could may well kick my ass, but, he is no Englishman and his opponent proved that. F this little shit. May he return to Pakistan and be caned for his loss.

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