Hipsters. I don’t trust these kids any further than I can throw them (23 Photos)


  • Jason


    • hip my ass!

      i'm preety sure half of them are hobos

      • ...

        no no they all work at american apparel.

        —>props Mazzetti

  • biindsp0t

    #20 Dog has the "Get the hell away from me" look.

    • Flicka

      You know something's wrong when even your dog is embarrassed to be seen with you.

      • BunkerPunk

        I usually try to understand all walks of life and not judge those who are different. But I don't understand why people dress like clowns and expect not to get laughed at. I mean really #9 ?

  • EQK
    • Shoestring30

      straight ganked

    • RufioRufioRuFi

      Websites pretty outdated… Haven't posted in months

      • EQK

        Oh totally….no attribution needed in that case…

    • Haterade

      Wait a minute the EQK, it is against Chive policy to give credit to the websites it rips off. please remove your comment immediately, otherwise the chive will do it for you.

  • Dom

    I was looking at this while listening to a song from a band you guys probably never heard of. hahaha. Don't know who I can't stand more Hipsters or Douchebags.

    • Steve

      Hipsters. The answer to that question is Hipsters.

      • Haterade

        I believe they are diametrically opposed on the clique hierarchy. Douchebags continue to make fun of hipsters post high school because they will never enjoy the same status.

    • murph

      Hipsters are douchebags

    • dasuperfan

      douchebags… hipsters usually just hang out at places you've never even heard of.

    • JDD

      Douchebags by far. Hipsters don't threaten my friends or gaybash queer dudes. Macho Ed Hardy meatheads are the guys I worry about drugging girls' drinks. Hipsters are too busy checking out each other's shoes. They're irritating maybe, but D-bags are MALEVOLENT.

    • phideauxe

      Douchebags would say they were listening to a song from a band you've never heard of. Hate yourself.

    • yoselahonda

      I thought hipsters were just a subcategory of the designation douchebag?

      • Tulip

        Hipsters are definitely douchebags.

  • Papabear

    You say hipster, I say homo…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Dawson/906145011 Matthew Dawson

      ya a majority of these weren't hipsters they were just gay. Hipsters almost look reserved with knitted hats, thick frame glasses, full beards, and a knack for disliking anything popular and being infatuated with unknown brands and bands

      • Jordan

        yeah chive, some of these werent hipsters, they were just drag queens

    • The Essence of Chive

      HOORAY FOR HOMOPHOBIA! You go Chivers!

      • Troll of Truth

        Just because you don't agree with sticking a cock in another man doesn't mean you are homophobic. It means you understand how things are SUPPOSED to work…I believe the word is logical

        • DOSDNS

          Idiot. Go back in time and hang out with dinosaurs please. Your opinion is irrelevant to reality.

          • Bradford

            Just because your son is gay doesn't mean he can't have his own opinion.

        • Haterade

          sometimes a troll goes to far. this is one of those times, although I believe you represent the majority view of chivers.

    • Rbarbosa

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #14 WTF?!?!? I can't tell if his facial hair is just naturally patchy or if that is intentional?

    • JD Marsh

      ITS A TRAP…it's both!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

      id say a combination of both

    • http://Intuit.com Brian

      Pasted pubic hair im betting.

      • Nick

        from takin all that sweet dick.

    • GK-4

      just what the Hell are you trying to achieve?

      • Admiral Ackbar

        Right? Is he going for the Chernobyl look?

    • downfall616

      Joe Dirt just got real jealous!

  • Spence

    what a bunch of fucking retards

    • RobBroad4th

      I was thinking of another word, but retard works too.

      • P90

        A collage of cunts?

    • Lev

      Yeah, the guy in #23 doesn't realize hipsters drink Red Stripe or PBR.
      HA! Loser.

    • theghostofabelincoln

      Don't insult retards.

  • notfunnie

    #4 axl rose+vanilla ice…

    • Beth

      And a little bit of Jay (from Jay and Silent Bob).

    • dasuperfan

      so would it be "axl ice" or "vannila rose"

      • Allen

        This is 1991 Anthony Kiedis

    • Craig Sheley

      Groucho + Jay from Clerks

    • GK-4

      Ya know What?
      There is just way too BullShit happening in this picture.
      —i use specify bullshit not because i'm at a loss for words, but because that is what this individual's attire may summarily be described.

      • Jak

        Cna you try that comment again so we can understand it?

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Love the Liger tattoo on #2

    • ssf

      how can you seriously not bust out laughing if you were in a bar and you see a dude dressed like that?

      • fame777

        not if you were in a gay bar …

    • bud

      not even sure if #7 is a hipster, i think hes just from the 80's. could be an 80's hipster. those moon boots are bad ass though

    • Sage Rage

      I think I see camel toe.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vance-Garner/100000536796746 Vance Garner

        more like camel tail

      • Matt

        I just want to kick him in it.

    • k-9

      I love the watch

  • danrev

    redneck hipster
    you probably haven't heard of those

    • danrev

      #23 of course

      • dsjfh


        • dsjfh



      'course i have, they're called "Bipsters". no shit, they actually are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Gingergreek Pani Booyah

    LOL I fucking love hipsters!! They make me feel better about myself, hence why I usually defend them. Plus you have to admit it is fascinating seeing what random shit someone can put together and call it fashion?! It's what makes life beautiful!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Gingergreek Pani Booyah

      HAHAHAHA -5 HAHAHA fuck you all 😛

    • Jethro

      I always wonder about these jackasses: Do they spend hours hours on this "look" (the hair and facial hair and custom airbrushed shirts make me lean heavily to this). OR Do they just grab shit out of a Tickle Trunk-esq closet as they run past , leaving no time for regrets. If you are a Canadian btwn ~30 and 45 you'll know what a Tickle Trunk is. If you don't go ask one.

  • shopper

    Notice ME???????

  • dkorps


    • Truthbetold

      Perhaps not burn – just a vasectomy should do the trick.

      • dkorps

        sterility might be a result of burning. it would be a lot less gay to watch and they wont be able to dress like morons anymore. everybody wins

  • http://www.myspace.com/leeroynowandlater bob the builder

    You will all be dressing like this in a few months when Walmart start selling hipster clothes, you out of style lemmings!!!!

    • Crotch Kritter

      ya, if youre too poor to go to Meijer

    • Jerkoff

      Who the fuck buys clothes at walmart?

      • http://www.myspace.com/leeroynowandlater bob the builder

        You do you poor basterd!

    • Truthbetold

      A builder named Bob eh? Does your fanny pack with all your neat gadgets say Bpb the Builder as well? Do they even make XXXL fanny pack sizes? Go ask your wife will ya?

      • Haterade

        the weakness of that insult only insulted yourself.

        • Truthbetold

          I was trying to eat peasoup in a hurry because I had to get back to work. Now I know why your name is Haterade and not Loverade. 😦

      • Jak

        That was on the verge of being good but ended horribly

    • amazonjade

      And just like a lemming, I will also be jumping off a cliff.

  • Frigger

    Attention whores

  • Jak

    I give you all permission to jump me if you ever see me dressed like this.

    • dasuperfan

      hahaha. In recent news a hipster got jumped last night. When the police asked the attacker why, he replied "jak told me on the chive if i ever saw him dressing like this i could jump him i just figured that guy was jak".

      • Jak

        Thats the beauty of the statement. I could be any of these fuckers. Hahahahaa

        • Ern23

          I was going to ask if you were #3. I'd have to kick your ass.

    • H.Olivier

      Challenge accepted!

  • PortableAdonis

    Would "Hipster" be a good theme for a costume party, or would it be a Hipster thing to do to sarcastically wear hipster clothes? Like a Hipster in a Hipster. HIPCEPTION.

    • dasuperfan

      Thats deep but i think theres a meme out there some where that can answer said question

    • Jak

      Sure, but no one would show up because the probably wouldn't have ever heard about it. That was obviuous and dumb but oh well.

  • misschris

    #2 – Oh my… what the.. I don't even…. wow.

    • he'derp

      is that a can of PBR in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

  • Finster172

    #6 Look at those assholes.

    • Justin

      They're probably in a band you've never heard of

  • Don_Aguelo

    That's no hipster! It's just a plain hobo.

    Or maybe a hipster hobo… I probably never heard of them.

    • GK-4

      can there truly be self-respecting Black Hipsters?
      #7 #12

    • CBRian1K

      Thanks man. Your comment really made me laugh. A+

  • Spankster

    I don't know any of these people yet I hate all of them.

    The ONLY redeeming quality is the Wil Wheaton Evil Clown sweater in pic #5.


    • dasuperfan

      who the hell is "will wheaton"

      he's a moron who makes dumb sweaters you've probably never heard of him

    • Jim

      Terrible photoshop.

    • Hwil wHeaton

      I just love Hwil wHeaton. What? I’m just sayin' you should be nicer to Hwil wHeaton. Hwil wHeaton seems like a nice guy.

      • Doc

        Cool Hwhip!!

    • downfall616

      it's NOT a homemade Ronald McD sweater?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jarryydd-Rion-Berserker/9369362 Jarryydd Rion Berserker

    Pretty sure #5 is a 'Shop because the original is Will Fucking Wheaton wearing that shirt.

    • Dave Gal

      That sill doesn't make it okay.

  • harry

    i believe you got hipster and douche bag mixed up… haha

  • Bill

    they are all flaming gay and i'm sorry i waisted my time looking at them

    • OKD

      You're an idiot, these guys are mostly straight and scoring with the INSANELY hot chicks that go to these parties. Seriously, you fail.

    • hyman

      My gay friends would never stick out like this

  • dcon

    Haters gonna hate, but freak show aside, handlebar moustaches could rock old school ala Rolle Fingers.

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