• Cristi Palincas


    • Waters

      Mind = blown.

  • shoestring30

    That's some David Lopan shit right there.

    • r@f

      BREAK CD IN HALF. Throw away. Boom. Done.

      • Frank Reynolds

        Ya, Big Trouble in Little China was the shit.

    • Kenderick Salliego


  • Jesse Waters

    "Ohy, you sound like your from London!"

  • Jason Ciotti

    That's badass.

  • David Huntley

    WOW!!!! that would make a mess if you had to erase 100 cds…..

  • DNA

    Very Cool!

  • Barkbark

    The force is strong in this one.

  • Frank

    Now can you re use it is the question?

    • dub

      No… the dude burned off all of the storage capacity.

      A way less cool way of achieving something similar is: Take a CD that you want to destroy, then destroy it. (Blender, boots, boat propeller, pigeon shooting, etc)

      • Frank

        Got ya, Thanks man!

  • Wing Zero

    Emperor Palpatine goes to extreme measures to secure the plans for the next Death Star.

  • Mr_Rob

    I want one of those!!!

  • KeyserSoze

    for a mini lightning storm you can also microwave for 2 seconds. DON'T DO MORE THAT! It's stinky.

  • Anon

    Mr. Tesla would be proud

  • Phil

    Please send all Bieber albums to this guy.

    • dbines

      Phil wins comments.

  • Waters

    Cool, now if only that thing could erase the tattoo of my ex-wife's name from my pen…. on second thought, never mind.

    • @saiyamvora13

      haha please include rebecca black too

  • Phred

    I just came.

  • mipakr

    or, try tossing in the microwave for a few seconds

  • mileses

    Ello Guvna! good lord that is one thick accent.

  • alate

    pretty damn cool indeed

  • Frisbo

    Oh bloody hell!!!!

  • Brother Maynard

    I know what I'm doing later.

  • Slevin

    and all you need is two tesla coils

  • Ilya Josefson

    Crickey! I've erased all my porno for my spinney doughnut I have.

  • Adam

    Do you think you can re-use it?

  • lol

    I think he meant penis.

  • Alex

    Cockney 'Geezah' + Tesla shit = Mind blown.

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