Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • ralph

    #5 chive, you are REALLY stepping it up with the quality of hotties posted lately!

    • Omar Hernández Partes Grandes

      This should be permanent.

    • 4xaClown

      Agreed! And thank you Chive for not having that stupid Facebook banner along the bottom of this site like theBerry and theBrigade has.

      • Rob

        She goes by Bashful Brittany… Google her.

  • josephine

    #11, Dad???

    • DaddyD

      Nope. Mom.

  • hr pufnstuf

    #41 that bus is headed right for you lol

    • Wayne

      I wonder how many traffic accidents she caused that day.

  • Alec

    #38 it's.. it's just so hard

    • Potatoe

      Bill fkin Murray for president. Seriously.

    • Hutch

      That's what she said..

  • Jeb

    #20 what about chunky peanut butter?

    • Brad

      Just Eat Corn

  • Frank

    Any fellow Chivers headed to The Big 4 tomorrow?

    • Tito

      I was at their concert last year 🙂 They even shot us for the DVD. F*CKING AMAZING! Have a good time! 🙂

  • Ryan

    #32 Why does everyone always hate one JESUS!?!?!

    For real though, he's a dick.

    • Ricardo Garza

      leave the internet please.

    • Wilson

      Who is this one jesus, and where can I find him?

    • mak

      He spelled fleas wrong

    • Chester

      anyone else notice the Jesus post was taken down? and it was taken down the second I tried to open it, and then vanished all together when I tried again. What the hell Chive? worried you will get struck down by an invisible god?

      • Rob

        Maybe realized poking fun at religions have dangerous effects, Take example the American pastor who burned the Qur'an riots ensued and 7 white UN peace keepers were killed due to it, but no human life is a lot less important then getting a religious slur or joke in, this place is way to awesome to go down tot hat level or for me to teach you a morals lesson

        • bbcn22

          A) Please look into using proper grammar and syntax

          B ) If a relatively harmless joke about Jesus is that upsetting to you, good luck with the rest of the internet.

          • Rob

            Doesn't upset me, and Internet seems to be working pretty well but thanks for the heads up. It is the fact that you will not learn that freedom of speech as all freedoms are limited, all freedoms are limited when they conflict with another freedom, John Stuart Mills, maybe you've heard of him? Look I don't care about the religious jokes even if some do offend me, it's your ignorance and lack of concern for all those who do get offended and those who will react that disturbs me. If you seriously haven't learned that what you say and do can create consequences then good luck with the rest of your life.

            • JstevensF

              "Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign." also J.S. Mills. Perhaps if you're gonna quote somebody you should understand their ideologies? And perhaps that they strongly objected to censorship especially with regards to freedom of speech.

              Too many Chivers are well educated for you to pull off this BS pal.

            • Deezy

              "Doesn't upset me, and Internet seems to be working pretty well but thanks for the heads up."

              Man, even behind the anonymity of the internet, I am embarrassed for this guy.

        • Smarter than you

          All religion is a joke. There is no god. I guess whatever helps people sleep better at night. As Peter Griffin once said, "naw I'm just yanking ya. You just rot in the ground." Heaven does not exist.

  • dnsbubba

    This. Just lots and lots of this. Like, biblical amounts.

  • 123Roasthim

    If I ever saw #23 at a party…I would definitely be too intimidated to talk to her.

    • Catch

      Hoverhand photo inc.

    • for realsies

      Not going to lie…while her legs are killer, the fakeness of her tits kinda freaks me out.

    • huh

      Oh I'm pretty sure I know her. She went to my high school. She was incredibly flat and pined over the lamest guy. She also acts dumb as rocks. I mean, I remember a history teacher asking about which latin american county did something and she answers "Uhh…egypt???". She also had weird make-up, I don't know what was with, like just any stereotypical blonde she'd act out. And she's hispanic, we all are from that high school, mexican, but she'd get light contacts and dye her hair. She has the most awful voice though.

      I just find the chive girls to normally be damn hot, but Emily is kinda, never really was the hot one of the parties. Fake tits do wonders I suppose. I have her on facebook, she's just really not as attractive in life. This makes me question chive girls, but not really since I know other that are just actually better looking in real life than the pics.

      • Just Sayin'

        tl;dr. she has nice tits.

    • JonJon

      Never be to intimidated to talk to any chick.

  • Kbizzle

    #16 is hilarious, I don’t care who you are!!

    • DCBizzle

      you totally ripped off my name!?! but then again i kinda got the idea from snoop dogg… fizzle what i sizzle dizzle?

  • bkfrijoles

    #22 is Fucking AWESOME

    • Terry Burke

      god bless calvin and hobbs

  • ABBA

    Yes, add this to the Chive hate list… girl in #5 obviously in a hotel room = porn I guess.

    • Terry Burke

      i'm gonna add you to the hate list

    • chicksdigit

      obviously, you guess. Is it obvious to you or are you just guessing? Make up your mind.

      • Lulatsch

        Ever heard of Rosie Jones?
        NO Porn just pure erotism!

        Agree with Terry

        • ranD

          wrong Bashful Brittany as posted above



    MOAR!!! Chive, you must get me more of this girl!!!

    [IMG ][/IMG]

    • for realsies

      One of the most stunning 'Amazonian' chicks I have ever seen. I love a tall, leggy woman.

    • @Teitn

      Yeah! MOAR she's AWESOME

  • betterthanmost

    full of win #38

  • astowe10

    #5 #13 & #35 need to be found please.

    • NearlyUseless

      #13 is Cindi / Sexonthebeach / Sasha webcam chick. (NSFW)
      #35 is a slightly photoshopped chick off community.

      • @ScottCO09

        That isn't Ashley Greene is it?

        • ReginaFilange

          Is Alison Brie.

    • Florian Shena

      Can't……..handle……. the hotness

    • Rob

      #5 is Bashful Brittany

  • Petey

    how did that "cow" girl not make this?!?!?! chive fail. i'm sorry, i know it doesn't happen often, but come guys. that was probably in the top 5 most commented on pictures of the week.

    • lol

      the photo of the cow girl was shopped … she's kinda fat and ugly there was a picture of that a before and after but i forgot where

  • Frank

    ^^^^ Agreed, Get your head out of your ass Bob.

  • Sher Jo


  • MigraineBoy

    #50 #41 #18 Damn, I wish I knew these girls in person…

  • DNA

    Happy Easter! Chive.

  • Dante

    #19 3…2…1 and nothing but net…..:p

  • Benton McGrath

    Chive, the best photos of the week did not include a single tattoo girl. Chive, I am disappoint.

    • chicksdigit

      Nice to meet you Mr disappoint

      • Zombie

        Y U No GET MEME!?

  • Sterling Archer

    My response to #35 is simply #44

    • Lana

      thats how you get ants

      • doodle

        i lol'd

  • Anonymous

    I can’t decide which is better #5 #13 or #35

  • Haz Ramos

    #47 wow no more said

    • And1

      I got a feeling that's a dude

      • fign

        in the last photo it certainly looks like a dude… so I'm with ^^^^^

        • EnXe

          I was certainly thinking it was a dude.

          • boomzilla

            bet its a she and she's hot as hell with different makeup

          • barton

            you guys are smoking crack. I've seen dudes pretending to be chicks, and that's not one. look at the bikini pic for chrissake!

            • Qwain

              Not a dude.
              Even if it were a dude,
              Who here still wouldn't do her? him…. it?

              • Todd

                That is most definitely a dude, look at the finger ratio, in females the pointer finger is equal length to the ring finger while in males the ring finger is longer than the pointer due to excess testosterone….

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