Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

Fair warning, it's Hump Day

  • EddieMan


    • KCJake

      And it looks like #4 is fresh out of fucks to give.

    • Big Mike

      any name you care to share?

    • sully23

      what's her name?

      • KCJake

        Britney Beth or Bibi Jones

    • Dez

      What's her name?

    • Blumpkin

      Give her a round of applause because she will give you the clap.

      • Pop


    • DaddyD

      So are people who say second.

    • Sam

      oh god, not hot. kill it with fire

    • GBH

      #20 was great, #21 kinda ruin it.

      • Jacksansjill

        perspective changes a lot of things…. but for me? still a great looking blonde chick with big fake boobies.

    • zombie


      • Dixie_Normous

        why did you look at her face?

  • Random

    #48 hump day & early DAR – thank you Chive

    • Jedi

      Does it have to be stated…..What the hell

      FIND HER!!!

    • Justin

      Hump day + early dar = winningest wednesday ever!

      • Guest

        Pretty shitty life so far?

        • Justin

          Yah, I may have to go out and find people to insult on the internet if my life gets any worse!

          • Guest

            Well hang in there, you'll be alright

    • Jak

      I'm gunna go out on a limb here and guess…stripper? maybe. I can tell by the pixles and because I have seen my fair share in my day.

    • Blake

      At first I was like…what a cute baby..then I was like…I should not be looking at this picture #12

  • Borat

    The only thing keeping me going was my dream of one day holding Pamela in my arms and making romance explosion on her stomach.

    • Jen

      she had teeth as white as pearls, hair made of gold, and the asshole of a 7 yr old.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Taylor-Washington/100000140471880 Taylor Washington

    #48 is why i love humpy day

    • Wow!

      I love your originality.

      • Justin Hall

        Pipe down, troll.

        When John sees comments like the above, he knows whether or not it makes sense to reach out and have her re-submit more photos, dick lock.

        Hence, my unoriginal comment: MOAR! Get her to repost ASAP.

        • Wow!

          1. I don't think you know the meaning of the word "troll" 2. If I need advice on how to be a douchebag, I'll let you know.

          Now, please feel free to go fuck yourself.

        • Seriously


  • intensedebate1


    • Backpacks Got Jets

      Kick his ass John!

    • Sizzle

      Your trolling is lame.

      • Observation

        Actually, it's a pretty good troll, so far… until the comment gets deleted that is.

        • intensedebate1

          John, Leo, and FATTY won't do anything.

          • Anakrusix

            Wow. Crave attention much?

            • Guest

              Please please please someone point out the actual attention cravers… pretty please

              • fuck'er

                like stupid big nosed Lauren

                • tits

                  lauren is very pretty, but she is rather….long in the nose.

            • Irony

              The only attention cravers here are the people who go through the trouble of creating an IntenseDebate profile, to post obviously agreeable comments in order to get a positive thumb up rating to show off to everyone.

              • intensedebate1

                So it’s obviously agreeable that the two sisters are hideous and no one cares about fatty’s eating habits.

                • Jak

                  I think you gotta 3rd grade crush going on for their sisters. You definitely like to bring 'em up

              • The Dude

                THANK YOU! truer comment(s) have never been posted on here. guys like seeing chicks' asses? really? John and Leo would never have guessed that unless several people posted nearly 50 identical comments saying so!

              • The Real D.Nozzle


          • You Suck

            Probably not because they are too busy being awesome.

            • No U

              shut up, they're not gonna fuck you.

  • Big E

    #13 nice steady hand

  • Cake is a Lie

    #2 oh hell yes

    • http://twitter.com/EricDLarson4278 @EricDLarson4278

      Any one know where this epic slide is?

      • Left Boob

        Right in the middle of PhotoShop City.

    • TIZ

      That would be so fuckin… EXTREME!!!!!

    • Jon Jones

      #12- Nice beaver. HAHAHA!!!

  • Guest

    #15 – Hit Girl

    • Trent

      Chloë Grace Moretz, awesome.

    • Anon

      hurry up and be 18!

      • isawoj

        4 years

        • name

          lol@ the thumbs down you got.

      • Phondo

        yeah, cuz then you'll totally have a chance. lulz.

    • JohnQ

      u wanna hit that girl? o.0

    • Drel

      Hot Girl*

    • its_forge

      Crap, I shoulda known she'd turn out to be very cute. Well good for her then, I hope her dad's got a real big shotgun = )

      • John T.

        I hope not! ZIIIIIIING

        • EastSidePaul

          Isn't the rule, Half her age plus 7?!

          • VonTone

            Half your age plus 2, so you're good to go

            • Balls

              Fuck the Rule

          • Jacksansjill

            haha. Half YOUR age plus 7…. so if you're 20, it would be morally acceptable to date someone who was 17…

            • 3 Year Old

              So, if you're 3, it's cool to date an 8.5 year old, or do you round up to 9?

    • meshuggah

      you know the girl is hot when even a gay dude like me thinks she looks stormin`.

      • meshuggah

        hell, you make comments like this when you don't follow Hollywood.

    • 2cool4skool

      Chloe Moretz, saw her in the recent blockbuster "Let me in", good movie but she's looks about 12…

      • prankster

        the original – 'Let the Right One In' – is better. just saying. check it out.

        • bored


      • BobSugar

        Great movie, but I will check that "other" movie out.

    • Martin J. Flood

      This looks like the actress Chloe Moretz. ("Let Me In" 2011).

    • http://twitter.com/estebancamacho @estebancamacho

      She is in 500 days of summer, as well… she's cute xD

    • sidebob

      now i wanna watch kickass again
      great movie

    • hump day boy

      i thought it was eminems daughther

    • gfhry

      all you men talkin about wanting to fuck her are sick

      • its_forge

        Um. Not one person has said that. Not *one.*

  • HankT

    #17 and #48…Thank you Chive

    • Frank Shirley

      Hey, look what you did there! You took two ass photos from a Humpday DAR and pointed them out, thanking The Chive for posting them. Go you!

      • Guest

        He is a revolutionary on the scale of Che Guevara…

      • Bob

        So it appears that theChive has been overrun by megatrolls this afternoon and they are commenting on EVERY post. Wonder if they enjoy living in their mother's basements.

        • Player 2

          I am not sure you understand how trolling works…

        • boB

          judging from who is getting the thumbs up/down, should make you second guess yourself……

  • greenerblues

    #2 Wheeeeeeee!

  • Failed Pick-up

    I wish you were DSL so I could get high-speed access.

    • Jen

      id like to get high speed access…

  • zman

    Hump day DAR always a Favorite #11, #17, #48

  • FlyingSpagMonst

    Oh dear GAWWWHHHD….

  • Hot Sexy Girl Mmm

    Who wants to make out?

    • Smarterthenthou

      It's a trap!

      My name is ironic.

  • FlyingSpagMonst

    Like a boss.

    • beano

      "I drink from your millkshake!"

      • Quixote

        Much better

    • Jakub Wrobel

      Did that a few times. Fuck yo' drink n***a!

    • jeffdacock

      skins! awesome show

    • stephanie

      OMG…what is this from and who is she. I'm in love/lust

  • disturbed

    #15 Fuck Yeah! Chick Kicks ASS!

  • tits_mcgee_

    #25 vincent chase your girl is a whore!

    • FlyingSpagMonst

      She has ZERO trouble getting the back ones. I'm pretty sure she can brush her lungs.

      • its_forge

        Okay, literally laughed out loud at that one.

    • steve

      what's her name?

      • miles

        you don't want to pursue it but its sasha grey.. she must have gotten gangbanged by the entire crew of entourage to get on that show.

  • doublemeat

    #48 – You're doing it right.

    • Huh

      Doing what right? It's a great ass shot, but I don't get the relevance of your comment.

      • Guest

        you see, the commenters always come up with these witty, original statements, and it blows EVERYONE'S minds! For further examples, please see "Find Her" "Best (insert title of post here) Ever", "MOAR", etc…

        • Huh

          I prefer "YUM YUM YUM!" and "I love the DAR" but I see your point there.

          • Guest

            Those are classics as well—- MIND BLOWN!

  • Trollifer

    All commenters on The Chive are n00bs who only know how to say LOL.

    • Quixote

      Amateur troll is an amateur.

      • Brother Maynard

        I was guessing a 220 lb 12 year old zit faced little shit.

        • slagthor


        • Dad

          Guess again. See you at dinner, son.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/HellHath-NoFury/100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

      Sorry about the fact that you're a virgin.

      • Ugh

        God damn it, who let you back on here? I thought you were banned for good!!?

    • Jen


  • twpaige

    #33 I'd be making that same face if i was that cat

    • disturbed

      There are 2 happy kitties right there.

    • Justin Hall

      Angie Varone.

      Google away, and be absolutely stunned stupid that she isn't even 18 yet.

      • tag

        Those pics have been around for a long time. She is def. legal by now.

    • Josh

      How the hell does this happen ANGIE is not even 18 yet and they are just massive. They have to be from her mom. But kitty is loving life "it's warm and cozy"

  • FlyingSpagMonst



    • Stevo


      And the he disappeared in a flash of light and awesome.

  • cass

    #16 Complete Mind Fuck

    • steve

      or maybe they think in whatever language they learn to read

      • sureman123

        But i hear voices in my head….. what do they ……..oh wait, maybe i shouldn't be letting anyone know that 😀

  • ArTay

    cat, yer doin it right

  • Cake is a Lie

    #1 looks totally legit

    • Jumper

      Legit yes! But putting the harness on with a twist in the leg strap is an accident waiting to happen.

  • Anon

    Fucking po po

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Colin-J-Schrader/769235386 Colin J. Schrader

      Is this legit or from Reno 911?

    • RandomGuy

      Why is that guy using a flashlight? It's fucking bright in there.

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