Signs: You’re doing it right (32 Photos)

  • Rich

    All RIGHT! I love waffles!

    • L Train

      They meant “Blue Waffles”

      • _Moose_


  • BentWrenches

    Too small/poor resolution.can you read it to me

  • Wilson

    #27 Pretty fucking awesome.

  • Jack Mehoff

    I read #6 and laugh my ass off, because I've come across a lot of em, and very few were fresh.
    And what the hell is #25 suppose to mean, don't pump gas up your ass or something?

  • mrjimmyos

    This reminds me of shop class where the laser cutting machine had a warning sign showing a man being cut in two by a laser

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  • unkonwn

    #32 nice that was me not nice job dude

  • lablitzwing


    Good old Loblaws, we really do think our customers are that stupid!

  • RGH


    good advice

  • Can wait

    I'm kinda broke, can I come back tomorrow for day old vaggies?

  • WirelessCable

    #24 hehe! its in Germany
    The sign in the middle says- Almost gone! (if anyone was curious)
    Scamm = scammer in a literal translation

    #30 that is so random I have to know!!!

  • Petey

    especially Pedobear

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  • wkdfrog


  • Andrea

    OMG number 17 is in my town!! I see it everyday on my way to school!!!

  • Underhill

    #14 is a serious warning sign. The currents below a damn can be very dangerous.

    • Underhill

      delete ''n''.

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