Yeah, that’s just stupid (24 photos)

  • Paula_

    #20 so those Apples are good for something after all… Too bad that isn't a PC on top.

    – the one hating macs

    • bbqboobs

      For once, I agree with Paula.

      • Paula_

        Hey wait, you're not supposed to:

        – the one you should never agree with

        • Bruce

          I think Paula is absolutely correct, as usual.

          • Paula_

            What are you, some kind of troll? Knowitall! Hmpf!
            So answer me this smartass: what would happen if Pinocchio said "my nose will now grow"?

            – the paradox of your time

            • Kerosun

              His nose would grow. Although in the end result, it wouldn't appear that he was telling a lie. However, at the moment in which he says "My nose will now grow.", he would be lieing, therefore his nose would grow. Then the statement will appear to be true becuase his nose did grow. In the phrase is ultimately a lie in the context of when it was said. The end result doesn't change the fact that the statement was a lie at the time it was said. In retrospect, it would appear that way.

              -Paradox solved

              • qwer

                you cant explain that

      • 1of those"first"guys

        what happened to HHNF? love to hate/hate to love OLSKOOL!

    • Jason Morton

      I think Paula makes a lot of sense.

      • Ryan Smith

        this is probably the best way to troll Paula….just agree with her no matter what!

        • Paula_

          Hi Ryan, care to join my corpse-fucking club? We're meeting on a new cemetary this friday so lots of new meat, should be fun!! Bring your own shovel please.

          – see you on friday?

  • dongo69

    #3 Not awesome

    • Thomas

      Agreed… it's way too big. The tattoo, that is.

      • Thomas

        Aww… don't be scared. They're just penises.

      • Richard III

        just because they're bigger then yours, don't feel bad. You just can't satisfy a woman, that's all…(HA)

    • IMHO

      I'm an open-minded guy, though I recognize this as awfully stupid. However, and I can't explain why, the grapes seem really odd. I mean, what's up with that? Okay, so you have two dudes doing what two, erm, friendly dudes, uhm, do when hanging-out … but what's with the grapes?

      Also, chive, a tattoo of two dude's schlongs is okay, but a single bare breast is a no-go?

      • Ken

        The grapes make it "artsy." Just dudes = obscene. Dudes + grapes = art.

        Behold the power of grapes.

        • Single Standards

          Naked dudes are obscene, but naked women are a welcome sight? Welcome to America…

    • Tomas

      Ummm… so…. in the tattoo… the guy on the left… where exactly is his left hand??? 😡

    • The El Conquistador

      Adam & Steve….

  • phalphalla

    First of all times!!!

    • Paula_

      Yet still you WERE the fastest semen once… tells a lot about the quality of the rest of that load I guess

      – the one who's FIRST!

    • Shannon Coverdale


  • EZEE


    And not a single fuck was given that day.

  • Fawx

    Chive wtf is that stupid music auto-playing on your page.

    • Bacchus

      It's that annoying piece of music of the "Lawnmower trying to reach the moon" video, that apparently starts automatically right on the home-page.

      • D.C

        that shit was irritating this early in the morning

      • panama99

        simply go down to the video and stop it from playing, it is about five down. Kind of boring. Paula wil probably like it. Luv ya girl.

    • DCMOFO

      If you scroll down it's that flying lawnmower video.

    • its_forge

      NoScript fttmfw

  • bbqboobs

    #1 There's.. someone on the wing… Some.. thing.

    • Bacchus

      Reminds me of that Pink Floyd song, Pigs On The Wing

    • SkyVader

      Excellent episode!!

    • bbqboobs

      Trey-Dogz is actually right, though I took the inspiration from the Twilight Zone episode, I actually took the quote from Ace Ventura.

  • jim

    you know how i know you're gay?

  • bbqboobs

    #2 This is what happens when the Playstation network goes down and internet warriors can't get their COD fix.

    • Kevin

      That's not a gun btw.

    • Eliot

      LOL! So true my friend.

  • foshizzle

    #20 i think hes doing just right… but maybe thats just me

    • b-ry

      maybe…but he stores his motorcycle in his family room so he FAILS that way.

    • yezzir

      a WIN would be him using a PC laptop

  • Christopher Pinto

    #7the guy on the right, Hover hand.

    • ar304

      Love thy trap.

    • V4Vendetta14

      I think we can forgive the hover hand when it is about to cup another man's boob.

  • Dawn DuBois

    #2 isnt stupid, its how we get awesome nature photos

    • Holly Sands

      Actually just took the words out of my mouth.

    • marco escuandolas

      thought the same thing. I guess it's funny if the bird doesn't realize he' s there, but it's not dumb.

  • Bunny Boy

    #17 is anybody else clicking the speaker icon ?

    • Bacchus

      Yes #11 is

    • bigdickmcgee

      yep…Im an idiot

  • bbqboobs

    Am I the only one who's page scrolls up and down in an irritating yet comical fashion when I run the mouse over the "Post a new comment" section?

    • SkyVader

      If you're running Internet Explorer 9, click the "compatibility mode" button at the top (looks like a ripped piece of paper).

    • Paula_

      At some point I thought they made it so just for me to stop me from posting. Glad to hear I'm not the only one ^_^
      The Chive, though a formidable site, is not exactly compatible with IE9 yet. Use compatibility mode like Darth said.

      – the glowing eyes in the basement

      • b-ry

        first things first…switch off IE, all versions, immediately.

  • Mr_Rob

    Sadly, I know some people like #9…

    • Paula_

      Family sucks, huh?

      – Are you feeling lucky, Paula?

    • Nighteye

      Actually, #9 is the only one who has a point – to an extent. Most butchers sedate animals before they kill, unlike hunters.

      • Blumpkin

        The animal is still harmed even if it's sedated. That's a retarded comment

        • Jerry

          Your on crack if you think they pump the meat full of pain killers before they package it.
          Nice fuzzy happy rainbow land you must live in.

      • Harry

        If by sedate you mean: Punch a hole in their skull with a captive Bolt gun. Then I guess.
        Hunted animals also have the Benefit of not being cattle prodded up a ramp into a room stinking of blood and fear.

        Your logic is lacking and emotion is controlling you.

        • Nighteye

          You really should read up on slaughterhouses designed by Temple Grandin. Animals walk in without fear, without cattle prods. They get sedated, go to sleep, and never wake up.

          Sure, they're still being killed – but they suffer a lot less than if they get shot.

          • Joey

            Perhaps you should read up on it, because you seem to be grossly misinformed on both subjects (Hunting and slaughter).

          • Peter

            "They get sedated, go to sleep, and never wake up."

            Holy shit you live in a fantasy world.

          • George

            Did you ever think about how wild animals die? You may think that shooting a deer is a painful way to die (which is over in a matter of seconds), but the alternatives (Starving, freezing, being ripped apart alive by a wolf) I assure are much more unpleasant.

          • Mr_Rob

            Sure. Wagyu is also breeded in controled places, with a plan of daily massages and clasical music, eating only the most pure and natural grass.

            It also costs between $40/lb and $150/lb…

            • Nighteye

              Well, it's also possible to exaggerate – but in general, it's possible to buy meat from animals that had a relatively good life and a relatively humane death – especially compared to the very cheap meat.

      • Mr_Rob

        Well, I was going to say exactly what everybody else say to you, so I think that a thumb down will show my eternal disrespect on your lack of common sense…

        Besides, butchers only "butch" meat, you know? Corpses of previously living animals, either hunted or "cattle-killed" (delicious corpses to be eaten in a gril, btw).

    • Guest

      Oh all of you just shut up already. Eat the friggin food, and get off your soapbox either way…

      • Joey

        It's true, Ignorance is indeed bliss.

        • Rite

          Ignorance may indeed be bliss but Knowledge Is POWER

  • Sauru

    #13 the general lee is a lot less awesome than i remember it growing up

    • top dog

      It's called budget cuts Sauru, they gotta pay for Dukes of Hazzard part 2 somehow.

    • Jerry

      Thats cause your bigger now. Things look a lot bigger when you are small.

  • Barney

    Did anyone else catch the irony that her name is "Logic" ?

    • wuzzman16

      i thought her logic was fine, fish have no higher brain centers so they dont feel pain like a pig or cow would. There much less evolved than most of the other animals we eat

      • Mac The iNTERN

        Vegans cant eat Reeses? smh

        • kodakkid

          well think of all the peanuts that are being saved.
          I have vegan friends and there is animal by products used so they will not eat them.

        • Io insegnante

          Vegetarian does not equal vegan. smh^2

      • DistractedIndividual

        So the feeling of pain defines a beings life worth…right. So if I pump you full of morphine/numbing agent then slaughter you and eat you..I'm still a vegan!

        BTW the word you were looking for was "Their" not "There" :]

        • steve

          or They're

        • ryad

          correction fail!

          • DistractedIndividual

            Shame on me, must have read it to quickly and only realized that "There" was wrong and did'nt reread it to get the correction right. Meh, I still stand with my first point though!

            • keyshock


        • Guest

          It's a fish, not a 5th grader. Calm down

          • wow


  • Angelo

    #15 Who's leaving at 4? Her dad… Or her husband?

    #17 Isn't he a minor?

    • skillnye

      it looks like it says "michelle" IMO

    • Inigo Montoya

      The person who's leaving is her roommate, Michelle. I know that girl, she lived on the floor above me at Michigan.

  • MigraineBoy

    #10 Last Christmas, I gave you some sparks. But the very next day, you shot them away.

  • Skye

    #5 ……..I have a friend that agrees with her. *sigh*

    • Kerosun

      If you eat only fish, then you are pseudo-vegetarian. If you don't eat any meat, then you are a vegetarian. A vegan is someone who goes as far as to not eat anything that is a product of an animal (i.e, no dairy whatsoever) as well as not wear or use anything that is a product of an animal or an animal byproduct.

      • ale

        true vegans, don´t eat anything that have faces.

        • Io insegnante

          I didn't realize Reese's have faces. Astounding.

      • Juan

        Not hating on what you're saying but simple suggestion: eat whatever the fuck you want and stop worrying about dumb labels.

  • Chubby

    #24 LOL LOL LOL

  • Jedi

    # 4
    Sexual Chocolate!!!

  • Mr.C

    so where can i download the awsome music in the chive's homepage??

  • Your Face


    • VedHead77

      You know, Roy G. Biv drives one of those…

    • funtclaps

      thats one gay ass lambo, but i'd prob let it blow me

    • MrCynicalBastard

      I actually want one…with a train whistle!

  • robbio

    As a vegan, #5 is incredibly disturbing…for the record, we aren't all idiots..

    • batwing

      Yes you are

    • engine911

      What kind of idiot does not eat meat….a vegan.

    • Dick LeGrande

      Hey I know a vegan woman, believe me when I say, she eat meat.

      • asdfasdfasdfasdfads

        cool story bro

    • ydodonutshave2die

      yay another vegan on the chive!!

    • funtclaps

      i think its disturbing how you vegans steal meals from and destroy the habitats of innocent insects by eating mofucking plants bra

    • Tire

      Why the hate?

  • Chieftan

    #21 I'm rooting for the top one to give

    • Khaqan Javaid

      lol! i was wondering how does he get down?

      • Io insegnante

        with drugs and alcohol. Rockstar status.

    • matt

      don't say that. i was second from top (100%serious… thats me). and everything is completely stable

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