• slagthor

    Do the Shorty George….. Shorty George…
    Only my wife calls me Shorty George.

  • jugg

    I was set to say "nah, it couldn't be the dumbest"… sadly, I was wrong

  • Bryan

    Lunch hour at work, priceless…..

  • Dirk Dickher

    Get the fuck outta here with that crap!

  • thetech2

    I am a little less a man for even clicking on this but I would bang the instructor I guess just to get vmy manhood back but I don't care how good she banged back I still wouldn't chair dance with cateyes

  • dub

    It's totally shopped. I can tell by the pixels and also I've seen a lot of shops in my time.

  • Smash ham

    OMG burn 5 calories a day. Hope your only eating 10 calories a day. Cause that’s the only we you’ll lose weight on this shitty workout program.

  • Paul

    That was epic. Are ya'll ready to hip hop?

  • SharkyShooter

    I wonder why all this music-based exercise never tried to expand the variety of music to which they were sweatin'. Who wouldn't want a 'sweatin' to Metallica DVD just to say that they had it? I'd buy that.

  • Mike McGuire

    Why did you put us through this bob!

  • Thrice

    What just happened…..

  • Da Sandman

    only in america…. wow…

  • Virulent87

    Oh God Why

  • Roy Issa


  • kwtolle18

    TAKE THAT RICHARD SIMMONS!!!! no more sweating to the 80's!

  • poorKat

    in the very last part of the video: is that fat lady holding her own leg with a rope or something???? LMAO

  • flav

    Did anyone else hear "Everybody handjob" before realizing it's hand jive at 2:08?

  • datingboerse kostenlos

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