Sooooo….. you got drunk last night (24 Photos)

  • gaz

    #20 i don't see it

    • asdasd

      If he's drunk, it's a shame, if she's drunk it's a win!!

      • asdasd

        If she's a he the other he could be severely screwed!!

    • keepnitreal

      I'm thinking that most chicks wouldn't be doing that unless they were drunk…

      • bud

        your sister was sober last night

        • 123Roasthim

          OH SHIT!

    • Terry Burke

      yeah i don't see the problem here. unless she has a buttface

      • Dr. Balls

        I don't think anyone said there was a problem.

    • Jordan

      he is fucking winning right now dude, no problems here

    • Chive_On

      Something tells me she's gonna regret this in the morning. Alot.

      She's got an incredible ass tho.

    • Guest

      find her

      • Jen

        im thinking she is a stripper just doing her job.

    • Justin

      What is that white thing sticking out of her shorts?

  • gaz

    #21 not a bad position to be in

  • Takingbackcider

    #21 Doesn't seem so bad!

  • Pete

    #19 I don't get it

    • Markv86

      the girl on the right reaching for the guys hand

    • Terry Burke

      did you see the girl trying to touch his hand?

    • capitancoolo

      Was it the girl reaching for the guys hand?

      • Sherlock Holmes

        I think it was the girl reaching for the guys hand! Can anyone Clarify?

        • John Spencer

          Anyone? Was it the girl reaching for the guys hand?!? We must know!

          • not even

            we need to get jamie and adam in on this one

    • Vin

      Yeah, was it about the girl reaching for the man's hand?

  • smoonstyle

    #7 "What is this I don't even….. Oh LOL!!!"

    • Just Sayin'

      Sorry to be 'That guy', but I call fake on that one. He seems to be walking far too quickly/normally for the first split second of the gif.

  • Terry Burke

    i really wanna know the story behind #1 and #12

    • name

      Some people got drunk, some shit got fucked up. I reckon that's about it really.

    • jdog


    • BobSugar

      #12 Dude on the ground lost the battle against no-shirt dude equipped with door. He lost really bad.

  • Patrick

    Today is my 21st birthday. That'll probably be me and my friends later tonight. What're the odds…

    • lonin

      It is your mission, to make it so.

    • John Spencer


      • Jen

        mine's tomorrow! happy bday! but ill be fucking 27 eating crabs with my family and my son, so yea, no exciting pics. BUT! I will be skeet shooting and going to a whiskey tasting on saturday, YES!

  • Ryno

    #22 Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son.

    • jonathan

      It's Peter Griffon!

    • mko

      the land of the obese strikes again

  • the fapist

    #10 Looks kinda like scumbag Steve.

    • Jakub Wrobel

      Kids are from my high school. Now at the University of Illinois.

  • Roft

    #13 is genius!

    • ....

      what are those? lemme ask my wife, she may know.

  • dastlast

    #20 Epic win either way. Not even a single bit curious about how her face looks like! 😀

    • MariJane

      I thought the same thing!

  • pat

    #8 what is under her ass?

    • Motofoxe

      a lanyard from his pocket?

    • Cthulhuspawn

      look like dog shit to me lol

    • sammuelchase

      in my dreams, me.
      im under her ass

    • capitancoolo


  • ClariseStarling

    #24 pretty epic win for the guy — drunk or not.

    • ClariseStarling

      #20 i mean. fatfingeredtyping

  • London

    #14 If I caught someone doing that in my place, he'd be pissing purple for a week.

    • Jen

      my bro in law used to pee in my sisters closet or on the floor in drawers all the time. that would PISS me off. lol

  • corey

    #20 this guy is winning!!!

  • Anon

    What is that guys pants? I'm really wondering wh- oh…..oh right. #20

    • Anon

      what is in* …..I fucked up.

  • Guest

    #20 I wanna be drunk….

  • bfcknrzl

    #19 I don't get it?

    • INawe

      drunk girl trying to reach for the fighters hand. lmfao

      • Jimmy292

        Is that what it is? I though it was a guy frisking the boxers for weapons and only realizing he isn't wearing clothes to hide any….

        • Just Sayin'

          I was waiting for the boxer to throw up on the guys head…

  • zym

    I have been #14 drunk.

    • Chris M

      I'm a grown-ass man and I pissed on my television one night. Now I remember to drain the lizard before bed if I've been drinking.

  • sammuelchase

    #2 innovation is the spirit of 'merica!

  • Ferociousaurus

    #20 Find her?

  • RustyxTrombone

    chiviette ? #20

  • Anonymous

    #6 never going to hear the end of it.. for the rest of his life even!!

    #9 lollll

    #10 drunk on lite???

  • Apocalypse_Now

    #6 never going to hear the end of it.. for the rest of his life even!!

    #9 lollll

    #10 drunk on lite???

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #20, Lemme have a sniff!

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