Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Roft

    USA USA USA!!!!

    • Wandering Chivette

      HA! I've seen that guy in Houston! Ah, the Bayou City…I miss you…

      • donalbaine

        Yep, at the Art Car parade.. i see that thing all the time running around the Heights..

    • A. Einstein

      "Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism -how passionately I hate them!"

  • Doug

    #33 I like her, I dunno why, but I do

    • pepelucho

      It's all about the eyes!!

    • Surf and Snow

      X2. MOAR!!!

    • TKE257

      I like her too, well I like to do some very naughty thing with her.

    • aids
    • n1ghtstalker

      She seems smart!

    • jayden

      She's kinda looks like a whore going after that banana like that

  • overhead

    #6 Just noticed the 'gap' shirt. chive on, little man, you'll go far

  • The Biscuit

    Today has been a good day

    • Tubthumbing

      #35 Doing it wrong. #43 Doing it right.

    • ROK247

      it will be a day long remembered.

      i learned that its impossible to keep up with chive posts on a monday if theres any big news happening in the world.

  • DAN

    Suggestions for tattoo placement on #46 ?:

    • Jusnel Gonzalez

      replace all clothes with tattoos!

      • zighawk73

        this, nuff said.

        • TCUchiver


    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      YER doin it right.

      A fellow San Diego chiver.

    • Sharky

      sticker bikini?

    • boobs

      on her back

    • itsfuckingobvious

      Put them on your vagina and ass. Also place them on your boobs. Those would be the best possible spots to place them. Good day.

  • is this thing on?

    so close…

  • theo

    #6 parenting, he's doing it right!

    • http://www.facebook.com/bertuleit Johannes Bertuleit

      Mind the GAP 😉

  • Asian

    #2 Yes. Yes he is.

    • firefighter23

      America! Fuck yeah!

      • BloodScrubber

        Ive seen reports the last words Osama heard while alive were:
        .." goodnight from New York mother-fvcker…"

        If true…Epic Win.

        • Evelyn

          now the question is… does he even speak english?

          • Isabelle Basha

            not much, but he damn well understood that im sure. 'merica fuck ya.

  • screw work

    My boss banned the chive at work last week b/c we were 'abusing our internet privileges'. Caught her today on the 'mind the Gap' post of all things. Never seen somebody turn so red

    Pic Related: #40

    • JTodd

      That is truly and awesome moment

    • Jason

      i enjoy the fact that she is spreading for maximum effect. all chicks should learn

    • EZ-PZ

      Lauren also made it as the Cute College Girl of the Day!

      • Sick

        actually she said that someone else had submitted her pics

    • #387

      I'm calling this a "manufactured gap" created by some creative up-lifting on those sweet cheeks…….Clever Girl!

  • D.I.

    Early DAR! fuck yesssssss!

  • deleted4848467

    Loving the badass Obama memes.

    #14 #25

    • thatwasfun

      lauren always wins

      • RufioRufioRuFi

        Haha was that a throwback to a different post? Because I totally agree.

        • thatwasfun

          ha, my computer showed a completely different comment when I was replying, but still …I will take Lauren for pres

    • shaka

      He is still a joke, he did not do shit….

      • indyfame

        your right … mission was accomplished 8 years ago . douche

        • j22


          • Indy

            "I don't know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority." -G.W. Bush, 3/13/02

            "I am truly not that concerned about him." -G.W. Bush, 3/13/02

            On June 2, 2009: President Obama signed a memo to CIA Director Leon Panetta stating "in order to ensure that we have expanded every effort, I direct you to provide me within 30 days a detailed operation plan for locating and bringing to justice Osama bin Laden.

            Come Again?

            • I.D.

              This operation has been in place since 2007, before Obama was even in office. The end.

              • Titan

                No, not really actually. This was a completely different operation putting Osama Bin Laden as a top priority for the CIA. He said he would during the presidential candidate debate back in 2008, and he delivered. Exactly the way he said he would too.

                through out the entire ordeal, since last august, every call through out was made by the President, as a chief in commander should.. They originally wanted to bomb the place, the President said no, to minimize casualties, and to get confirmation of his body (DNA), and a photo.

                Funny how Bush, Cheney, and even Peter King acknowledge this, but others are struggling to. I haven't agreed with many of the presidents policies, but i can man up and give credit when it is deserved.

                • Angry Kid

                  This would not have been possible without significant effort on GW's part. Does Obama deserve some credit? Of course. Does he deserve all of it? Not even.

            • ( . ) ( . )

              Where is his body?
              come on the whole process in fishy!!!
              now your revenge of 3000 anericans dying is now complete by killing tens of thousands regular people innit

      • Edgar

        Except put it together, choose the strategy, direct it, make the call, and deliver.

        • I.D.

          Put what together? When the intel was received and the operation already began, Obama wasn't even running for office yet.

          • Fact Check

            You fucking kidding me? Haha, if it hadn't worked it would have been Obama's fuck up, if it works, it has nothing to do with Obama? And yea, everyone involved including CIA has said this was a new directive by Obama, and he was directing the strategies since they thought they located him. The difference would be Bush let Osama get away in a similar situation in Tora Bora.

            • Zuke

              Right. Because Panetta didn't know he was supposed to be going after Osama until Obama told him to. Ok.

              • Fact Check

                Yea, of course they did. But the predecessor said it was not a top priority to get him. That he's 'just one man', 'probably in cave somewhere', and he was 'not a top priority'. President Obama made it a priority, and then delivered. That's the difference.

                Two different CEO's can run a company with the same over all goals. One maybe successful, the other not so much.

        • #387

          The intel on the couriers came from waterboarding the everloving shit out of KSM. Waterboarding works case closed.

          • bmart1212

            you fucking kidding me?

          • cster

            slavery and child labour worked too. just because something gets shit done, doesnt mean there are no better or more human options

          • Jojo

            Citation needed douche boy

    • TiminPhx

      Maybe he wasn't that badass or even correct when he talked of getting rid of Gitmo and whined about Waterboarding.

      Because the original tip that led to this, started 4 years ago and was the name of a courier that was derived by Waterboarding.

      Congrats to Obama in green-lighting the mission, but it would never have happened had it not been for the techniques all the Leftists whined about.

      • Irlnick

        You know it's a sad stay of affairs when you can't just leave your politics at the door and just be glad that the head of the organization who master minded the attack on us almost 10 years ago finally had some justice catch up to him (death was the lessor justice then rotting in prison the rest of his life or at least being tried before being executed).

        I'm going to go ahead and give everyone involved credit, starting from the bush administration to present. This took effort from them all to make it happen. For those who feel Obama has taken to much credit, I'm sorry it's upset you. But cant we just all go 24 hours of being collectively happy and just not thing about our politics? You can wake up tomorrow and be all angry with each other but can't we just stop the infighting over who did what, who's responsible for whatever and just go "America fuck yay!"

      • Proof or BS

        Really? It was obtained through water boarding? Can you substantiate that claim with evidence?

        • Angry Kid

          It's common knowledge. Critical info obtained in Guantanamo, which Obama was trying to close down. Do you read the news at all or just throw shit out there for the fuck of it?

    • Mmm_Ciao

      Yeah, I'm happy my submission made it into the DAR! #14

      • musetv

        is that shit real? i'm likely being stupid here, but that looks legit

        • Mmm_Ciao

          I don't know, but I sure hope so.

      • Underhill

        Who is that?? Someone important?

    • OWGIU

      long live Barack Osama.

      Ooops, i mean god bless Obama Bin Laden.

      • spacetrader

        Best line ever.

    • 1 Dead Mouse

      All of you shut the fuck up already. Seriously. Shut the fuck up. You're killing DAR

    • JstevensF

      Yeahhhhh! Politics and arguing on the internet!

      Oh look there's some memes that are funny as well.

  • Brother Maynard

    #2 America Fuck Yeah!

    • Maynard B.

      Got you mother fucker.

  • JTodd

    #3 VMI Win, getting on the Chive is an accomplishment but try getting on fox and CNN: West Point win.

    • Royce

      Worst decision I ever made was not to go to VMI.

      • Country Boy

        No it's not. I had to opportunity to go to my choice of West Point, VMI or Air Force Academy. I didn't end up going to any of the above and went the enlisted route instead. I know several officers that have gone to West Point and a few that have gone to VMI, all of them hated it and wish they had gone the enlisted route and then direct commisioned.

        • Country Boy

          *the opportunity
          *not going
          damn… I can't type today

    • Martinez

      The Naval Academy beat you.
      Beat Army.

  • DanielB

    #11 Genious

    • Brad

      as well as genius…

  • Josh

    #34 is my favorite

    • Jason


    • Dong


    • steely


    • http://www.facebook.com/heath.weese Heath Weese


    • YourMom

      Taste the Rainbow…???

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      yeah,you can repost that one every day. never gets old

    • Poolololololol

      Quite a wonderful site to behold.

  • pablo_v

    I am going to go America all OVER YOUR ASS
    -Charlie Kelly
    Its Always Sunny

    • pdiddily420

      “I’m gonna rise up, I’m gonna to kick a little ass, I’m gonna to kick some ass in the U.S.A., gonna climb a mountain, gonna sew a flag, gonna fly on an eagle. I’m gonna kick some butt, I’m gonna drive a big truck, I’m gonna rule this world, I’m gonna kick some ass, I’m gonna rise up, I’m gonna kick a little ass. ROCK, FLAG and EAGLE!!”

  • eric b.

    Exceptional DAR today. it's a damn good day

    #3, #14, #27, #49

    • Lunakohntic

      Ditto !!!!!!!!!!


    Gallery please!

    • bull1123

      You took the words right out of my mouth!
      Make it happen Chive!

    • mes5991

      is it weird that i really like her ears?

  • boatdrinks4u2

    #3 Celebrate Cadets! I was in barracks the day the towers fell…it was a crazy time. Haydown and Optional for everyone for the rest of the year!!!
    RGH '02

  • DNA

    #20 Talk About….Your Oh' Shit! Moment of the Day….

    • chiz niz


      • tralfaz


  • Jimbo

    #35 Well played.

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      got one of those at home,must try that tonight!

      • Rockchalk


    • mko


  • chiz niz

    #24 Mind the Gap!

    • http://twitter.com/yaiamhot @yaiamhot

      challenge accepted…

    • Surf and Snow

      Well played sir, well played.

  • disturbed

    Rest in Hell

    • ROK247


  • Jedi

    #13 like a BOSS!

    • Quixote

      What…why would you say that?

      • schnit123

        Looks like Jedi pulled that one off like an ass.

        • #387

          He shut off his targeting computer and went with the FORCE……result errrr sorry your still a padawan!

  • Jusnel Gonzalez

    #49- thank you for that lovely ending!

    • Ebby

      That backside needs to be in Hump Day AND Find Her.

    • Poolololololol

      What an amazing figure.

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