Olivia Munn seems nice (14 GIFS)

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  • panama99

    Overall, they have had much better GIFs. This one was weak. Olivia is real pretty but not much shakin' goin on…..she is probably a "B" cup.

    Way to over dressed.

    Let the hatin comments begin…..

    • Randy Marsh

      I believe you meant to spell "hating", not "hatin"

    • Nathan

      No… I would agree with all that, except the B cup thing. you sir! can not tell cup size.

    • BigHate

      I guess you're just a titty man but for me I don't care if they're B's C's or D's if they are attached to a body and face like that.

      • Jack Bauer

        body and face like what? she doesn't have much of an ass. as far as her boobs you're dealing with a whole lot of not that much. her face is alright to pretty. olivia munn is one of those chicks who has rabid fans, but I'm not sold that she's quite worth the fervor. Good, but not spectacular seems to be her modus operandi.

        • pat

          agree completely. she's not even the hottest olivia i can think of. comparing her to olivia wilde is like comparing a burger king burger to a filet mignon.

          • donnymac

            olivia wilde is as overrated as they come…no tits…no ass…pretty face. pretty much getting play cause she isn't fat.

          • IrrEgular

            Olivia from 5secondfilms. Thank me later.

            • Farbox

              And the one posted today is an excellent example of Olivia from 5sf.

  • Djenz


    • kohl

      Must confess that I'd never heard of this good-looking young lady.

  • Setherton

    I have nothing to say about this.

    • Urban

      I do. This is some funny shlt. Hot too.

    • Thanks

      Then stfu.

  • dnsbubba

    I lost all interest in her the minute she left AOTS.

    • BaJezzus

      well that's just a shame, and really it's your loss. so…congrats on that.

      • Randy Marsh

        What loss??? She hasn't done anything since but a failed sitcom. If the chive keeps me updated on her with posts like this, I'm fine with that, otherwise I'm over her too. She shouldn't have left AotS

        • barley

          What about her being on the daily show

          • Cavall

            Ugh what ABOUT it. Shes just not that funny next to any of them, its actually painful to watch it.

            • McBeastie

              What about the fact that she's still hot as hell.

              • Justin Hall

                That's wierd, I lost all interest in AotS the minute she left

                • Steeb

                  then you havent seen sara jean underwood good sir…

            • Petey

              she was a little awkward at first but she's gotten better lately. still not as funny as the other correspondents but she's getting there

    • ROK247

      her new nbc show just got cancelled 😦

    • This Is Me

      I was going to say the opposite; I can't remember the last time I watched AOTS now.

    • Dixie_Normous

      you're both losers for watching AOTS, go get a girlfriend

      • Dixie_Normous

        wow i see i hit a nerve with the gamers who have no girlfriends

  • link

    this chick seems to have a sense of humor and therefore is cool as shit

    • Cavall

      if shes got a sense of humour, why is it comic death when ever shes on the daily show?

  • jer

    #2 is an adult actress I think

    • Adam

      Nope, it is her. It was part of her Maxim photo shoot.

    • Turbo

      its Olivia Munn…. hence the name of the album

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      It's not your Mom, Jer!

  • Adam

    She is queen of my fantasy world. #14

    • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.parrish3 Timothy Parrish

      Layla Kayleigh… Fucking best girl ever…

  • Kris

    Kevin Pereira on Attack of the Show

  • jayman

    I miss her on AOTS 😦

  • Kennydmac

    #15 Useing a chainsaw with a duckface. Your argument is invalid.

    • Mr obvious

      Thats not a chainsaw.

    • jjj

      thats a hedge trimmer not a chainsaw

    • Bob Sagat

      *Hedge trimmers

    • caleb

      Not being able to spell using, your argument is ALWAYS invalid.

    • capitancoolo

      Are those hedgetrimmers shes userring?

  • XOS2

    need a gif of her from the show they did with the chairs that had rotating bottoms and she was riding one…i think it was suppose to be an excercise machine or some shit….anyone remember?

    • getfree

      Hawaii chairs I believe they're called

  • DeDav

    That would be Kevin Pereira, lucky bastard.

  • drewdeze

    she just seems like a cool ass female that likes anal

  • P90

    Breathtaking beauty and (From what little I've seen) genuinely awesome to be around, gentlemen we have a winner.

  • Anonymous

    Fix your god damn app

  • doublemeat

    Her beauty, personality and sense of humor probably make her one of the most desirable women out there right now. Thank you.

  • The_BOFH

    She is very good looking, she knows it, and she played to her audience of mostly young men who enjoy video games. I see nothing wrong with her. She is a flirt and she has the goods to share! #3 is a prime example! She knew what she was doing!

    • asdfasdfasdf

      mind the nuts

  • EDo

    Im in love with this girl…

  • ck4747

    #15 im glad she trims her bush

  • ComicBookGeek-Rookie

    So many reasons to hate Kevin Perrera #5

    • V4Vendetta14

      Like yo mama, jealousy is also a bitch;)

    • space race

      you mean apart from him being a hack?

  • Josie


  • iambigd42

    #15 I f-ing love this women. She is funny and hot, it just doesn't get much better then her. If you get a chance bing Olivia Munn Fish Dance.

    • TheBiffer

      Did you just use "bing" as a verb?

      Get out. Get out now!

      • Justin Hall

        I'm a little saddened that Justin Timberlake actually managed to bing her. That kinda brings her down a notch … but then I see this post, and it balances it all out.

    • The Superginge

      do you mean "google"?

  • RollerG
  • Urban

    #8 Buff da wood!

  • Olivia Munn

    Yes I concur, she seems nice. Need more photo's

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