Hot Right Now: The Kaplan Twins will literally sit on your face (21 Photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

Heads Up, Lauren Gentile is still in theCHIVE offices shooting on our live webcam right here.

  • yourmomonchive

    # 45 , god bless merica

  • yourmomonchive

    #45 god bless merica

  • JMikeH

    Because they took the bar?

  • Bob

    #11…Isn't this kind of redundant, and not to mention a little braggy about how much money you have??
    #40…Is it illeageal that I am instantly turned on by this picture?? That is clearly a high school right?? Well, hmm, I guess ethically I could convince myself that she is an 18year old Senior in High School. K, problem solved.

    • Bob

      Illegal even.

  • 2cool4skool

    #45 Tha very nice of him.

  • korrie

    #34 I find it a little disturbing that they put this up. She's obviously not of age. no matter how sexy its still wrong


    SOURCE: REDDIT DOT COM. Cite your sources, Thieves! (perhaps biggest theft to date, you are correct Haterade.)

  • jim

    The girl in #33 with the ink…FIND HER, PLEASE!!!

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #48, what a nice set of Fresh BUNS! YUMMMY YUM YUM !

  • majixcal

    #37 my popoy

  • Busternut

    #3 photoshop fail.
    Wheres fat ass' reflection?

  • Mark

    Who is that girl? FIND HER.

  • James

    #40 find her if she's legal please!!!!!!!!!!

  • saskriverpirate

    Canadians. Americans. Stop arguing. This is pathetic.

  • bmoneey

    Find #40 Please!

  • Brian Latimer

    #17 Who is she?

  • cristobol

    #3 Its a battle between a big block and a small block this afternoon.

  • Rainmaker2112

    #42 BROWN BEARS CHIVETTE!!!! WOOT Son is a Bruno football player!!! WOOT!

  • Brian D.

    #36 You know what to do, Chive. FIND HER!! I want MOAR!

  • BillSPreston

    #36 This is incredibly arousing for some reason.

  • behemoth

    #23 beach front property for sale

  • behemoth

    #28 spice girls comeback

  • behemoth

    #40 #42 'duhhhhh'

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