Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Tyler J Smith

    "Hey I'm up here"

    "Yeah but why I'm talking to you isn't"

  • nick k


    in an extremely gay voice " OMG HE REALLY IS BLACK!"

    • rlmnofjean-ious

      lighten-up people. it's a funny joke.

      • NOOOOO


      • j22

        For real! Buncha PC pussies.

  • FamousNate

    #4 aaaahhhhhhh……………

    • j-pic

      Evolution of the human life jacket

  • Cubzfan BudMan

    A well played week in review

  • Jazzhammar

    #14 How about some shelves and drawers for the Columbian girls

    • Darth Neegro

      and maybe some straws too…she needs to stop sticking cocaine up dat ass.

      why you gettin a thumbs down? you posted a funny ass comment, some bitches in this place

      • Todd

        You tried to be funny and you failed. Don't cry about it.

    • Eric


  • Iceman

    #34 Who is she?

    • Phil

      riley steele (have fun)

    • plop

      elaine alden

      • Justin Hall

        Elaine Alden is right.

        I present to you this offering:

        This girl, this is the girl.

        • ranD

          she has sorta a Bree Olsen thing going on dont she? sept without that whole junkie thing…

  • Jazzhammar

    #24 Seniors, they write like third graders

    • Ripple

      second grade

      • Jazzhammar

        I gotta get a new computer totally did not see that on the top,

        • Guz

          Nice recovery.

  • Ivan


  • Ripple

    #10 still scary

    • @ScottCO09

      smart kid.

    • aymz

      YEah, but would you still hit it?

    • imjuliooo89

      baby agrees!

    • j22


  • LarsfromNorway

    #36 could you take a picture mom? just let me grab her tit

  • David Miller

    #50 would make an epic cheesy sci-fi action movie for geeks!

    • sammuelchase

      its becoming a cheesy sci-fi action movie for geeks 😀

    • Steven Spielberg


    • Dubbington

      That's exactly what it is dude. It's a piece of concept art for a currently-in-the-pipeline movie called Dinosaurs versus Aliens. Pretty clever huh?

  • Diana Santos

    #31 ok ok..i know they say that money gives pleasure to women .. but I think she is to taking too literally xD

  • D.C

    #38 sweet jesus!

  • sammuelchase

    #42 so damn cute

    • Bobby Falcon

      And a Beatles fan.

  • @ScottCO09

    #1 what are we supposed to be looking at here?

    • Matt

      Herp derp. For both you and him.

    • erin

      The man is carrying an umbrella, while walking through a FLOOD.

      • Darth Neegro

        so if your lower body is wet, then keeping the rain off your head is stupid?

        maybe a herp derp for both you fucko's above and chive as well

        • Robbo

          When you are bald as a plucked chicken and sporting such a creative comb-over, I guess it's worth protecting even if you're up to your nuts in flood water and fuck knows what else.

    • pmofmalasia

      He's being SARCASTIC. Because of the completely fucking unnecessary arrow. Damn some people need a sense of humor.

      • Darth Neegro

        No he's not. You might be the biggest retard alive

    • Sean Cyphers

      The face in the window of the garage

      • Chihuahua

        waay off, buddy!

  • CRM89

    We need more #34!!!!!

  • that guy

    #12 leaving Montana (gods country) and moving to Columbia (cartel and apparentepic ass country)) not to mention roaming some stone where MicheL Douglas gets kicked in the crotch))) tomorrow in search of that ass!

    • kornerr

      huh … ?

    • Rob

      what are you saying, man? I understood that redneck better than you.

  • that guy

    #14 NOT 12…whoops. stupid phone

    • Red Rabbit

      whatever, you meant twelve… 'merica!

    • Davelulz

      yeahh, stupid phone, riiiiight…

  • Big-H

    The will Farrel poster in the background makes it even better if possible.

  • H-Man

    Jesus can rub out my sins any day…

  • Old

    #18 The tattoo isn’t what I’m looking at…

  • Old

    #18 The tattoo isn't what I'm staring at…

    • Guest

      Who is she??

      • Dazilla

        Megan Daniels

  • HardCoreMike

    Dear Chive… Thank you for being so f'ing awesome. I can't even remember what life was like before TheChive. What did I surf? Was there even an internet before TheChive…. I dunno but life is awesome with you in it.

    • ranD

      i used to surf "gorillamask" then i found TheChive and my life hasnt been the same since. hi my name is ranD and im addicted to Chive.

      • zach

        * monotonous voice*
        hello, ranD

  • joe

    #43 funny

    • Resident_Saint

      Made me LOL twice this week. Rare feat.

    • Nigga Beata

      made me LOL twice this week. Rare feat.

    • Bryan

      Maed me LOl 2wice this weke. rawr feet.

  • bkfrijoles

    #38 is def the best of the week

    • YupYupYup

      and the cutsie pink stuffties on the dresser don't concern you even a little?

      • newt

        if you noticed the cutsie pink stuffties then i have some bad news for you

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