Daily Afternoon Randomness (36 Photos)

  • FlyingSpagMonst

    Meanwhile in Australia.

    • aosux

      Meanwhile in 2010

    • Quinn Dexter

      Which one is just trying to cool down the burning???

  • FAH Q


    • WakkaWakka


  • FlyingSpagMonst

    Freakin SPECTACULAR!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke


    • Guest

      Emily Laser

      • FlyingSpagMonst

        Google here I come.

    • Ryan

      It took me WAY to long to finish my Afternoon DAR because I couldn't stop scrolling up to this picture…

    • wasd

      thank god someone shopped out the "Front" magazine watermark, all their pics are great, last week i spent a solid 2 hours shopping out watermarks to make better walkpapers

    • J C


    • soc
    • Geoff

      NEED MOAR!

  • RufioRufioRuFi

    Loving the sexy chivers in HQ! #35 #36

    • COCO

      Too thin for me, and the first picture, the girl is showing too much skin for my taste.

      • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

        you gay?

    • Average Chiver

      Not fat enough for my taste.

      • Paula_

        Your problem is: you have no taste.

        – smacking duckfaces hard in the beak

        • Average Chiver

          I have a taste, for REAL women, real fat ones.

    • u-know

      just right if you ask me

    • Jon

      35 im in love

    • The_Skid

      #35 oh the parts of you i would lick

      • Jen

        COCO is the new Paula.

    • Timothy Wilkes

      The Case of Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Nipple.

  • Johnny Tsunami

    #22 Once you see it…

    • andyg8180

      wow! lmao… good eyes!

    • Dagoth WIt

      The tiny guy in a wheelchair on the plate?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Stevens/100000058325127 Andrew Stevens

      Is it the sticker saying he finished the Iron Man competition?

    • PoppinFresh

      I still can't see it… What is it?!

    • daniel

      what is it?

    • equalizermax

      Pedo Bear waiting inside the van

    • less10percent

      The dude can finsh an ironman but is parked in a handicapped stall.

      • reesty

        whats so funny about that?

        • DCMOFO

          The guy's a douche.

          • isawoj

            Or a handicapped person who was able to finish a triathlon.

            Or the triathlon handicapped him.

            • DCMOFO

              I should stated that different, the picture is implying he's a douche.

      • James

        If you ever watched the Ironman, your dumb ass would know that many handicapped individuals race, and complete the Ironman. Know your shit before you go bashing someone who has made an incredible life accomplishment, and on top of that, is handicapped!

        • smallchinaman

          Who the fuck watches Ironman, it has got to be duller then soccer? Calm down James, roll your wheelchair to the fridge and grab a beer before you pop a vein.

          • James

            Someone who understands accomplishing one of the hardest events in the world. Get off your fat ass and go for a run.

            • MortalK

              Finish Him.

            • smallchinaman

              One could say that rocket science is a pretty tough accomplishment as well. Based on your comments (not intelligent, clever or witty – just angry) I can assume you don't understand it, so using your logic I could tell you to get off of your overly sensitive ass and shoot yourself into space.

              • James

                I'll look past the comment about lack of intelligence, seeing as you clearly have shown that you have none. Forgive me for respecting and standing up for someone with a handicap.

                • MortalK


                  • friendly joe

                    Flawless Victory

                • smallchinaman

                  Let us recap. You called someone a dumbass for not watching the Ironman (I think it is easier to find a cactus in the swamp than it is someone who watches the Ironman). When I told you to calm down you told me to get off my fat ass and run. And then you tell me I have no intelligence (I merely stated that your comments were not intelligent, only angry – thanks for reiterating that). Yet you know nothing of my physical stature or intelligence. And I'm the dick.
                  We clearly got off on the wrong foot, and I would to clear it up. I sincerely apologize. None of my comments are ever made to disparage handicaps, and it certainly was never my intent to make someone cry.

                  • Buford_Justice

                    I understood all replies about this and will try to finish it off with a "fuck it" chive on.

                  • Petey

                    the lack of intelligence on your part comes from the fact that you said James' statement lacked intelligence. however, James actually did show intelligence, therefore disproving your argument, therefore, you are a dumbass

        • 90sgamer

          And if you really thought about it, you'd conclude that a person, handicapped or not, who can finish the Ironman, doesn't need a special parking spot for handicapped people 'cause he/she will be able to get those 50m to the shop done after doing 42km of running. So the spot could have been left free for handicapped people who really need it.

          • James

            It's for a person who has a wheelchair…so they have room to get in and out of their car, hence the reason there are those blue diagonal lines so nobody parks there.

    • Hugo

      The window. It looks like the wiper left a shlong

    • orly

      the reflection of the building is missing a chunk?

    • capt james t obvious

      could have easily been a husband and wife, one having a handicap the other being an athlete, sharing a vehicle.

  • FlyingSpagMonst

    You can't explain that.

    • EL Doctor

      Troll physics FTW!

    • TasseN

      haha, mean while in sweden // i'm from sweden so CHive On πŸ˜€

    • Langen

      Nice one! Check out what my team did: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28979694/MOV_0056.mp4 πŸ™‚ chive on from sweden!

  • http://clothrop.wordpress.com clothrop

    #10 is cute. Haaaaaay.

    • Anon

      Not allowed to appreciate men here.

    • Elton John

      Agreed. He does look yummy.

      • Jessica Condrey

        ^F*ck off weirdos^…That guy is hot! πŸ˜€

        • Samuski

          I would definitely recommend going into Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Keyboard and changing the character map back from * to "u." It will be helpful if you ever want to type things.

          • Jessica Condrey

            sure thing smartass πŸ˜‰

        • DistractedIndividual

          I would agree too, he should have joined the Berry's post today….Had me hot and bothered at work! πŸ™‚

          • Dr_StrangePants

            {ponder}…..if this will attract more women (i.e. potential chivettes) to The Chive
            then I approve
            But absolutely no Sexy Male Chivers posts. Save that for the Berry, which is essence is the Ladies Room of the Chive

            • Jessica Condrey

              well if no women came to the Chive, then they would never see how to submit their hot pics for Sexy Chivers, Hump Day, Burn Your Bra, ect…
              So is there anything wrong with keeping the ladies happy too? πŸ˜‰ Just sayin'

              • Jen

                Agreed, he was a nice surprise for the chivettes in today's DAR πŸ™‚

                • Jen

                  mm hmm, cute!

  • HankT

    #27 and #35…Thank you Chive!

    • PoppinFresh

      #27 really is a perfect tush.

  • https://www.facebook.com/kcruz09 Kyle Cruz

    Thanks chive for being so awesome

    • Firefighter23

      I'd like to thank my hands for being so great.

    • detroller

      amen to that!

  • KeyserSoze


    I want 6 of those right now…

    • iloveQuatchi

      Finally Friday!

    • 90sgamer

      Please, if you want to have a "Happy Friday", go with some decent German beer and get rid of that crap.

      • Chuck Norris

        And who orders water with their beer? This bar doesn't look like the type that would say "OK" when someone says "I'll have a water with that please."

        • 90sgamer

          UR right! I missed that… Really I have NEVER seen anybody ordering water with their beer! At least not in Germany… In the US, you normally do that when ordering a second round! πŸ™‚
          Reminds me: What's the difference between American beer and sex in a canoe? None, they are both f*ing close to water!

  • V.A.

    #7: That gap….
    Oh, and #3: Cheers mate.

    • curious

      is that the chick from Hawaii 5-0?

      • V.A.

        I prefer to think of her as 'that chick from Battlestar'.

    • Anon

      Grace Park ftw!

      • thesensibleone

        Pretty sure its a dude. This must be after the operation.

        • Freddy Mercury

          agreed. that sounds about right to me.

        • its_forge

          You have no taste. Grace Park is a lovely woman. And she can act, which once again is more than anyone can say about 2/3 of the people her age who work in front of cameras in Hollywood.

          • Steve

            Not to mention this is, like, the hottest picture I've ever seen. Not only are you all guys stupid racists, but you have horrendous taste. You lose on so many levels.

            • its_forge

              No joke, this image is (literally) mouthwatering. = )

    • ROK247

      viper 1 coming in for a landing

    • its_forge

      Once again. Not a "gap" if their left knee is in Detroit and their right knee is in Bayonne. Are we clear on that yet? A "gap" is what shows when their legs are *together.* This, folks, is called a "spread eagle."

  • rapture

    #4 & #7 cum hither please and for #30 almost there

    • Goon

      Fapping is generally something you do in private…

      • Paula_

        I suppose you've never used ChatRoulette?

        – that and tits or GTFO

    • Shivers

      And the creepy it-puts-the-lotion-in-it's-skin comment of the day goes to…..

      • thesensibleone

        7 is a guy you faggots.

        • Red

          well yeah, how else would the chivers find "her" attractive?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benton-McGrath/587208531 Benton McGrath

          Watch BSG, look for "Boomer"

  • COCO

    Eww, too many pictures of half naked women ruined my day once again. The pictures today were okay and not too funny.

    • Average Chiver

      Not only half naked but also not nearly fat enough for my taste. Where are the rolls and thunder thighs? MOAR FAT!

      • Inquiring Mind

        Go to WalMart!

    • iloveQuatchi

      We don't like your kind around here.

      • Flabberghost

        You and what army, douche?

        • Righteous Kill


          • HEAT

            COCO can suck it

        • Navy Seals 6

          Reporting for service SIR!

    • Allenavw

      You know how I know you're gay?

      • Problems at Home

        Your boyfriend calling me all day doesn't make me gay…

    • duh

      COCO, maybe The Berry is more for you…

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch


    R.I.P Randy "Macho Man" Savage! The worst thing to happen to the rap community since Tupac!

    • Sigh

      Another worthless comment on the first page. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

      • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

        And then you came along……………..I believe this Tampon belongs to you.

        • Psych

          I believe these negative thumbs belong to you.

  • Paula_

    Everything went well… no duckfaces today… phew!!

    – punching duckfaces hard in the beak since The Chive

    • COCO

      I kinda love duckface, makes me want to kiss their lips. Paula, give me a duckface, show me the love.

    • Trollercoaster

      Your troll styles are weak. On the plus side, I am hosting a troll bootcamp at your mom's house. I'll bring the booze, she's provide the handjobs. Basically, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you, I'm out.

      Picture me trollin'.

      • iloveQuatchi

        Neither COCO's nor Trollercoaster's comments were funny or good.

        • My Comments Suck

          Thank you for your hilarious contribution. No no, really, not being sarcastic. Your input is invaluable to the conversation. Please post more, a lot more.

          • Red


        • COCO

          I am not trying to be funny or a troll. Just because my comment is something many Chivers do not agree with does not make me a troll but a person speaking my mind and my opinion,.

          • Merriment Cat

            i agree with you COCO.

  • Blumpkin

    #21 I wouldn't even wake her up to do her

    • Average Chiver

      Too skinny. Get her a SANDWICH with lard, stat.

    • Guest

      Is it that small?

      • Reggie

        I don't think you are reading it correctly

    • Paula_

      That's your advantage I suppose; your tiny pecker wouldn't even wake her up. Just don't scream and cry when you come.

      – the one you love to hate

      • Angry Kid

        I wanted to thumb you down, but I realized that your comment is so bad and unoriginal (not funny and not really a troll) that I was forced to just let it be. Zen.

  • DNA

    #2 Looks like a Hell of good time!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      if he has both hands on the zipline,
      then where's the camera?
      — and just as important, is it waterproof?

  • ilovethechive

    Thank You Chive for #35 in HQ. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    • Average Chiver

      I hate it when they photoshop real women and remove all the fat. Where my real women at?

      • ...


  • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

    #7 Omm nom nom nom

    • Average Chiver

      Needs more meat (read: fat) on her bones!

      • duh

        Nope, she needs my bone in her meat!

    • equalizermax

      Love to go home from work and have this waiting for you

      • Harakiri

        Too bad when you get home from work the only three things waiting for you are 1. your mom 2. cheap vodka 3. forever alone bedsheets

    • llano2

      Is that Grace Park of the Five O?

      • Mick

        Yes…Boomer FTW

    • thesensibleone

      Yet another girl with a boys body and people liking it ,do i even need to say it that we have a-lot of elton jhons on Chive.

      • Elton John

        Close, but I'm one of a kind sugar-cube.

      • Worth a Shot

        I don't know, that vagina looks real. If I'm not out in 5, kill it… kill it with fire.

      • wakeup

        If you look at her and think that's the body of a boy…laser eye surgery might be for you!

      • its_forge

        She's very slim and tiny but she *is* very beautiful and that pose just makes her somewhat uncurvy figure completely immaterial.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      After a hard day's work of plowing an asian field #6
      There's nothing like plowing an Asian's field #7

      outstanding placement, Chive

    • Pat

      If she is the maid, I would like her to say: "Dinner is served!"

  • http://www.barrynapierwriting.wordpress.com Barry

    Fat Tire!!!!

    • aosux

      …sucks ass. Sunshine FTMFW

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      in a can? never seen it

    • amrith777

      I'd love a Fat Tire along with her in that tub….the shizzle!

  • Bossman

    #16 Macho Man's gotta be one of those dudes Jesus vacuumed up

    • equalizermax

      Dude, that's Macho Man carrying the vacuum…

    • Michael Wojciak

      I forget – which sign of the apocalypse was the death of Macho Man? Fourth or Fifth?

    • dibbs

      another Great Dissapointment on the way

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #5 fuck you guys!! my planet needs me!!

    • equalizermax

      Surprise Butt Sex!

    • vicrom252

      The rapture has begun!

  • moondoggy13

    #21 why isn't she on the sexy chivers?

    • COCO

      Maybe she is not sexy enough. That could be why she is hiding her face. Think about that.

    • Slow N Ez

      If the front is as hot as the back, she needs her own post. Daammmnnnn!!!!

      • its_forge

        She's a professional naked picture person. She has giant ugly plastic melons glued to her front.

    • its_forge

      Because she's not a Chiver, she's a porno queen.

  • AGM

    there is picture of a girl in a yellow bikini on the beach that was posted a while ago…big debate in the comments as to whether she is too thick or not…anyone know which one it is? Spent all day at work looking for it but couldn't find it (was still worth the effort)

    • amrith777

      Yeah–it's worth the effort in MY book.I think it was Daily Morning Awesomeness.

  • AbedNadir

    #13 I don't know what's happening here, but I approve.

    • ilovethechive

      I completely agree and would love to help Clean Up

    • That Guy

      lmao… every time i read your comments its always in Abed's voice. then i sing "troy and abed in the morning." you win every time.

      • That Guy

        cool cool cool

        • AbedNadir

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