Today’s GIF forcast…PAIN

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  • Lauren Gentile

    My day just got a LOT better. Thanks for making me appreciate the fact that I have all of my limbs and no head trauma, Chive! And the umbrella in #2 totally helped that one lady. Totally. I love how she used it as a shield… :p

    • Justin Hall

      I like how nonchalant the guy in the yellow jacket was right until the last minute when he looks like he cowers for his life. I can imagine his internal monologue:

      "Oh, wow. Big wave coming. I'll just casually walk out of the way because it probably won't be that larg — … JESUS SAVE ME!"

      • Lauren Gentile

        Haha! I bet that was his train of thought too – wish we could zoom in on their faces!

        • Turduckenn

          no pun intended?

    • El BrandO

      I am enamored with you now for the simple fact you're the first one to comment on this post.

      • Lauren Gentile

        Trying to be one step ahead of those lovely 'first'ers. Sticking it to the man (or woman since it's hard to tell online). 😉

        • charles

          OOOoooooh Lauren Gentile (sitting up straight, fixing hair) hubba hubba, soo uh how you doin? just for the record #10 made me laugh so hard i almost peed. turn off? damnit!

        • Hipster_Paula

          Oh Dear,

          At first I thought you said 'Fisters', I love to be in front of them too, you know, "sticking it to the man" and all.

          -being fisted before you ever heard of it

    • Fisheyes
      • PianoFingers

        Thank you. Good to see no one was really hurt, they just got wet and could walk away.

    • Homer

      Your (self-inflicted) stab wound to the thumb doesn't feel as bad after seeing these perhaps? ; }

      • Hipster_Paula

        I hope that is not a thinly veiled reference to her gash

        That would be rude and uncalled for

        -the one who's gash dwarfes Grand Canyon

    • tsk

      I thumbed you up before I read your comment

    • DCoy

      That was in Argentina … in 2010 we had a fcking annoying flood … there you see 😀

  • Picard_


  • Urban

    #6 I think a lot of us has done something similar as a kid. LOL

    • yummy

      maybe you did

  • Maytrix


    Where exactly did she think she was going??

    • DrROBOTO

      To the kitchen…of course.

  • caleb

    #10 sweet vengeance!

    • me2

      like the fact that the blokes on the bleachers dont give a shit

    • the truth

      fake as shit

      • ryan

        I don't care if it's fake, shit is still funny

    • F-oo

      Revenge for tying your balls up or whatever it is they do to make 'em buck like mad.

      • Da_Boz

        Dumbass, bucking bulls are generally treated like royalty as far as a bull is concerned. Get to kick some ass and then when you get a bit old or tired you become a stud as a job, no burgers made out of you. No genitals are touched you perve! lol Know your shit before you post ignorantly.

  • TheFlintSkinny

    #3 How-to dismount like a boss.

    • ROK247

      YAH i meant to do that! (walks away to change underpants)

    • codvip

      For my next trick I'll need a volunteer. *Raises hand*

  • buuillis

    #3 nice dismount

  • Sizzle



  • Kyle

    Pain…one mans Hell is another mans Heaven

  • Justin Hall

    #7 Whoa, WTF happened there? Explosives?

    • StarvinMarv

      no. flatulence.

  • ant

    Love the face on #5

    • Jay

      I can't stop chuckling everytime that restarts. Reminds me of chunk from Goonies.

  • sixdeadelves

    #3 ftw

    • Kaars

      Loads of Win on that one… The only thing he could have done to be MORE win would have been to endorse Dos Equis on the way out of the window.

  • AskingPolitely

    It's your site, Chive Overlords, but please reconsider the new annoying black banner that pops up at the bottom on the screen.

    It detracts from your site. Why make your viewer's screens smaller when you are a photo viewing site?

    • Sizzle

      It is annoying, but it only takes about 3/5th of a second to click the 'x' and make it go away…

      • new fb bannersux

        where is this "x" you speak off

    • Bence Béky

      Yeah… I've already liked theChive (obviously…) so it doesn't make sense

    • Jim

      "Adblock plus" is your friend google it

      • 123

        I still get the black bar and I use adblock plus. Do you not?
        (Still, though, adblock plus is a MUST for surfing…'specially theChive)

  • Annoying guy

    1st Page!

    • Aubrey

      1st reply to first page

  • misschris

    #11 – OW!

  • Mikey

    That is hilarious!

  • ThatGuy

    you can see a lot of research went into selecting the perfect location…8 feet from a fence and starting in the direction of said fence…love it

    • That Guy

      hmmmm i don't know what it is but there is something about you that i like.

  • Kaars

    #4 makes me cringe ever time… That is a sincere reaction to some very real pain.

    • Jack

      You wanna see pain, swing by First Methodist Tuesday nights, see the guys with testicular cancer, that's pain…

  • sam

    #3 like a boss!

  • got heart


  • KeyserSoze

    thx for the lolz, chive.

  • KyleRetrato

    #9 And they never saw him again…

    • ilovethechive

      No future in Free-Running for this young man.

  • bless1

    #1- damz.

  • 4SOC20saint

    #12 greatest cat gif of all time?

  • markkens

    Stay thirsty, my friends.

    • 4000yr old Dinosaur

      best caption ever

      • 123


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