Cartoon art with a twist (25 Photos)

This art via the uniblog

  • Toots McGee

    #10 I want that in my living room!!!

    • Ouboet

      I want each one printed on t-shirts.

  • tralfaz

    #11 He – Woman FTW

    • Corncob

      it's just He-Man post-op

      • i just chived

        so has she got a animal pelt down there or….

    • Will Moog


      • Mr. Wilson

        I've never been more sexually confused.

    • Jeffrey Scott


    • Drewcifer

      She-man…. nuf said

    • JayDee


  • nojoke420

    #12 EPIC

    • steve

      The Dude Abides

  • CarTuned

    #14 I knew it!! Bill F!@king Murray!

  • Joeyk

    #3 Thats pretty bad ass i must say

  • Joshua

    #3 #13 # 22 AWESOME!!!! #7 #9 WTF?!?!?!?

    • Josh

      sorry…. #22

  • ThatGuy

    What the heck is going on in #25? I know its Heman but what is he doing?

    • BMW

      Seems to me he's takin a deuce.

    • Dirty Dingus

      That, my friend, is indoor plumbing. You should look into it.

    • BSmike

      Dropping the kids off at the pool
      Bombing a brick navy
      Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl

      • JAS

        Um. You hope he's not taking the browns to the super bowl. they never quite make it there.

        • Ski81

          that is why it's funny to say, they go to the super white bowl all the time, never the actual super bowl.

  • E.V.L.

    Yeahhh … kinna got some bad news for you and Batman!

    • ale

      Love the twins making out back there… LOL

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    #11 Now has me more sexually confused than Orko…Thanks

  • wwjd

    #3 when i just saw the top of the picture i thought it was a girl with her legs spread then i scrolled down

    • E.V.L.

      I have some GOOD news for you! 😉

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    #2 Captain…Im gonna let you finish…but Scotty had the best video of ALL TIME

  • Terry Burke

    disney bitches with lightsabers

  • HG Markus

    daaayum – this post is beyond Awesome

  • Stevo

    #24 Who's holding the white sabre?

    • Brother Maynard

      The chick in the middle is holding 2 sabers.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      That's supposed to be Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, the other two left to right are Jasmine from Aladdin and Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Damn I know way too much about Disney princesses!

      • E.V.L.

        You're Admiral Ackbar, so it's forgiven 😉

      • cincy o

        Hopefully, it is because you have daughters or nieces and not because you are a "pedo bear"

        • Admiral Ackbar

          I have two girls, 7 and 9 so I had to endure the Disney Princess phase. No Pedo Bear here.

  • @baef

    #6 I want a Big Lebowski Bowling game!

  • Jesus Jones

    #3 has a strong studio ghibli vibe to it..

  • sandi

    Where the HUMP??? its almost 10 am on the west coast!!

    could've have lived without seeing cap'n hooks pubes too, ish.

  • napamamascribe

    #4 Hawt

    • Chivalrous

      Not sure, looks kinda man-ish.

  • Jason Ciotti

    Dunno, but I'm pretty sure that's the Wonder Twins making out with each other back there…

  • .......

    I'm sorry, Batman takes it. Your views are #2

    • b-ry

      (i like batman more, but) sorry, vader takes it.

    • Foosbah

      what's he gonna do? throw a batarang at him?

      • Tyger

        Shark Repellent.

        • Rob

          Dark side repellent

  • DistractedIndividual

    Bunny eared Batman in #18

  • wkdfrog

    #24 give that bitch a light saber, disney bitches love light sabers

  • misschris

    #12 Shomer fucking shabbos.

  • Bob

    #11 boobies

  • Tony

    #25 Yuck. #3 is badass.

    • heavymett

      who is the author / painter of #25 ?

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