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  • Gary Mc Grane

    brilliant has to be the #1 best way to stop a fight hahah:p

  • tom

    Set up and fake.

    • Betsey

      A wnoedrufl job. Super helpful information.

  • Alexandeath Wehwalt Orozco

    totally OWNED moment LMFAO amazing!!!

  • Bruno R Brasil Machado

    The aggressor says "aren´t you going to answer?" (você não vai responder?) in the second sentence, just before kicking and having his pants down. It´s Portuguese.

    • Reegan

      Going to put this aritlce to good use now.

  • Benni

    Der Typ sagt "hast du ein Problem" so it's fuckin german, end of discussion, Berlin's a great city to live in though and I just love the sound of our S-Bahn

    • Sophia aus BERLIN

      hah daumen HOCH endlich ma kein dämlicher troll ey, portugiesisch? russisch? niederländisch? ÄHM NEE einfach nur spastischer bÄRLINÄR LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • Clegg

    wow im disappointed in you commenters. this is obviously fake, just reaks with the ugly stench of set-up.

  • jaydub2xx

    what the f-**k is it with euros and the damn man panties???….

  • Da Sandman

    fail… you must be from the netherlands =)

    • Debrah

      There’s a terrific anmout of knowledge in this article!

  • jim yan

    more revolutionary sexy photos are in following link

  • Lefty

    That's part of a german comercial to show courage in public and not just look away but help other people 😉 Chive on from Germany !

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  • Mike79

    fake, but nice idea…

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