I hate my job (24 Photos)

We’ve gotten some amazing submissions since last week’s I hate my job and there’s still much more to come. Take a photo of what you hate most about your job. It can be ANYTHING as long as it boils your blood. Then send the photo to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

Chive On!

  • Chris

    #20 This is my job too. SUCKS!

    • lol

      this is the reason you should go to college

    • Anonymous

      #20. been there done that shit!
      #3 isn’t a Terri’s champion untill you can stack passengers baggage into the back of a dash 8 300. I personally have been there and done that shit aswell.

  • The_Skid


    oh shit nova gas!!!!!!

  • MacNCheesePro

    #10 take them and put them in the bathroom and turn the lights off. Wait for people to walk in there and it scare the shit out of them! I hated my old job and we had the cutouts of the propane and electric guys. I did this constantly. Even stuck them in my boss' office once and turned the light off. Waited for him to come in and "AAAH!! WHAT THE SHIT!!"

  • denzino

    #24 at least you gave the machine a fair warning…

  • Trent

    Anyone who makes a living with an office job where they can view the Chive can shut the fuck up. I work outside in Phoenix. We are about a week away from 100 degree weather, and it will pretty much remain that way until the end of October.

  • office dayze

    #6 soooo true…. even if its mostly only engineers who get it. OSHA is impossible to please.

  • Jo John Johnson

    If you are able to Chive at work seriously quit-cher-bitchin.

    • BizzaroPaula

      that'l put Bob in his place You must suffer from lower back pain yourself carrying him everyday

  • northerner

    #12, seriously? In a company restroom? Thought there was some reg against that. Had to have a separation wall. Reminds me of '70 at Ft. Polk, LA AIT. Old WWII barracks. Shower/latrine had probably a row of 6-8 commodes with no partitions. Really an eye opener and adjustment for most guys used to privacy when they poop. Me included. Never really got used to it. So glad when I processed out to my permanent duty station.

  • Nihilus_13

    #10 – I too work at a library, and I'm so f'n glad we've never had a single event devoted to Twilight!

  • SlappyMcHappy

    # 17

    Still never figured out why they get paid so much, pushing a lever for a living. Run 8 and go. It's not rocket science.

  • Sean

    #4 is up in Ft. McMurray Canada at one of the tar sands plants(i think) Major forest fires burning everywhere(caused by lightening) so the workers can't work or leave

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