Your mom is clubbin (42 Photos)


  • Mr Boogity

    So this is the "hot ghetto trash" gallery?

    • That Guy

      funny cause there is more color in this one post then all of the chive posts put together.

      • honestworker

        Today i got to know that Chive is not only a nerd haven its also Racist. This is the pits.

        • That Guy

          not sure that it's racist. it could just be that's the type of people that are old and still clubbing. but it does make you think.

          • Kim

            Hey man, don't you know if you make an observation of a skin color, that makes you racist?

            Some people are fucking ridiculous.

            • That Guy

              so the NAACP would be exactly what? affirmative action would be… what?

        • Kris

          Not racist if it's true. Besides, saying "that's racist" totally ignores that there were white people in these pics too. Automatically thinking that ghetto trash = black is racist on your part.

        • Joel

          You are much of what is wrong with the world.

        • Mr Boogity

          If you think "ghetto trash" means black, try taking a trip to mixed neighborhoods in urban sprawl areas like Pennsauken NJ. "Ghetto trash" comes in all colors

    • joe m

      I agree!

  • Kcruz09

    What has been seen can never been unseen

    • Big_Curt

      this is disgusting…..they could have at least thrown in a few milfs

    • ROK247

      i think this post has rendered me temporarily impotent. thanks guys.

    • Bill

      Eeeew these pics made me puke a little

    • NothingToSeeHere

      But Hump Day pics will help to ease the pain

    • That Guy

      like the hangover 2.

    • fuzzybeard2016

      "What has been seen can never been unseen."

      When severe optical trauma like this has occurred, I recommend visiting eyebleach (dot) com.

    • workitgirl

      All kinds of traumatizing.

      • Mook

        This shit should be illegal.

  • chris

    i struggle to believe that these people are all biologically able to carry a baby in their OWN womb!

    • Hater_Aid

      Well I'm pretty sure that #15 is actually a dude…

    • Joe Pancake

      It looks like #5 is pregnant in the photo

  • josh

    #27 epic air guitar lol

    • mr-v

      it's more of an air "slappa-da-bass-mon"

  • _ducu_

    my eyes bleed and my inner child just committed suicide

  • Michael

    Worst. Post. Ever.

    • DefendDallas

      Agreed! This post is a pretty good indication this day is going to suck!

    • Ace_Hood

      I disagree, lady-boy posts are at least on the same level.

  • walkingtheriver


  • Dan

    What's with all the gross-out posts the last couple weeks?

  • Dave

    Chive you make me sick

  • Leo`s Mom

    Son that’s nothing ,you should see how i party. xo

    • Ryan Smith

      i see what you did there

  • Pudmeister69

    Natural Selection needs to take action. BTW is #7 Katie Curic?

    • Dan

      It sure looks like her.

    • saltygary

      Yea it's from one of the White House dinner events.

    • TCUchiver

      that is EXACTLY what I first thought as well!

  • mali_sapun

    what's under that plastic wrap? #13

    • shgall

      Ahh… the cheap(er) version of Lady GaGa's meat dress. Dress is only for attention whores…

    • alanzo


      People actually dress this way INTENTIONALLY?

    • ROK247

      looks like ham steaks to me NICE

    • Logic4u

      Like a Hoss

    • Krystal Wulf

      Apparently that's all the meat she could afford.

      • Ricardo Saracino


        • kim

          hahaha… please notice me pretty girl.

      • Mike

        What's worse, is that it will still be eaten as tomorrows snack.

        • Ricardo Saracino

          Man im loving the meat lady comments

    • 3WolfGoon

      She's about to go H.A.M.

    • zym

      Just guessing, but at least 7 hamsteaks, no common sense, and shame for all who unwrap it.

    • Ricardo Saracino

      The foul stench that would be coming off the rotten meat would be horrendous

    • laxcat36

      I can't eat a ham sandwich for a year now. Great.

    • Robyn Liscinsky


  • Paula_

    Yeahhhh that's more like it Chive! We've seen plenty of hot chicks now, bring on the gross galleries and more crap like this. At least it's very original!
    Will there be duckfaces today?

    – Feeding on your thumbs down

    • JstevensF

      Paula stop feeding on the noobs neg repping you. Can't you just go back to the witty bullying of idiots?



  • bubblerider86

    chive, why would you do this to me so early in the morning…….

  • Holly Sands

    #11 – that guys face is priceless…And echo's what everybody else is thinking no doubt

    • clanc

      Those are man hands.

    • Guse

      Came here to say the same thing. Kudos.

    • ely whitley

      Well you say that but she's all woman and then some. She'd screw that little boy to death and be using his soul as a coaster before she'd finished her drink. MY KINDA WOMAN!

  • whatdoiwaitfornow

    Seems to me the good posts (i.e hot chicks) has slowed to a crawl too, lately. Do the Chive masters feel they can kick back and cruise now?

    • parker

      you're kidding right? look at the chive yesterday. quite a bit of tail there. oh, and welcome to hump day.

      The chivers are getting spoiled.

  • random chick

    Holy cow… this was terrifying. Particularly #13 – WTF is going on here?????

    • absolutcarcrazy

      You have answered your own question….. "Holy cow"

    • CB919

      I believe the look is called "Ghetto GaGa"

  • YUCK

    it should say 'so your dad went clubbin, dressed as your mom'

  • Chris Hood

    Posting this on facebook–to warn people AWAY! Dammit Chive I was trying to eat when I clicked on this. 😦

  • Kman

    #5 Ahhh…just a couple of beers with my girls won't hurt the development of my baby….

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Or whatever this thing I'm smoking…

      What a dumb ********* b**ch this one is and I pity the child.

    • Jvee Veneracion

      Congratulations! It's a bouncing baby retard.

    • Knick

      That kid was screwed way before the beer…

    • YupYupYup

      I'm going to guess that she has no clue about why she is gaining so much weight…or who she was making the two-backed-beast with six months ago.

  • DuncanIdaho33

    So that's what it looks like without the beer goggles. Note to self, don't stop drinking.

  • loso

    #25 #26

    and they left the house thinking………DAMN I look good

    • panama99

      Same person different event or simply changed outfits.

  • Efesen

    I think I fainted.

  • tbone

    damn it

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