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  • bkfrijoles

    #11 DAMN thats gotta hurt

    • Bacon&Eggs

      Camera probably saved his life

    • Wayne

      He gets kicked in the face by a horse and he's barely fazed. What a baller.

      • tankus

        Dude, his camera took the shock, which saved him… No face kicking here!

    • KyleRetrato

      He must've been like "THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!?"

  • hater.

    #6. You're doin' it wrong.

  • Taco

    #6 – Just about the best piledriver I've seen.

    • dub

      The Steiner Brothers would be proud.

      • nyanyan

        as would zangief

  • BigHate

    #6 Epic T-Bag

    • Mike

      damnit! i was just about to post that

    • Vince

      You mean Epic D-Bag … Zing!

  • zanno

    who is #13 ????

    • ThatGuy

      I think her name is snowball or something.

      • Mike

        i see what you did there

      • Vince

        I also am as perceptive.

      • equalizermax


        • tyler


    • best gif

      this is prob my favorite gif on the chive

    • Charles

      I believe the feline's name is Gandolf pubey, yes i'm sure of it.

    • tcbb789789

      I wish I knew, but I good watch that all day.

      • Billy the Accountant

        but I good watch that all day? WTF is that. good and could sound similar but fuck they have 2 letters in common. not even close to the same spelling.

    • paulhitchcock

      That part of the gif has been on here before. I think consensus opinion was that it is some random chick from one of the "Girls Gone Wild" DVDs.

    • shwigooze

      looks like rosie jones

  • ThatGuy


    Not fat enough

    • RandomGuy

      I bet you like stick thin women with asses as flat as pancakes.

      • BishopJuice

        I know right, girls with asses like 10 years old boys

    • RandomGuy

      Stereotype comment against black people BAM! Instant thumbs up.

      • T-RexTruth

        Always. The ever racist Chive crowd. "Probably the site with the most racist viewership on the internet."

        • Vagina Jones

          Thats not very catchy.

        • ThatGuy

          You've never been to 4chan.

          • BigHate

            or Youtube

      • dub

        Yeah dude. We should totally censor it so that people don't get their feelings hurt. Censor the fuck out of it so that you can only type rainbows and smiley faces.

        Actually, just get rid of the comments section altogether. Is that better, RandomGuy?

        I'm with you, man. I FUCKING HATE free speech.

        • Voltaire

          Whhooooa calm the fuck down dude. Where did that guy say there shouldn't be freedom of speech? He just pointed out something thats true.

          Racist comments about black stereotypes are always an instant thumbs up. FACT.

          If you profess your love for free speech, you should support his statement and the fact he made it.

          • testmemofo

            well it is from Mean Girls and we all remember what she grew up to look like in that movie..

    • yepppp!

      Its just a still from Mean Girls, everyone seriously, chill.

  • G Monie

    #7 is one of the best GIF's ever…

  • HLe

    #13 Frustration: no matter how many times you watch…

    • ThatGuy

      What are you bitchin' about it? You got to see a pussy.

  • Internet_star

    Oh, there was a limbo stick there? I didn't see it at first.

    • Wayne

      I stared at that one for a full 5 minutes, watching that jiggle over and over again.

  • NOW


    • ThatGuy

      Lol you don't know what the fuck you are doing.

    • helping hand

      Hey buddy you put the # sign followed by the number if you want to post the picture.

  • facepalm

    you're such an idiot.. at least flip her around before you go and "try to fix it"

    • alate

      I'm assuming you mean #6, learn to use the comments before you criticize…. But yeah, it was pretty damn stupid

      • downfall616

        trial and error works just fine

        • alate

          yeah, I guess you're right, I was a bit harsh

  • Anakrusix

    I couldn't stop laughing at #9

    I bet the first thing said after the bystander gained consciousness: "Dude, what the fu*k!"

    • Say what?

      I love how the opponent just walks away, doesn't even turn back…

    • Vagina Jones

      Pacquiao's first knockout.

  • DanielB

    #13 Second most hated guy in the internet? You know, after Fred…

  • Sauru

    #12 if you are gonna drop your kid you better make sure you catch the damn ball

    • Dude

      What cracked me up the most was the dude in the background laughing his ass off

      • n_kb

        thaanks, missed it the first time

      • hMMMM

        brunette with the ponytail that pops up at the end….find her.

    • Blake

      The way it was looking, the kid was kinda lucky. Dad would have used him as a glove .. to… wait this post took a wrong turn..

      • Casey Jacobson

        hahahahahaha holy shit!

    • Stevo

      father of the year, love the kid throwing the righteous elbow at dad.

  • cmonstur


    I'd love to see the footage this guy got before he got kicked. Racehorses are psycho, behind them is not the best place to be.

    • bkfrijoles

      that would be pretty awesome to watch…

    • Roshambo

      if i had a choice id think behind it might be better. i'll absorb a hoof to the face instead of being in front of it and the other painful options

      • cmonstur

        That's a good point, but why not just stand back a decent distance and zoom in so you're not within kicking distance? 😛 I think if he'd stepped back just a few feet he'd have been fine, ahahha.

  • snoobs89


  • Phox

    #4 she lost, we win

  • Minh Dinh

    #4 lovely

  • El_Capitano_Boz

    #6 perfect Piledriver there!

  • word up

    #13 now there's a kitty cat with personality

  • Jon

    #15 Cary Grant is such a boss

    • Conor

      Would've been better if he said "Get the fuck out."

  • Sal

    #13 I will forever hate that guy

    • Apollos

      who is that girl!?

  • bbqboobs

    #8 You know what they say, once you go black, you become a single mom.

    • T-RexTruth

      It's great making fun of blacks! Chivers love it!

    • aleXTC

      There are two things this world could do without.
      Blacks…… and Racists

  • Nathan

    #4 Bouncy bouncy bouncy
    #7 bouncy bouncy bo.. ouch…

  • Ryan18c

    #2 "ah ah ahh!" lol classic
    #4 she loses we win.
    #5 and #6 are hilarious!!
    #13 I can’t even begin to describe the hatred I feel for the moron in this! Did he honestly think he was gonna touch that!

    • equalizermax

      #2 – I Love that Movie Jurassic park!

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