Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • first


    • Davo

      first = worlds biggest wanker

      • Shitstorm

        I’ve been Savin up photos to submit. The best one is a photobomb.

    • equalizermax


  • grunt

    #27 must be made famous… who is she??

    • Terry Burke

      dude, she looks familiar but i'm totally brain farting here

    • b.o.l

      she is famous… jenna renee webb

      • Terry Burke

        she's a fitness model they've posted her in a couple of "fit girls" posts, that's right, thanks man

      • Elbie

        googled her – first thing i found 'just married', damn

    • august west

      not really famous. Internet famous because of the one 'candid' picture in the daisy dukes, but still hot as all hell

    • Vince

      I think her name is KENDRA, she was a playboy girl, now she has a show on E TV…

      • Randy Gallegos

        u sir, are borderline retarded.

  • bkfrijoles

    #27 and #49 are the best of the week

  • Bdubs

    #10 and #27 must be found

    • suckout

      I'd lick #10s nice little tan pussy all night…

      • wtf

        who are the geeks thumbing that down?

      • ballstein

        Cmon man she's not an object, she's a person. I would take her horseback riding, give her flowers and write her a haiku. And then lick her tan pussy all night long.

        • Ilya Josefson

          winning, DUH

    • PianoFingers

      #10 Alexis Lopez

    • Johnny

      #10 is Alexis Lopez!!

  • Sweden Rocks!

    #50 Epic in some way,

    • Anthony

      looks like he is taking a bullet for the president

      • Gam

        Who was unfortunately just saved by teleport just before the photo was taken.

  • @Z_Triple_T

    #10 #13 #24 #49
    thank you, chive

    • @Z_Triple_T

      24 was included because that made me lol too hard

  • CHiver

    #40 I've got some bad news for you

    • Corne

      you're a bigot against gays?

    • dentonbeard

      Being awesome is not bad news.

      • marble

        if you think thats "awesome', he's got some good news for you……

  • CHiver

    #46 EPIC underboob

    • Dylan79

      an internet classic!

    • CBDeadman

      Next Door Nikki is EPIC BOOB period, no matter what the shot of her boobs is

  • Dylan79

    #21 In Dutch I would say: ja daaaaaag! loosely translated: unbelievable!

    • Ryan

      She looks …… smart.

    • Silentrob

      Hoping for a nip slip… sooo close.

    • Paula_

      Lekkere memme! Mooie tiete! Lekker bos hout!

      – the one you love to hate

      • Rutger Buitenkamp

        In dutch i would say: Godverdomme… translated it means GODDAMN O.o

        • MacNCheesePro

          In dutch I would say *boner*

  • Tyler Z. Smithfield

    #5 no that's obviously captain 'Merica.

    • Paula_

      Captain Assholio.

      – the one you love to hate

  • sspunkyy

    #46 No scars…..nice!!!!

    • boss

      couldve been an incision at the nipple

    • its_forge

      They may not be plastic; I believe this woman is upside down.

      • Gam

        Her hair is falling the wrong way; I believe she is just leaning over. Still hopefully not plastic tho.


      Nikki Sims aka NEXTDOORNIKKI. Naturally Awesome!

    • Lola

      Could've also been an incision through the belly button… but she also might be upside down. 🙂

  • lfd

    #24 WOW!!!
    #27 Is nice but she seems a little bit young.

    • lfd

      DOH I meant #13 instead of 24

    • Kyle White

      As long as #27 is over 18 it's okay. 😉

  • wonderpetsforlife

    wow, this site is getting old as stale shit. start using new pictures every once in awhile. have you guys not seen the same pics all week and thought, wow, this is lame by wednesday.

    • Jim

      So you want them to use new pictures in the "Best pictures of the week" post??

      • lilbswag1


    • hmm

      wonderpetsforlife is right, no he's not asking for new pics in the recap post but a lot of these pics have been posted so many times before.

      reposted pics: #3(how is it even chive worthy),5,7,8,15,17,18,25,27,28,30,31,35,47.

      The rest of the pics are of big titties bitches and fat asses.

      • ...

        About #3

        You have had no childhood.

        • hmm

          Considering that the picture is probably from a video game, I would say that I did have a childhood, unless you consider that a proper childhood consists of staring slack-jawed at a screen for hours daily.

          • wha?

            What do you call chiving?

            • Jaydos

              Uber win.

  • dweebotl

    #27 ftw!!

  • ImKennyPowers

    #35 is a new personal favorite!

    • flipflop

      Would love more of her…It's really depressing when Tineye can't find more pics of someone…

    • Josh

      she must be found who is she?

    • TitoRigatoni

      You guys must be new, she had her own post just last week.
      Her name is Levy Tran.
      You're welcome.

    • iPoulter


      That tongue looks… umm… practical!

  • yegs

    #27 the things i would do…

  • dekje

    #10 benny & joon!

    • dekje

      #12 oops

    • Chiveinator

      it's cute she has pet names for them ,but what we're looking for is HER name.:p

  • wookinpahnub

    Ever been so mad you tossed a girl into orbit?

  • TheDarkKnight

    #9 #10

    I see what you did there…

  • ktellez

    i dont agree with shoes on dogs but #2 is adorable

    • Willy F

      i dont agree with any clothes on you

    • absolutcarcrazy

      Who knew they made Chuck Taylors for dogs? I want to see this dude try and walk with those on. lol

  • Terry Burke


  • Terry Burke

    i miss the days when chive wasn't so well known (congrats on the success tho, it's awesome guys found something that works for you) and you didn't get ever douche on the net making dumb comments like "moar!" or "first" rate me down if you want but true original chives know what i mean ——————————————–>Bill Murray

    • ACE

      Concepts i kind of understand but not really?
      1. people who stop listening to a band because they got famous
      2. People continuously complaining about how the chive is not what it used to be
      3. Dislike certain clothes that they own because they are popular.
      I really get some of it, and sometimes i do it too. there is a line i dont get the ppl that are really really upset by it . I've been chiving for a little over a year im assuming that doesnt put me on top of the list, so should i not chive? When I see a hot girl with gigantic breasts and make me think damn I would mind having those on or around my face, Ill stop thinking MOAR, Ill keep it to myself as to not offend the OCs (original chivers) True original chivers? who are you Al Gore, did you invent the internet too?
      im sorry i respect your opinion but mine is your being a douche bag as well.

      • marble

        The stupidity of saying MOAR doesn't offend because someone has been on the chive for a long time, it just shows you have no imagination and that you're a complete tool who only regurgitates the same ol shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

    • hmm

      Back from 2008 until maybe a year ago it was all about the funny random pictures, and yes that included random hot chicks, but now everyday is dedicated to a different section of the body and out of the 40 pics in the randomness, 5 might be funny.

      If you haven't been on this site long or just don't remember then check out some of the first DAR's from back in the day and then try to tell me that their current work isn't disapointing.

      • Terry Burke

        i'm not complaining about the content, aside from the "cat saturday" crap they do. it's the comments. people say "MOAR!" all the time and first, god how that's annoying. or when someone says something that the majority doesn't like they get bum rushed by like, everyone. i know some people, paula, do it on purpose but theChive used to full of cool people that never did stuff like that. now it's a troll feeding ground

        • marble

          you should be…the content has gone from Bill Murray to Tony Danza in a short amount of time. The guys who type "MOAR" and every other internet cliche in here shows you what the new content attracts. It still has a bit of the old….just not as much funny as it used to have. Soft core porn and mirror shots are all over the net, why copy/paste em here? I like the chivettes post, but trolling the net for old croth and ass shots is just kinda stupid. Especially when they don't even know what a "gap" is.

          • marble

            add……When people found this site a few years ago, we came over by link from TheOnion, now people find this site by typing in "douchebag" or "underboob" on google search. Hence more preteens and trolls that use the comments that annoy you so much.

            well, thats my rant…enjoy the day ladies and gents.

            • ACE

              1. i can appreciate that everyone is able to voice their opinions, and i understand where you were both coming from. As for statements such "MOAR" i dont type them, in fact i just scroll the comments for extra laughs. I gotta say i love when people shred trolls, you M-Fers have some funny sh*t to say sometimes. So when I do post Im hoping it was enough to make someone smile.

              2. in you rant marble you actually gave me a great idea.

              I was in my first year of med school sitting behind this kid who would always have this blazing green screen. I eventually asked him what it was?

              His response: No man, im not gonna do that to you. THis is a good 10% drop in your grades. Surely enough, hours wasted later i was a dedicated chiver. My fiance, loves the chive. I think it would be nice if we had a post where ppl share the first time they came about the chive.
              Regardless of the quality or not, sometimes in a long day of studying the pictures and comments are the highlights of my busy day. And i hate being that guy, so sorry to terry for calling u a d'bag.

              finally, I have been through the older DARS. Can i say they are on the same level..NO, But i can say it must get more difficult to find pictures that are super interesting, and can appreciate it is still a few people taking the time to put this stuff together for us.

              • marble

                Well said….but finding the pics is half the battle, any tool with a keyboard can find pics but adding something to make them funny is where a difference is made. They need to add original stuff, rather then look for pictures that fit into the same categories ie; "moar, not a single fuck, haters gonna, like a boss" etc. That being said, Imma have to up some original stuff in this joint.

                Good luck with med school ACE, don't let chive knock you down a grade.

    • Terry Burke

      i' m really surprised that i didn't blind sided by by ass-holes with this post

  • its_forge

    #49 is whom? Someone famous or a Chivette? 'Cuz I'd just LOOOooooOoOOoOOOOve to see some more of this person. Especially the uncropped version of this image right here.

    • Escobar

      She goes by the name Jenya D and Katie Fey.

      • Chiveinator

        that's Katie Fey? I didn't recognize cause she's almost smiling. still should have recognized the back it's haunted my dreams many times<3

        • zoidbert

          She usually has at least one shot in every set I've seen where's she's mugging like this for the camera.

      • its_forge

        Ah, bummer, not really my type after all. Well at least her boobs are real, that's a nice thing. That appears to be the only frame in all her stuff on Bravoerotica where she's smiling. Mmmmmmeh.

  • Chaos

    #31 best of the week

    • JPC

      Apparently so good they had to post it about 10 times.

      • mmhmm

        Best of the month?

    • Steve

      iT'S SHOPPED! you can tell because they screwed up with the shadow from the left arm on his shirt, his right arm on the wall at a totally different angle. :^(

  • ontherun1989

    #21 And all was good in the world.

    • marble

      Did you take that avat pic while you were looking at that girl?

    • josh

      This woman is georgeous!!!!!!!!!….i must meet her!

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