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  • SwanDiver

    It's probably mating season for bikes

    • Kris

      that is almost as bad as writing first…. mating season for bikes?? ha, ha, ha, ha dickhead!

      • Jangalang

        The dick in your ass. Take it out.

  • G...

    Vid's hilarious btw. Chive on!

  • Zip


  • Daniel

    best part 0:25 to 0:32 girlish runing biker + extremely frustrated biker lol

  • Turduckenn

    self executing donut bikes. what will they think of next?

    • Osvaldo O BatataDoce Viegas

      self executing donut cars would be the next step!
      Somehow I think it will…

      ( long time chiver, 2nd time commenter! )

      • DistractedIndividual

        I think they call those cops….

  • -KhmerStory-

    The Chive made that green bike. They called it the TrollCycle.

  • mycool

    insert Benny Hill music

    • SheriffPablo

      Hell Yeah. Some yakkity Sax would be perfect there.

      • Hill Benny

        I third that motion!! Someone please do it! We need a Yakkity Sax makeover!

  • pud3000

    that's awesome!
    Kudos to the rider in the black. He was determined!

  • Penelope

    lmao, toooo funny

  • Takingbackcider

    What is this "not Patty" business !? Haven't seen any updates on him lately either…

  • Raaandy

    Let me just… grab… that… ill get it next time it comes… around… DAMMIT

  • Matt

    Wave your arms some more at them, that'll dislodge them.

  • ElCastor

    Bikes they dont usualy mate, but when they do, they fu** with you

  • Vantastic

    For the rove of God, you make me ruze race!

  • Adam Purcell

    So, as I was watching, I hadn't realized that the Axe spray game had come on in the background. I thought the music from the game was part of the video. Give it a try, it makes the vid even better..

  • Just Sayin'

    Looks like a fun game 🙂

  • That Guy

    so much awesome. i can't stop laughing. at one point they looked like monkeys getting frustrated with a sprinkler or something. then at the end the guy helping pointed as if to say 'you need to be going that way'. lmfao. so much awesome. thanks chive.. would look amazing as a gif.

  • epic_nail

    how do the others not miss the bend ? I would be laughing so hard that I wouldn't be able to go on with the race…

  • davey

    frickin hilarious

  • James

    This reminds me of the dive twirling that Bald Eagles perform during courtship rituals. You know, except with motorcycles…

  • James

    This reminds me of Bald Eagle mid air courtship rituals…except with motorcycles.

  • @MrChAndy

    This is a great way to start off my day.
    Thanks Chive.

  • Travis Pike

    you spin me right round baby, right round

  • Phil

    Common on a wet track race. Motorcycles brake mostly with the front in general (80% front / 20% rear). In racing situations that back brake is used maybe 5-10% of the time. Grab the front brake and the front wheel locks up because there isn't enough friction with the wet surface then slides out from under.

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