• Venom


  • bishop_74

    This version is better…

  • rabidbannanas

    lol RAGE QUIT!!

  • @McFlare

    When the first guy falls is like "nooo not again!"

  • Zach D

    how does crash go rite???? funny video tho.

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  • google man

    that really blows I can see why that guy was pissed I would be too

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  • unknown

    first guy my bike is fine second guy fuck you my bike is fucked up

  • Budjie Garcia

    Felt bad for the frustrated guy in black…. he could have been a third placer, or even first.

  • waltgator

    haha! nice! that racer looks like he was so mad he was going to cry! gimme my bike, wait no, wait ill try to race, wait nevermind ….ahh shucks!

  • Johnny

    hahaha That will never happen again in a million years

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