• Coldzilla


    Is this speaking from experience Lefty?


  • MolsonH

    It's actualy a sport, and a frikken awesome one at that, this guy just didn't realize the kind of power that these kites can generate but google Ruben Lenten or Aaron Hadlow and you will see people who know how to harness this power.

  • Jorge Hurtado

    "Look hunny Im flying…Im flying… Im DEAD!!!!!!!!" lmao

  • kpsurf

    That's what us kite-surfers call a "Hot Launch"!!

  • Mr_Rob

    Fail? You haven't tried to fly one of those things, do you? I do kitesurfing and, believe me, cracking your ass out becouse of the wind is part of the thing.

  • Gonz

    The guy is stupid. Before messing with kites of that size, you first should learn about how to launch it.
    First hour of you first lesson, a decent teacher will tell you that you NEVER send a kite in the wind axis like this guys did…. Lucky fool not to have been hurted bad…

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