That seems….safe (21 Photos)

  • disturbed

    #2 Darwin is laughing his ass off right now.

    • amrith777

      But I agree….I was gonna say that pretty much ALL these pics refute what Darwin postulated.
      But they DO SUPPORT whoever said that God watches over drunks and idiots.

      • duH

        Don't think you know much about Darwin there amrith, none of these refute natural selection. cut your hair you hippie, maybe your brain will work after that

        • amrith777

          They refute “Survival of the Fittest” from the stance of “fittest” being mentally fit/intelligent as opposed to not only “physical” fitness or evolution.And why should I cut my hair?I'm a woman…how does long hair make me a hippie?Also–lighten up–my comment was meant to point out the folly of humans.Have a great weekend!

          • Guy

            That's not what fitness means.

    • RGH

      Had to fix a guy's hip for doing something this brilliant before.

  • Pat

    #1 #2 #12 Unemployed relatives… still cheaper than Tie Downs…

    • Matt

      Anybody who does that is absolutely, without a doubt a complete moron! So many people have been seriously hurt or killed from doing that.

      • uberbrie

        Name one….

    • tone Guerriero

      they look like some of my relatives

  • zachinacubicle

    #10 Colonel's Electrified chicken…only dark meat allowed.

  • DoubleD

    I think #3 actually led to a death in Sharjah, UAE, 2009. After he freed the chain, he feel getting back to the tower. People do some stupid stuff, apparently mostly moving mattresses and painting…

  • Chad Lenin

    In Soviet Russia, bomb explodes YOU! #15

    • Sick

      i love that the guy in the middle know they are doing it wrong

      • Hoenheim

        yep, he know

    • Flicka

      No… they do that prettymuch everywhere.

      • The Foley

        Yeah the guy in the middle cracks me up, having your eyes closed is not going to help much mate.

        • Matrim42

          Depending on exactly what they're doing, he might be trying to keep debris out of his eyes as they chip. I'm not entirely sure what they're trying to accomplish, someone might have cemented the fuze well shut and they're chipping it out.

          Regardless, there's not much danger in what they are doing. It's just an artillery round, no fuze or anything. You could hacksaw the damn thing in half and nothing would happen. Bulk explosives are relatively inert to stuff like this.

  • zachinacubicle

    #21 driving with a blackout on your eyes is very unsafe!

    • Tommy

      I like your style.

  • Irishstephen

    You might be a redneck if…

  • Bill

    People walk around with their brains turned off, if they have any that is

    • Randy Gallegos

      just once i wanna see the after math of retards like #9 after an accident where the airbag goes off.

  • JWW

    #21 … I literally laughed out loud at this one

    • Ken

      decapitation in stereo = humorous.

  • Sauru

    what the hell is wrong with people? then again some of these are pretty creative

  • Brother Maynard

    The sad part is most of these people have probably already reproduced.

  • Bud Lee

    #19 actually the safest thing out of all the pics. With that said my fat ass aint doing it.

    • Jason

      The biggest thing about this one being unsafe is it being a wood ladder. Of course OSHA (O for Overboard) would recommend a fall arrest harness, etc.

    • EYTEE

      I agree

  • Bud Lee

    #13 ok, this one is prolly a redneck

  • dash

    i like how the guy in the middle of #15 has his eyes closed, like that's gonna make a difference

    • Pablo3520

      Hahaha, I saw that too. Awesome!

    • boom!

      if I don't see it, it's not there

    • penguin slayer

      If you can't see it, it's not happening

    • top dog

      Nobody likes to stare death in the eye.

      • Matrim42

        What death? It's just a hunk of steel with bulk explosive in it. Gasoline is more dangerous.

  • indycarruler

    #21 Seat belt on….check Red towel on end of ladder….check They see me rollin….They Hatin'

  • heberry

    #5 enough children yet?

    • Blake

      Safe for whom? Them? Probably not…the rest of us, not a bad idea!

  • Maytrix

    And this is the natural way of weeding out the idiots from the population.

    #11 is perfectly safe though – he is wearing a harness after all!

    • Smokey

      Yeah, I noticed that too, that could be done way less safely.

  • kevin

    Geez, I am a safety professional and things like this make me shake my head. What could possibly go wrong???

  • jakubwrobel

    #15 "Hold it still man! I don't want to accidentally set it off."

    • Matrim42

      They can't set if off just by chipping at it.

  • Rick

    #7 is completely safe. I’m an electrician and all that guy’s doing is installing a box onto the side of a house. Even IF he was working on a circuit it wouldn’t be energized. Completely safe.

    • Jusnel Gonzalez

      Tell that to a guy who was fixing a box in a gas station… thought it was off and had feet in water just like this…. WHAM! 'Lectricity make u dead!

      • schango


  • Didi

    #14 that´s so Dominican haha

    • Matt

      At least they're not all naked.

    • Aubrey

      Carpooling, your doing it right

    • Javier Galvis

      it is!

      I submitted it a few months ago after seeing it on a friend's facebook album called "only in Dominican Rep." and deeming it Chive worthy

  • bman

    #14 #15 All of these are brilliant. I'm only encouraged that most of these are from other countries. Hello Darwin award finalists!

    • Matrim42

      The artillery round isn't even a runner up. Despite what you think, they're not really doing anything dangerous. They're in more danger of missing a stroke and getting a finger smashed.

  • bman

    #1 #2 #12 Who knew sleeping was so hazardous??

  • Vaughn

    #9 STUPID dog. Using a human instead of a booster seat.

    • Ksinz

      The dog driving is clearly safer than letting a woman drive. I dont see anything wrong.

  • Mr_Rob

    If only natural selection worked as well as suposed…

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