Hot Right Now: There are Sexy Chivers among us (60 Photos)

Some couples are just better off being friends with benefits (21 Photos)

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Friends with Benefits, starring my dream girl, Mila Kunis and your girlfriend’s dream guy, JT, opens in theaters July 22nd. Check out the uncensored trailer below:

  • bkfrijoles

    #8 mullet mania

  • Davenna Campbell Pitt

    #5 Mother and child look terrified as dad gives birth to some creature.
    #8 Oh honey look, this is what our wedding would have looked like if we hadn't died in a tragic car accident just before our big day.
    #10 Great I just married "up the butt guy"
    #15 What do you mean your moving in with us after the honeymoon?
    #16 I told you I didn't approve of him, just wait until that SOB comes through the door.
    #18 Yep, marrying you first cousin isn't what it's cracked up to be…
    #19 Good Bye yard boy, I will miss that cute ass the most….
    #20 From here on out, it's all about me * giggles*

  • Smith Alexander

    Fuckin' Commercial !!

  • bdawoodworker

    #17, Looks like Daniel bought himself a good one of them thar Russian brides.

  • Mitch

    #13 Kim Basinger and David Hasselhoff

  • beautyandbraids

    #9 #10

    omg that's disgusting!!what'ss wrong with that kid??

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