Baseball bats are dicks (20 photos)

  • sheoncebelieved

    Baseball's not a sport

    • brock

      your mom is a sport

      • Gregatron

        You beat me to it!!!! Dammit!!!

    • DWD

      Not an interesting one anyway. Although going to the ballpark and getting fucked up is a lot of fun.

      • dOOb

        ya… baseball is boring as FUCK… But it IS a sport!!!

        I'd like to see you hit a 90 mph fast ball with what is essentially a STICK! Never mind that… how bout you try THROWING a 90 mph fast ball in the first place.

        all that being said… ya, baseball is fucking BORING. But as some Chiver's point out, getting smashed at the ballpark is pretty alright!

        • sxg

          well, i find fuck to be quite fun, but that's just me …

    • snowbird

      Go back to Russia!

      • dash

        i think you mean go back to the kitchen

    • Cool Hand Luke

      Yeah, it's a passtime.

    • creatorofbs

      BASEBALL SUCKS!!!!!! real sports have action going on. not standing around itching ur balls waiting for something to happen. thats why canada has 1 team, we fucking hate baseball

      • b-ry

        i'll second that.

        • b-ry

          and by "that", i mean i'll scratch your balls.

          • the real b-ry

            how original. take someone's name and post as if you were me.

            • the real b-ry

              'cause everyone knows i'd never scratch another guy's balls. i'd suck the ever-loving pubes off them.

    • @ADavis41

      You got baseball confused with soccer.

  • disturbed

    #1 Reason 354 to go see a football game.

  • doodle cakes

    wow. exciting. …

    • equalizermax

      I've wasted a lot of my valuable time looking at this post

    • gsfdg

      I know find my balls

  • Corey

    Bo Jackson for president..

    • BAMFinater

      Until he breaks a hip and can't continue anymore.

    • Chile Jackson

      no it's "Chile Jackson" for president. thank you,

  • specv44


  • @ryanhardingsmth

    Should have posted Tyler Colvin catching one to the chest when he was coming down the third base line. I'm convinced he was a vampire. After he was impaled with a wooden stake, he started sucking at baseball.

    • M.S

      he's a cub he's always sucked at baseball BY definition. . .

  • Pat

    #3 "Oh Herro"

  • Eric Harding

    You should have added the photo from Clearwater, FL where a Phillies Phan caught the bat with one hand… he had a beer in the other.

    • Eric Harding

      That's the one! And it was during Spring Training, not sure if it was a Phillies Phan or not… but it was at Phillies Camp.

      • Roscoe

        Red Stripe, hooray for beer!

      • DWD

        And a gator fan? That guy's awesome.

        • PhilliesRUle

          and the Phillies rule, as does the City… best record in baseball!!!

  • Kmac

    #7 oh herrrooo

    • Tyler

      Anyone else notice the dad of the little girl is jumping out of the way leaving his 2 year old kid open to getting hit with a baseball bat?

      • andfukyamoms

        anyone else notice that little ginger girl not giving a fuck about anything like a boss?

      • eff

        Yeah and she looks like she is trying to catch the bat like a boss!

  • b-ry


    • Brad Gjersvig

      ^^^^^ Entitled Hipster Webnerd thinks the Chive owes him better than this.

      • b-ry

        nah it's actually simpler than that….its a boring post. that's it.

        but thanks for your shitty attempt at knowing me, GjersVAG

        • Brad Gjersvig

          And people say trolling isn't fun anymore. Sorry that you are now emotional rubble.

          • b-ry

            far from trolling. the post is boring, i made that my point and apparently 10 others feel the same way. isn't that why there is a comment section?

            move along vag.

            • Mike

              Ten people may have agreed with your post, but that only means countless other Chivers ignored it.

            • Brad Gjersvig

              Thanks for checking back on this boring post. The Chive is glad for the ad revenue and I’m glad you have found solace in the validation of anonymous strangers. OK, I will move along now but I look forward to seeing more of those killer one-word conversation starters from you in the future.

              • uh huh

                get a life.

  • bettingonthecubs

    #19 i'd never want to piss him off in a bar

    • Matt

      And he's a pitcher.

  • Brendan

    #7 Nobody in that section can stand to look at how ugly that man is.

    • Sarcynical

      Someone should do a "Am I doing this right?" and use the baby with its arms up on the bottom left/mid. That is all.

    • William Garlow Richardson

      You'd be ugly too if a bat just hit you in the face.

  • truth

    snooze of a post

  • Joe1010



  • Guest

    Wow…I half expected a Belladonna video.

  • Monty

    #10 Richard, do I have a mark on my face? It really hurts. Right here. Not here or here so much. Right here.

    • allGlitchedUp

      There's no crying in baseball.

  • Baton

    My dick's a baseball bat.


      you hit on alot of balls?

  • sarcasm

    If this were my post, the title would instead be:
    "My dick is a baseball bat"


  • guestlogin

    #7 ginger girl.. not a single f***

    • roger

      Thats because they have no soul.

  • UHM

    #8 The original comBO BREAKER?

  • KeyserSoze

    #7 Enjoy your applesauce for the next 2 months….

  • HO11YWOOD303

    #7 Took that to the face like a boss

    • derp

      Like a boss would be standing up with his hands on his hips, ready to take the bat in the face. This guy is just too fucking old, slow, and lacking enough awareness to put his hands up to defend his own face.

  • Joe1010

    That woman just below the bat looks like Mags Bennett from Justified… i wonder…


  • Gutterville

    he took a basebat to the face

    • Jen

      NO MORE LIKE A BOSS and wtf is a basebat?

      • derp

        How about… Like a poorly-trained pornstar, he took it on the cheek?

  • zdrake13

    #8 bo knows

    • yep!

      Yeah, he knew how to strike out and act childish about it.

    • Ryan

      I have this card!!!

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