Baseball bats are dicks (20 photos)

  • 2857

    so much derp

  • Kacey

    #11 I live in Rogers, I go watch the naturals play all the time!! Good to know I’m not the only loyal chiver around here 😉

    • Sam

      Same here, I was so surprised to see a naturals/arkansas picture on here!

    • The real deal

      I’m from little rock! Go travelers. Have family in rodgers so I go up there a lot

  • eo2

    #17 Who is screaming like a girl?

  • Smokey

    Maple bats are dangerous, they shatter into sharp pieces, ash is better. Same with wood sticks in hockey, these days everyone has fibreglass, it's no good.


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • potmasta

    #21 what a pussy

    • gsfdg

      I know my balls

  • Jpnes

    Bad ass!!! I want MOAR!!!!

  • bjm

    #15 Excellent focus by these guys. You can tell they all played baseball before. Gotta love the guy holding the unopened beer. Work before pleasure I guess.

  • gsfdg

    OOOOHHHH #7 that guy really has to poop.. good

    • ghjjjkklkl

      hit em harder

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