Arizona dust storm is proof that I will never move to Arizona (22 Photos)

This dust storm rolled in through the Phoenix area last night. I can only imagine what would be going on in my mind if I saw a force like that headed my way.

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  • Taylor Murphy

    oh the fun things us desert-dwellers get to experience! someday i hope to see this 'rain' phenomenon they talk about.

    #13 would scare the shit outta me

    • Jenny Lozano

      seriously it was just dirt flying around the worse thing that happened was that everything outside got dirty. i would know i live in AZ and i was in the dust storm.

      • Kevin Waller

        Exactly. I have been through worse storms here in Phoenix.

        I think some power was knocked out, but that's wind, not dust. I'll take dust storms over earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes any day.

    • Daniel Murphy

      it actually did rain in scottsdale for about 2 hours before the dust storm hit- which made things extremely fun in the morning. like a layer of clay on my front windshield.

      • cmonstur

        My car was the same. My friend has a window broken on his car and the whole inside of it was covered in dust. I'm pretty sure I still have dirt in my teeth from being caught outside in the middle of the whole thing.

  • Tim

    #19 "Hey bro, lets go chill at the Starbucks in the dust storm"

    • Sean

      This is a somewhat common occurrence is desert areas. After a while, sand storms stop bothering you so much.

    • B-Boy Alpha

      They're in snooty ass Scottsdale, AZ. They're just too good and important for the dust storm.

    • Brand_n

      Backwards hat + sunglasses = mandatory bro-wear during a dark-as-night dust storm

    •!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

      "i was hanging out at starbucks in sand storms before it was a Da Rude song"

    • PRT

      Most likely they were already there when it hit them…at which point, screw it. Probably safer than trying to drive home.

  • Pissed Off Badger

    Impending doom

  • Floopa_Joopa

    People made this seem so much worse than it really was. We had some dust and some wind, the end.

    • not joe

      depends where you were. definitely more than just just dust and wind considering heavy road signs and light polls and trees were down in my area especially. couldnt see but 10 feet in front of me with my brights on

      • anon

        having your brights on would make it worse, just like fog

    • youdummy

      you're such a badass

    • Tim King

      I agree. I was in my house and didn't even know there was a dust storm. Just had a dirty car in the morning. I'm sure Phoenix is a better all around place to live than wherever you are. Unless you're on the coast… then it's just cheaper.

  • Andrew Lahey

    18 years in AZ, don't miss these. Now all I have to worry about is California falling into the ocean….

    • TheDarkKnight

      Or getting taxed into oblivion….

    • Randy

      California won't fall into the ocean, any structural geologist knows that…just a common myth.

      • Mufazza

        It is a probably a lot of wishful thinking!!!

        • Tom

          We do wish.

    • paratesties

      Or getting taxed to death

  • Garen DiBernardo

    ….I LIVE here and i had no idea this happened. Jeez im so out of the loop

    • Paula_

      Time to leave your mom's basement once in a while…

      – the one you love to hate

    • equalizermax

      It was a bummer, I left my car window roof open last night…

      • BentWrenches

        car window roof==sunroof??

        • equalizermax

          Yah your right, sorry that's what we call it here in Malaysia

  • Captnjack

    #19 Not a single fuck was given that day.

    • hMMMM

      How many packets of sand did you want in that latte?

  • Paula_


    – the one you love to hate

    • JustAnotherDay

      Mornin' Chive staffer, whoever you are. 🙂

    • Yates

      Would you please do everyone a favor, and go stab yourself in the Neck.

      • Paula_

        Can't reach there, too fat….

        – I'm so big I have debris orbiting me

  • mojokawa

    this is nothing compare to some part of China.

    10x worst than this.

    • Waxball

      One can only hope you're right

  • David


    Fucking Hipsters at Starbucks….

    • Muffin

      1. Not hipsters
      2. Hipsters don't go to Starbucks, it's too mainstream.
      3. Not hipsters.

      • David

        I think I pissed off a hipster here.

      • august west

        definitely not hipsters, just minor league douchebags

      • Joban

        4. Muffin is a hipster.

  • Jeremy

    Jeremy from AZ here, this easily was the most eery thing I have ever seen. After it was all over, my mom, girlfriend and I walked outside. Her and my mom's car were COVERED in dirt, at least an inch thick of dirt. The air was all dirt, you had to cover your mouth, and you couldn't see 4 feet in front of you. It felt like the aftermath of a nuclear attack. It was crazy.

    • tanner

      yeah dude i had to drive in that.. not smart at all lol.

      • Jenny Lozano

        it lasted 2 or 3 hours and all you had to do was go inside and you were fine it honestly wasn't as bad as everyone makes it seem. just cuz we live in AZ and the worst thing besides a dust storm here is hot weather

    • George Jetson

      i bet the AZ car washes made mega $$ the following day.

    • dcw

      i lived in AZ for 20 yrs and through a few dust storms that looked just like these pics. they look cool but they amount to jack. as kids we looked forward to them (the limited viewing distance added some sort of mystery i suppose) and as adults it just meant "crap i have to go take a shower and blow my nose when i get home".

    • medieval

      an inch thick? more like a couple of millimeters.

    • Tom

      Grow up, it happens to us almost every year. Had one last year. It's dust, not anthrax. Whiny little hipster.

      • Jeremy

        No it doesn't? If it wasn't so big then why is it spreading worldwide? Maybe it wasn't big in your area but where I was it was pretty damn intense. I'm not whining at all, I thought it was awesome. You're just a douchbag.

  • bbqboobs

    #18 is it inappropriate if I say find her?

    • SheriffPablo

      No, No it is not.

    • Paula_

      Not if you hose her down first.

      – the one you love to hate

    • hMMMM

      very inappropriate, but only b/c she looks to be busted

    • Tom

      yes, she is a fat ass.

  • LFour

    Meanwhile 100 miles away, Tucson is perfectly fine. We rarely get anything of that magnitude here.

    • andre

      yes but tucson is still a shit hole

      • Kevin Waller

        Haha, exactly. Even nature thinks so.

    • acutabve

      It was the thunderstorms in the Tucson area that caused the dust storm.

    • diehardcard

      Phoenix can't repel firepower of that magnitude!

  • shnuggles

    "We like dem beans in Arizona"

  • t0ol

    i enjoyed it

  • Dude

    #19 "What dust storm?"

  • DaddyD

    Let's see now … Bob prefers California and regular, violent earthquakes that might kill him to Phoenix with occasional sand storms that might inconvenience him for an hour or two.

    For goodness sake!
    Why fear a quake?
    Sand is worse.
    I might end up in a hearse.

    • mikeofla

      "Regular, Violent Earthquakes"? We haven't had a major earthquake in SoCal that caused significant damage and death since 1994. And believe it or not, the heat in Arizona kills a LOT more people each year.

    • Meow

      Having lived in both California & Arizona (and being in the 1994 earthquake) I can definitely say I miss California. Dust storms are fine but the hot as balls weather sucks!

  • yuri

    this is karma for that fascist immigration law

    • Old Ben Kenobi

      Troll harder, my young padawan.

    • nemesis

      You fail in your understanding of karma. You fail in your understanding of fascism and by extension, you fail in your understanding of immigration law.

      Still, could be worse, at least you didn't claim it was punishment from a loving god.

      • PRT

        You just plain fail in general.

        • b-ry


  • Josh_5FDP

    #13 It looks like the apocalypse!!

  • randova

    God = king of passing gas.

  • tanner

    Yeah my car is so dirty. i was in this storm and it turned my midnight blue car a light brown. however, the dust was really fine. like powder.

  • PokePoke

    Can we get some aftermath pictures aswell?

  • dustin

    so ya i was working on an f-16 when this decided to drill me and my guys right in the face while we were on the jet. awesome…totally. nothing like dirt for dinner.

    • Trent

      Yeah it looks like it was hard to see coming.

  • Brad

    I was at work when this beast passed right over us, and my truck now looks like I've been off-roading. I walked outside about 5 hours after the storm passed and you could still taste the dust in the air.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    The USA has all that space…and they build a city in the middle of the desert.

    • Wait, what?

      What you said doesn't even make sense. Yes, we have all that space, so we build a city …. in the middle of all that space. What's the problem?

    • ROK247

      every town in north dakota – can't explain that!

    • DaddyD

      You would rather we build it on a mountain top? Or in the middle of a forest?

      • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

        a forest is where most cities in nc, sc, tn, va, wva… it's not that bad, better than the dessert at least

        • sexybeast

          I love dessert…especially after dinner!

    • DistractedIndividual

      Some people actually like the desert, for it's beauty and for certain health benefits.
      To each his own I guess.

      • equalizermax

        … skin cancer

        • Nicnac

          and kidney stones….

      • Jenny Lozano

        i personally love the desert nothing bad ever happens here except it gets hot for like 3 months and the rest of the year the weather is perfect. and if you like to hike, bike (road or mountain) its great

        • Bluto

          Have to disagree. I am a native Arizonan. It doesn't "get hot for like 3 months." Summer lasts 6 months minimum here. In the early spring, a day arrives where you say, "Wow it is really nice outside." The next day its 100+. The only time of the year this place is bearable is in December and January (granted it is really nice that time of year). Outside of that, it is too unbearable outside in Phoenix to do any decent hiking or biking. You have to go up north for that where it is cooler. I always say, "They might as well have built this f@&#ing city on the face of the sun."

          I hate this God forsaken hell hole. Someone, please, GMFO.

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