Best photos of the week (45 Photos)

A bit of an abridged week here at theCHIVE, but a great one nonetheless.

  • Leonel

    #6 That is all.

    • Tony

      Chive, find her. And send her to my house.

    • Walt

      Find more of #39.. she is the definition of perfection and that should be her title

    • Rob

      Her name is Orsolya Kocsis/Orsi Kocsis. She's been posted here many times.

    • @soy_LG

      Seconded. Boobs are nice, but the smile and boob combo is a straight up K.O.

    • @patrickc1981

      Agreed. Thirded? Anyways, it's all about the smile.

      • Kyle

        #6 is Klaudia Khaki. You're welcome.

    • jamie33


      once CZECH Playmate OTY

  • Texas210

    #20 Yes please

    • Ezekiel

      Hey Baby doll It looks like you got Promise for future stardom no Agent would ever pass you Up.

    • Sid

      Jessica Jane Clement right?
      If not, she's hot too (she looks like this girl…obv)

    • 'berto

      If you're into chicks with dead, soulless eyes…

  • steve


  • Francisco Sanchez

    #35 I wanna play too!

  • greasdupdeafguy

    #16 "I can 'splain"

  • TheBigKahuna

    seriously, Y U NO find #9 yet?

  • mike

    #40 i want to make one

  • JROC

    #35 and she's climbing a stairway…to heaven

  • graham

    #15 i dont remember this in my childhood memories

    • F. Gump

      Yeah, but I bet that book didn't make any sense until you lit up some chronic.

    • dwgrift

      I do xD

    • Just Sayin'

      When pot's involved, i don't remember a lot!

  • tbone

    #20 c'mon who needs an orange soda that quickly??

    • daveh873

      I don't know what type of slang that is, but judging by the picture I could use an "orange soda" right now.

    • you're welcome

      Jessica Jane Clement. Google. Now.

  • tbone

    #26 I mean #26, can you blame me for getting stuck on #20??

    • Terry Burke

      i really wanna try… both

  • BRBgonetopee

    I find #34 extremely entertaining

    • Opp

      playing with your nose or using the mouse?

  • Vegeta

    Kevin Bacon????????
    Tom Hanks is awesome.

    • Kasres

      But . . . I want a pickle

  • Joe

    #26 I will now be forced to try this.

  • Ian

    #44 Melissa Debling. Hells yeah.

  • Disease61

    #9 That dress lookes a little tight. Might want to 'loosen' up a bit 😉

    • Calvin

      I would like to see the rest of her legs and bod or the back of that dress.

  • Tony

    "I think I found my watch….."

    • tralfaz

      Heidi – "I see it Seal, the promised land we've made it."

    • #387

      I see it Levar, I see the reading rainbow!

    • BOCO KID

      "Just a little closer Just a little…"

  • MrRushing

    #2 V for….! wait…what was I saying……?

    • Joe

      who is this woman !! ?? FIND!

    • Zip

      something about cleavage I think….but…wait…wha…?

  • Tom


    Anyone else wonder the irony of someone shooting an uzi while wearing a peace symbol hoodie….?

    • Trent


      • Haezeus


    • sareon

      thats an MP5….not an uzi

      • Ignatio Doomhammer

        Yep, an HK MP-5 9mm submachine gun.

        "In order to seek peace, we must prepare for war."

        • Matthew Molin

          indeed sir

        • Texasks

          Thats an Mp5k bud you can tell by the short barrel and the stock

    • canadianbroad

      Well, yeah.

      And it also occurred to me that this is probably the best symbol of what the United States is all about that I've seen for a long time.

  • jim halpert

    # 7 cracks me up every time

  • Luis

    Gotta love Little Lupe #24

    • Leebone

      That's not Little Lupe. 😦

      • t0ol

        pretty..pretty sure it is

        • biggles

          You are correct sir.

          • Kyle

            lol He googled Little Lupe and didn't get any results. How funny. lol

            • Ryan

              Looks a Little Scary to me.

        • guest1

          It is although she goes by lupe fuentes or something like that after she got implants.

  • Your mom

    #14 – :O <–my face for at least 5 minutes.

    • Bazinga

      She looks fan-freaking-tastic, but I'd like to see it with less 'Shop.

    • Bazinga

      She looks delicious, but I'd like to see a little less Photoshop.

    • Wordwreck

      Stop Photoshopping! I'd love to get a version of this that actually looked real.

  • orlylol

    #9 some more please!

  • mememe

    number 40 Like A Boss

  • awesomeness

    late best of DAR is late…..

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