Hipsters: a special kind of douche (36 Photos)

  • Bonnie

    I would…..

  • Baz

    #34 find girl on right plsssssssss

  • Kt

    Ugh.. I live in Williamsburg and see Douches like this every single day. I know the girl in #18. Ugh, the worst!

  • HopeMarie8998

    Well I have poor eye sight and had glasses like that in elementary school and got made fun of. Now this shit is cool? THE FUCK!

  • cadlecreek

    If I ever look like the db in #7, I hope i have the good sense to beat my own ass.

  • Alex

    please tell me where I can buy #23 as a T shirt

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    […] are just that: bums. They’re every bit as shallow and ignorant as the douchebag financier or the fashionable hipsters we love to […]

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