Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • hater

    #14. 1. Find. 2. Give own gallery.

    • http://www.gfys.org/ truth

      Whats so good about her ? She has chicken legs and she obviously has daddy issues.

      • Jwwwwwraeo


        • Phondo

          also agree.

          • tongystunter

            if you find fault in her, you must like guys… with thicker legs of course

            • BBL

              The only fault I found was she's still wearing pants!!

          • TRON


      • Frog

        "Girls have either daddy issues or a penis. No exceptions."

    • Guessed

      One of the Sports by Brooks girls… I think her name starts with C…

      • Guessed

        I remembered: Cora.

    • anon

      Cora Skinner

    • Chiverchiver

      What would be even more awesome would be if she also had her own penis – hence she could inseminate herself and create many clones to service all of us Chivers! Of course, those clones would have their own penises as well for the same added bonus – but don't you guys go crazy using it for your own benefit (ie- creating clones just for your own use)

      • The Spicy Italian

        Are you fuckin high right now?

    • Brad

      find her but put her in a USMNT jersey!!

      • John

        100% Agreed. The Mexico jersey is shit.

    • http://freekicksandfrenchtoast.com The Toast

      Can't get past the Mexico jersey. The only solution is to have it removed.

      • The Toast

        And have it put on a sexy man wearing nothing else but a speedo.

  • Rainier

    #14 agreed

    • http://www.gfys.org/ meh

      Fuck no.

      • Foosbah


    • Fabio

      low standards, huh?

      • TRON


        • Coco

          Viva México Cabr*nes

    • The Mad Zak

      No. She is wearing a soccer shirt. Blech!

  • Patrick

    #9 Wise words from a wise witch.

  • JGBallard

    #7 Fuc* you Chad

    • Shank

      come at me, bro?

      • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.neufeldt Christopher Neufeldt

        DON'T SAY THAT!!!

  • Cyberfunker

    #19 Jack is the Man

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Bored with Bill Murray now, are we?

      William Shatner will be next. You heard it here first.

      • Zip

        No, we're just acknowledging them all for what they are, it's a gradual process. Bill Murray is still "BILL-FUCKING-MURRAY!!?!?!", and Jack Nicholson just so happens to be another awesome dude.

        • the elusive

          When they say 'like a boss' – they're referring to Jack Nicholson

        • the_junglist

          Nailed over 2000 women and is still going strong well into his 70's. Yeah, I'd say he's the man.

        • Troll of Truth

          Jack is a better actor than Bill, possibly the best actor of his age to still be alive. Scratch that, definitely the best.

          • Top Men

            Jack Nicholson or DeNiro. There are no substitutes.

            • jasgat

              dIfference is Jack still makes great movies.. DeNiro has been putting out crap for years..

  • guest

    #6 I guess this is how an egg feels every month when no one shows up.

  • n1ghtstalker

    #14 Where is this rollercoaster.. I want to ride it!!

    (Before you say it… No, I got the number right!)

    • Vince

      It's a sexual joke people.

  • Raaandy

    #15 Nip!!… wait…. no my god…

    • YEM

      is that Michael Chiklis?

    • fibonacci5150

      ahhhhhhhhhhh is that reaaaaaal


      I think that's Patrick Stewart.

      • DrROBOTO

        I thought it was a snake, making the reference to that one big titted blonde whose titty gets bit by a snake

    • http://twitter.com/gsqrd @gsqrd

      Well that totally messed up that picture for me, I hope I don't see that every time I see her picture.

    • Randy

      looks like picards forehead.

      • ale

        bald britney spears

    • name that baldie

      i think it might be howie mandel

  • Beavis

    #13 HOLY SHIT! I want to ride that!

    • SkyVader

      Looks awesome!

    • She

      That's what she said.

      • TRON

        no. no chiver has ever heard that from a woman.

  • Poololololol

    #14 I cant look at that without thinking about sex

    • ORWIN

      that's because you don't get any.

      • Poololololol

        does it count if I do it myself?

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      You're strong…. I can't look at ANYTHING without thinking about sex…

      – the one you love to hate

  • Frank

    #9 So beautiful.

    • YEROH

      Most Overrated Women of 2010, 15 Emma Watson

      Emma is today’s number 1 pick for chicks who guys are thrilled to see grow up and be good-looking. Emma is attractive and talented (I assume, since I haven’t seen her play any one but Hermoine), but she’s over-hyped by the fanboys because she grew up right in front of their eyes. Anticipation has apparently clouded perception in this case.

      • nemesis

        Surprisingly little funny for so many words.

      • McBeastie

        Or not. You admit that she's attractive and talented but she's overrated because too many people find her attractive and talented? Whatever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Milosimmons Emilio Rodriguez

    #14 Mexican soccer team jersey!! viva mexico!!

    • chiver

      F mexico and the buro they illegally crossed the border on

      • RealChiver

        get a job & stop using drugs, stupid american "chiver"

        • chiver

          Hey "RealChiver", F you and the POS psuedo-country you scratch out your meager existence in

          • Mex Chivette

            hey what's wrong with you guys???!!!!

            If you don't like México or mexicans don't visit, don't eat our food, don't use our services and specially stop doing drugs!!!!

            P.S.-Don't call ur self a chiver if you say offensive things-

  • Steamboat Willie

    World's Steepest Roller Coaster

    • Jim

      your love is like a roller coaster baby, baby i won't to ride

      • http://twitter.com/pezatsea @pezatsea

        want not won't

      • equalizermax

        Red Hot Chilli Peppers…

    • equalizermax

      I pee'd in my pants…. Thanks for the ride

    • pdiddily420

      That thing has got nothing on Kingda Ka!!

  • Matte blac

    ANOTHER AUSSIE WIN hahahahaha

    • ryan

      i submitted that too

      • anonnnnn

        i submitted before both of you

        • hMMMM

          I drew the shit.

  • Employee

    Woah Woah…i am liking the bonus pics…

    this is how I feel when i see bonus pics #22

    • equalizermax

      Vibrating phone is vibrating

    • drew

      holy hottness batman

    • carl

      Daughter, I am disappoint.

  • http://www.markmushakian.com Mark

    #17 There are lovely looking women everywhere and plenty of charitable deeds done by this community, but this is why I really come here 🙂

  • JMikeH

    Me gusta!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #22 is really hot.. and so is the chick on the left. 😉

    • equalizermax

      <<—- Find Her!

    • Anon

      Oh I see what you did there. We initially assumed that you were referring to the woman on the left, but after the elipses we understand that you originally meant the girl on the right. My god, good man! Your comedic stylings are unparalleled!

      • usernamebiff

        I lol'd, well more like chuckled, and then i threw up. and i read your comment and i threw up again. and then i lol'd because i threw up from your comment, and then i threw up. that was the last time i threw, for i didn't throw up after that…

  • saucypants

    #22 Unimpressed mother is unimpressed.

    • equalizermax

      Awesome daughter is awesome

  • jpp407

    #9 The best thing about being a wizard is you could just go to her.. "El Spredo Lego" and wallah, your in.

    • Pwndu232

      Strange. I thought they cast their spells using Latin, not Spanish.

    • Catch

      wizard rape

  • Eric

    #6 Holy shit, I don't think I have ever laughed that hard at a picture before. Thank you Chive

    • chivette girl

      such proud idiots to play with themselves. sad

      • Bill

        You, my dear need a dildo.

      • byron

        yeah, like u don't rub your clit.. lol

        • chivette girl

          nope. i know the practice is foreign here on the chive, but i actually go out and have sex.

  • Steamboat Willie

    Impregnate it and obliviate it.

  • http://www.gfys.org/ morpheus

    Where are the sluts aka Chivettes ?

    • That Guy

      probably waiting for the morning rush of dudes who don't get laid to pay some attention to their skank-asses.

      • OOTE

        ha! nice. hate those sluts.

    • patov40

      Sorry, haven't seen your mom all morning.

      • patov40

        But I can send my dad over after he finishes reaming my shit-hole.

        • bigdeal

          your comment was a tad.. beyond, but i still lol'd wtf is wrong w me rofl omg

  • http://www.gfys.org/ guest

    #7 Typical Chiver….

    • Juan

      please. chivers aren't nearly that attractive to women.

  • JROC

    #1 Looks as if planking has caught on to douchbag's in the animal kingdom too. fucking hipsters

    • Glizz

      More of a bully flop than a cannonbull.

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