Your work doesn’t need you that badly, take some GIFS

  • Big E

    #7 im glad someone else saw that crazy kid

    • Lowrent75

      I did see that…funny

      • beeline

        saw that live yesterday and knew immediately that i would see it on theChive today. well done to whoever gif'd that

    • Ichiro

      Go Cougs!

    • Fasteddy14

      Do the truffle shuffle Chunk!!!

      • josh

        haha…..that is exactly what I was thinking

    • DudeBro

      I thought it was about the creepy guy with the binoculars…

    • Darkside

      AWFUL WAFFLE!!!!

      Lmao. ESPN thought they were slick.

    • lnthai

      Saw it too!

  • KeyserSoze

    #11 oh fuck.. that hurt.

    • Roscoe

      Planking is stupid!

    • Jay

      serves her right though, need more of this 'plankin-gon-wrong' this shit needs to stop now.

    • BBL

      The cooker knew she was in training to escape the kitchen…

    • VacantRegion

      That'll learn ya!

    • Fasteddy14

      Everybody who planks should get clobbered by an oven.

    • Pat Overton

      I felt bad when I laughed at this, but then I realized I didn't really feel bad. :p

    • dez troyer

      that's what she gets for being a dumbass planker.. it's a shame the oven wasnt on..

    • Allen


  • Jason

    #15 Oh my sweet lord Who is that!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!

    • Kyle White

      Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, pretty sure.

      • Gutterville

        Sorry mate, wrong ginger
        PS Mrs Hendricks is way more voluptuous than her

        • Gabber

          No, that is Christina.

          • R-Dub

            No, its not.

            • indo

              ok so who is it then?

        • ROK247

          it could definitely be her from a couple years ago. i dunno who the hell else it could be.

        • its_forge

          Ms. Hendricks' weight goes gloriously up and quite as gloriously down again. The woman looks great at every weight.

          • its_forge

            And I don't think that's her, the face is the wrong shape.

        • Squiggy

          By voluptuous, you mean fat. At least with respect to Ms. Hendricks…

        • anon

          voluptuous as in more fat, yes

      • JPC

        It doesn't look anything like her, except for the fact that both have red hair and both have big boobs.

        So apparently, every large-breasted redhead is now Christina Hendricks.

        • Fasteddy14

          I do find it reassuring to think there are that many large-breasted redheads out there…

        • dfgdfs

          exactly, this chick looks more like tina fey in the face honestly, though, you guys prolly aren't really looking at her face huh, lol. prolly what all the confusion is about.

        • its_forge

          Well, on YouTube every song parody is a Weird Al song. Trufax.

    • paulsonsson

      So whats the answer?

    • Htisss

      That is just redonkulously hot.

    • Brewdy

      Christina Hendrick's has become a lot more volumptuous recently. Check out pictures of her from MTV's Undressed, a show she did from 1999 to 2002. You can barely recognize her or her luscious boobs.

      • its_forge

        I thought her chest looked a lot more luscious when it wasn't all squished upwards and smashed into the neck line of a dress that wasn't meant to be treated that way.

    • Mokuseitora

      You dear friend… have been living in a deep, deep hole under a very large rock! Welcome to the CHIVE!

    • Guess

      Eva Kerekésová
      Men in the Hope
      Czech Movie…Trailer found here

      • Grant

        You are correct sir! And thank you!!

      • @ch9fod

        Thanks man!

        • OwnerOfYou

          Thanks for link!!!

      • CarRamRod

        Great find sir! Also, great motorboating @ 52s in the trailer.

      • Pat Overton

        Winner winner chicken dinner! B)

      • HIM

        mothafuckin internet i love it

    • ac_mex

      her name is
      Vica Kerekes

    • Blind Guy

      Her name is Michael Jackson. Not the singer.. I know its weird and confusing…. But its true. Just google Michael Jackson's boobs.

      • its_forge

        Michael Jackson was a very famous British beer connoisseur.

        • Huddo

          Actually he was a whisky connoisseur who turned his hand to beer occasionally. Basically, he had an awesome job.

  • CarTuned

    #11 That's what happens when you skimp on the real P90X

    • floscar

      That's what happens when you try to plank!!! LOL

  • Swedish STYLE

    #17 WWE-POWER BOMB for real!

    • Shane

      thats quinton jackson

      • Flicka


        • Flicka

          Ahem… BLACK Zangief.

          I'll get my coat.

      • Matt

        even that young I think Rampage would be a hell of a lot bigger than that skinny guy. Does kinda look like him though

        • Jason

          It is, they showed it on a UFC countdown on spike before he fought rashad evans

    • duh


  • KNOB

    #6 For the win

    • Crow T. Robot

      Nice shooting star press.

  • specv44

    when I saw #6; i was like #9, then I was like #7 !

  • Anjin-San

    where is #15 from?

    instant boner

    • @JustinCJohn
    • Mike

      Must not smell really nice, though…..just saying….

      • its_forge

        Probably smells fantastic.

  • sammy

    #17 not sure if cool or attempted murder

    • ROK247

      a little of both. and an extremely illegal wrestling move.

    • Djack80

      Piledriver. this move is legal in freestyle wrestling. you know that had to hurt. Hopefully the ref called it a touch fall.

    • Fabrice

      the white guy is jumping, otherwise the black could not throw him like this. wtf ?

      • iloveQuatchi

        The white guy is not jumping.

        • jpp407

          white guys cant jump.

  • anon

    #17 quinton "rampage" jackson

  • Chivetteluver

    #17 Illegal!!!
    #16 LOL
    #15 ooh la la!!!! Come to Daddy!

    • Shane

      legal in freestyle, that was at junior duals.

    • stevie

      17 legal in greco roman

  • Chiver2099

    Damn nice GIFS!!!!!!

  • mitter78

    #5 you ever been so mad …

    • Jeffrey Franzen

      … you get pwned by a street sign. Can't say that I have.

    • Kyle White

      <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

      • CapnMFingPlanet

        I wish I could upvote this a thousand more times. you win sir. you win

  • Tokabwl

    #15 Nothing cool like that ever happens IRL.. How unfortunate.

    • Jeffrey Franzen

      then you have obviously never been to the right pool hall and been hustled by the right pool sharks, my friend. 😉

    • its_forge

      Well, this one time, my ex… yeah that woman was insane. Like, not good insane either. Still, wow.

  • Captain Obvious


    • peter

      Czech movie – sure wish I knew how to speak Czech

  • Owen Smithers


    Now that's being resourceful when you need to keep your hair out of the way for…. things….

    • bubblerider86

      definitely the most original idea i've ever seen….

  • Lowrent75

    WOW. #11 Planked objects fight back…

  • Htisss

    #1 awesome puppy is awesome

  • LineHog

    #11 Thats what you get when you act like an IDIOT. Please keep trying, we need to thin the heard.

    • Guest


      • LineHog

        So I can't spell, I'll take that fault over being as dumb as the person in this video.

    • Coldzilla

      Oh the irony 😉

    • Raunchy The 1st

      Yeah. I HEARD that. You can join her.

    • alexonfyre

      #11 … I'd hit that.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #4 i was just waiting for that dog to piss in his mouth!!

  • Mr_Rob

    #15 is a Wow… just wow

  • JROC

    #17 Power bomb courtesy of Captain InsaneO

  • ramburgler

    gifs are superb with music

  • DWD

    #15 Can't… Look… Away….

    #7 Pedobear: "It must be my birthday…"

  • doublemeat

    #15 – again.

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