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  • Chris


    Thinks he's a bad ass with his Mercedes. He should let that blonde from yesterday drive his car 😉

  • Big McLarge Huge

    Texas drivers gargle the marbles of hobos

  • Dantheloser

    The prequels: Allowed to do what he wants.
    The old trilogy: Not allowed to do what he wants.

  • Amelia

    #18 Russian immigrant.

  • Thumpybass


  • DrGarnicus

    #34–nice shirt George. Oh wait, you're wearing blue and ILM painted the rest. Got it! Stop making movies!!!

  • JDub

    Maybe after America finishes falling apart and some of the stupid people die off we can get a leader that is something other than a greedy lying spineless piece of shit…
    Vladimir Putin is proud of his country and wants to see Russia built back up.
    Barack Obama wants America and everything it has ever stood for destroyed.
    -Yes I am an American, and yes I served and still serve my country, and yes this is just my opinion but America is trying to police (read control) the world while we are falling apart from the inside… Anybody familiar with history can read about the Romans to see exactly where our destiny lies…

    • Oolon Colluphid

      That doesn't make Putin any less of a criminal.

      • JDub


      • dub

        I'm missing what makes Putin a criminal.

    • dub

      While I agree with you, I think it's unfair and naive to place all this blame on Obama when it's the leaders of both major political parties in America that are deteriorating our land, our constitution, and our future.

      Blame the citizens for not giving a shit…

      • JDub

        I completely agree with you. We have not had a leader worth shit in a long time and the government has just gotten more and more corrupt while the citizen majority has gotten more and more lethargic… bad combination.

        -btw, anybody reading this, no I'm not having a comment conversation with myself. :S similar names are just similar

      • monty

        It may also have something to do with the fact that our government clings to a 400 year old document to base it's judgements on. Seriously, people here treat the constitution on the same level as some people treat the bible. Yes it's an important text, but take it for what it is, a document written by men who had no idea what the world would be like 400 years later.

        Also, creating conflict between parties is the most deceptively brilliant (though still dickish) way to control the people. Westerners (because of our religions, and not just christianity, all western religions) need a villain, and by making one up for everyone to fight (whichever party you're not in, we cn blame all the problems on the other side, instead of looking at the actual problem and source itself (which is usually related to the rich protecting their money (outsourcing anyone?))

    • its_forge

      Barack Obama wants no such thing. What he wants is to be a Republican and bring the Republican party back to the center where it belongs. Think about it for a goddamn minute, what have Obama's actions been since he was elected? Give in, give in, give in, give in, extend Republican policies, give in, extend Bush policies, give in. Obama is the best Republican we've had since Nixon, before Nixon let his paranoias get hold of him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fb.rusty.short Rusty Short


  • Windelarien

    #25 Han doesnt have a lightsaber!!!

  • Dave

    #8 nice park job!!!

  • Bob

    #10…I've done this before when I'm trying to make it look like I care about what is being said. I feel much more mature now.
    #15…See, being a single mom isn't THAT hard.
    #22…Isn't this suppossed to be impossible in a full sized helicopter?? Is that an RC thing going on there??
    #34…At midnight I will kill George Lucas with a shovel… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDCjIjsZp_Y

  • cmon


  • http://www.facebook.com/bret.vanarsdale Bret Van Arsdale

    #17, I am just here to pick up the "KING", we have a date for a late night dance at the Gay Boy Pick up bar in San Francisco at 10 !

  • Ian

    Ainokea, I do what I like!!!

  • Disease61

    #8 Nail'd it

  • Zach D.

    #3 what a fucking fat retard.

  • luke75

    #32 is in a town called Holbrook in southern New South Wales, Australia… Been there, climbed on it… It’s awesome…

  • Anon

    #26 And now you can walk over there and depress the lever numb nuts

  • Wade Wilson

    #21 Friends of mine that work for Subway have met Jared, and he is allegedly an asshole.

  • jebu

    #15 like a boss

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