You are stuck (26 Photos)

  • I keeps it real!

    #8 BAAAAAAaaahahahahahahahhaaaa Dumbass!

    • BentWrenches

      Yeah,I had to laugh out loud at that one!

    • phdonme

      #23 ha same goes for this chick

    • The Spicy Italian

      The well deserved fate of any man who wears a speedo

  • Sharky

    Not pictured: me at my dead-end job

    • XOS2

      this made me chuckle…

    • LesterFreeman

      That's not you in #26?

    • shakeythemoyle

      #4 I saw this in real life but is was a dead squirrel stuck in between two chimney flues… was gross to say the least!

  • hossmank

    #13, I thought he could duck down and get out from there…

    • Mandalor

      nope, the only way out of that was backing out of the level and starting again.. If there was just one mroe spot you could run and slide while ducking.

    • its a meee

      need a few steps to duck and slide….

      • thrillho

        Wait….couldn't you hold 'down' for a few seconds and then he would start flashing for a SUPER JUMP?

        • its a meee

          not in mario 1….i think you can do that in super Mario 2

          • Jinkies

            Wtf you can't identify which Mario this is from? You are not nerdy enough for this forum.

          • daveh873

            Yea, this is Mario 3

      • Tava

        After an hour of running that game in an emulator with fraps running, and using my G15 keyboard to tune macro key presses to with in a millisecond I think I can safely say that you sir are correct. There is no way to get out of that.

    • Guest

      That's Mario 3 right? I've gotten out of that situation before. You just need to be super quick with the "Left Down" then "Right Down". It can be done.

    • gulfcoast

      Contra team would've just blasted thru it.

    • geez

      Hold Down and push the jump button and left button….duh!

      • hMMMM

        only on Super NES. Rookie.

    • Kermit_T_Frog

      Challenge Accepted!!

    • pan

      Kinda, but not the way you're thinking. I used to get out of those spots by sliding just a hair under the brick and while i was auto-crouched under it, I would spam jump and hold left or right button. Takes some time, but beats a "quit level" option.

  • lemurfart

    #26 lol

    • Kevin O'Connell

      Totally Lol'd then awww'd

    • B-Merce

      Oooohhhh… They've encased him in carbonite. He should be quite fine. That is if he survived the freezing process, that is.

  • equalizermax

    #23 – FIND HER!

    • Adam

      c'mon, shes like 35 or somethin 😀

      • KyleGamgee

        I think he just wants to help.

      • Bill

        So am I……………..

      • DCMOFO

        If she's 35 or somethin, I don't wanna see the girls you hang out with that are 18 or somethin.

      • chrisdg74

        Still younger than me.

      • BentWrenches

        Dude,Whats wrong with 35? I haven't been with a 35 year old since i was like,40?

    • b-ry

      looks like she's stuck somewhere in a desert / beach.
      go get er bud.

    • zen

      anyone know what kind of car that is?

      • CalculatedRisk

        I'm winging it here, but it looks rather like a Suzuki Vitara… (not the Gran Vitara, that's a four-door)

    • dauntless

      Dude, she obviously hasn't gone anywhere.

    • jason
  • disturbed

    #1 Soooo… You got wasted last night.

  • R-Dub

    #1 excellent. said he got beat up by gang members and they threw his phone down there.

    • Taz

      Welcome to Houston

    • R-Dub

      black gang members to be exact.

      • R-Dub

        You are a dick. Filthy name stealer.

    • Spt

      Or, he was doing some vertical planking..

    • ZachBob

      he dropped his wallet and went in face first.

      • disturbed

        Actually true. News here said he was about half lit, dropped his wallet, and went in after it when he got stuck. Was there for about 45 min. until they pulled him out.

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #25 Out of the Kitchen. Not Even Once

    • Jsk

      Proof women shouldn't be allowed to drive

    • graham

      obviously driving to the grocery store is not a simple enough task

  • Pat

    #5 Moar!!

  • Yahoo

    #21 I'll help!

    • derp

      Perhaps they could have walked out to the side – directly on to dry land – as opposed to traipsing through the mud…just saying.

      • k-9

        traipsing through the mud is more sexy

    • gulfcoast

      Can we get a front and back angle?

    • Stevo

      They could get out much easier if they wrestled…

  • kshell25

    #5, #21, #23 and #25, women drivers go figure, the only ones worse are asian women

    • mdc

      add old to that too!!

      • ilovethechive

        Old Asians? Old Women? Old Asian Women?

  • wkdfrog

    #21 You cannot simply walk into Mordor…unless your hot, then you may 🙂

  • caleb

    #16 "You might want to try the ocean, it's over there"

    • Salute my shorts

      "Tell you what you shoulda done.."

  • DistractedIndividual

    #2 #10 and #16 make me happy:)

    • hMMMM

      You make me happy.

    • downwithcanuks

      Always the dumbass cops who drive in wet cement….They can't stand it when "someone" else tells them where they can and can't drive.

      • Rex

        Stuck fascist is stuck!!


    • Bacchus

      #2 My home country… Go Belgian cops!

  • Royce

    #5 Woman driver… Of course.

    • echogeo

      How do you know she was driving? Maybe whomever took the picture was driving. He was smart enough to get her to dig while he took pics of her hotness.
      In any case, she, #21 & #23 should have no problem getting a gaggle of goons to help dig 'em out.
      Gonna' cost them though. 😉

    • Nebraska

      You can complain about my pick up's gas mileage all you want…but it is so nice to have 4 wheel drive and avoid 99% of these situations. 🙂

  • theatreides

    #22 hope someone got the poor guy down

  • _GTO_

    #3 Not stuck

    • hMMMM

      USS Annapolis @ North Pole

  • Robocop

    #3 In Soviet Russia…

    • Kodos

      ..we know Yankee imperialist submarine when we see it

  • Yessirr

    Hey #25, 2Fast 2Furious wasn't real… carry on.

  • Meh

    #24 They're not stuck, that is an average Tuesday.

    • @valorikx221

      Oh ladder goat, your so random.
      Let's see how many people get that lol

      • graham


  • Verbal_Kint

    #1 I don't remember the way to Narnia looking like this.

  • Andrew

    #9 something looks disproportionate on that cat o.0

    • Paula_

      Easy solution to this 'stuck' situation btw; just slam the window shut.

      – then glue both ends back together

  • Colin_

    #17 This week on Intervention, a cat with a serious coke addiction.

  • Yessirr

    #20 If you're gonna haul a guard shack up the highway, you're supposed to use a flatbed, not a concrete truck. Silly truckdriver.

    • derp

      Too bad there wasn't room to drive around the side…wait a minute

  • Vega

    #24 are not stuck, they are just awesome.

    • drewdeze

      yes indeed good sir

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