I hate my job (27 Photos)

  • Kaars

    I LOVE MY JOB… I'm on TheChive!

  • bman

    I'm able to CHIVE at my job, so it's not so bad!

  • junior

    My check cashes every two weeks…I love my job

    • pjsupremex

      cool story bro!

      • R-Dub

        Shut up with that already.

        • TKJDNoid

          agreed. someone said that to me in real life, i swear i'd punch them.

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #1 So that's why I'm still waiting on that overnight package…

    • pjsupremex

      or your chive logo tee

    • thom

      Would be funnier of that was a UPS guy in front of the van.

    • FedEx CEO

      Mr. Hamad from the Phoenix headquaters,

      How stupid can you be? Why would someone at the managerial level embarrass our great company like this? You, you're fired.

      • ____

        Seems legit – oh wait, "headquaters?"

        • FedEx CEO

          Dumb secretary! How many times do I have to tell that bitch to proofread my Chive comments!? Anyone else feel me out there!?!?

  • xDV8x

    Yeah, I get to Chive at work = Not that bad

  • pjsupremex

    #21 that is what they get for having a tony romo shrine!

    • http://www.facebook.com/EvieFontaine Evie Fontaine

      hater gone hate……Oh and GO COWBOYS!!!! xx

      • Ha.Ha.

        Ever hear of a team name the Eagles?

    • gsxrdennis

      romo sucks, he def deserved what he got there, cowboys should have cut him too

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1410272201 Bobby Joe

    Sunburn peeling ay?

  • Kcruz09

    #20 = AWESOME!

    • commodoresixtyfour

      yeah really looks like a cool job to me .better than dealing with humans!

    • Biggus Diccus

      my thoughts exactly

    • upside-down

      Yeah how does this job suck? Looks like a win to me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1211755636 Ryan Aubin

    #20 How can you hate that job? You get to hug giraffes!

    • Bud

      he doesnt know how good he's got it

    • ilovethechive

      I wonder if this is how they weigh the elephants too?

      • DaddyD

        It's not. They have the elephants hold the keeper in its trunk.

    • Vet tech

      Because you also have to clean poo all day and there is a lot of it. Not to mention the other med care they need. Spme tend to get violent. But I still wouldn't change being a vet tech to deal with humans.

  • Slappy McGee

    #19 I hope you deposited that right away. I'd hate to think what would happen if you walked down the street with that big a check in your pocket. Godspeed, Moneybags.

    • CapnMFingPlanet

      Still looking for the right frame for it. Im thinking something that says, Fuck This but with less sparkles.

  • Wally

    #8 – at least it's empty . . . my workplace staff sink can hold dishes for weeks until they're either washed or trashed!

    • Jen

      we have an assistant that washes our dishes 🙂 I love my job.

  • http://www.douggoff.com Doug

    #26 Fuck that! I'm shitting bricks just looking at the picture.

    • oldboy

      and I just pissed a little

    • http://www.thechive.com SmokeyMorgan

      Agreed. That is bat-shit crazy.

    • Allen

      Hows about NO

  • RollingDeathStar

    *sigh* this damn economy…

  • Kator


    • sully23

      So everyone on this site can look up theChive on their smart phones. Cell towers are pretty essential nowadays.

  • Takingbackcider

    #26 No amount of money……

    • hMMMM

      $5 million dollars, stay up there for a day. I would fucking do it.

      • hMMMM

        this is not to say that I would be scared shitless

        • Doug

          used to do it for a living. It's a blast and everything over 100' looks pretty much the same anyway. and yes, the money is great!

  • JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo



    • theoceanbeauty

      took the words right out of my mouth!

  • TeamChaotic

    # 26 I complain about my Mondays

  • Verbal_Kint

    seems legit…

  • First Time Caller

    #23 Holy Shit – Steely Dan came on the radio when I was reading Peely Dan's ad. What are the odds?

    • Sawbuck

      steely dan gargles balls lol

  • BoobieWatcher

    #20 WHOA!! Careful big guy, its a baby Giraffe. Come back when you do that with a lion…

  • RhodeIslandChiver

    #6 Ha! I used to work for the company that made that product. And I got paid to Chive there as well.

    • barfobulator

      Could someone explain what the problem is here? It looks like a plain old surge protector to me.

      • http://twitter.com/thecureforhope TheCureForHope

        Seriously… I don't see the issue.

        • busted

          The plug is an L5-30P, not a 5-15P (standard household plug with two flat prongs and one round one). He would have to find a 30 amp receptacle to plug that into, which probably is not in his office. Your engineer probably didn't know the difference when he orderd it.

          That, or someone replaced the cord with a 30A plug instead of a 15A one, which could potentially cause that strip to fail in firery fashion if he plugs too much shit into it. You should try it and see what happens…

        • Thror

          Fire. Its actually dangerous. Even if you could find a receptacle for it (as others mention), it would likely be breakered for 30A. Which means you could plug a ton of shit into this outlet strip and the breaker would never trip. Which means that the FIRST indication that you overloaded it would be from the power strip, when it's on fire.

      • i know why

        an L5-30 male plug-in is a twistlock for a 30 amp wall outlet. do you see the 3 prongs, it would be an expensive office if you had that kinda of wall outlet throughout. it was just a dumbass move especially from an building engineer.

    • brian

      also, there are lots of plugs that would cover up at least two spots when they are stacked vertically like that

  • BoobieWatcher

    #1 Nice work Mohammad, but terrorism was so 10yrs ago.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      Hahaha vintage racism.

    • http://twitter.com/Kuetsar @Kuetsar

      I didn't know they had Fed Ex in London. . . . Too Soon?

  • Mike Mc D-Bag


  • Gutterville

    gotta love america, 0.82 cents of tax on a 15 dollar bill, if that was the UK you would be staring at a $18 bill. that might not seem like a lot ($3) but it does add up.

    • Dutch

      no tax on the liquor. those taxes have already been paid. similar to your VAT. the food is the only thing the restaurant is "producing" on premises. the liquor production took place somewhere else, so taxes were paid somewhere else.

      • drew

        Errr, no. $14.95 is taxable, as the receipt says.

    • Ha.Ha.

      in Delaware it would be $0

    • ugduf

      About the same thing here in Quebec, 14% taxes, and the tunnels are still falling.

  • dorkfish

    Was gonna post "fuck that shit" for #26, but someone beat me to it.

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