Like a train-wreck, you can’t help but watch (32 photos)

  • Kaars

    #5… Oh Sweet Jesus Fuck WHY?!?!

    • anguish

      Cannot help but wonder why the fuck someone would do that.. Yeesh..

    • hahee eee

      See how the rings are closer together in the black ribbon pic? Are girls doing this to pull the skin tighter and make them thinner?

      I agree though…completely retarded

      • Kevin Ireland

        It is purely a decorative piercing and they are two different girls. It is a hell of a lot more attractive than #10.

        • Syn


      • Birdhaus32

        It's definitely decorative and they usually don't stay in for more than a few days. The body tends to reject (force through the skin) implants like that after awhile. Especially on the forearms

    • Brand_n

      Of all the nastiness in this post, that's the picture you find the worst?

      • Kaars

        Yeah, I don't know why… but this one just makes me CRINGE

    • JAS

      I know a girl in Jersey who got this done. Corset piercing is what she called it, but I would HAAAAAATE to think of getting them caught in a towel while drying off.

    • Ricardo

      Because Fuck You, that's why.

    • Spivias

      i kinda like it o.o

      • chuck

        Would make it easier to chain her up and put a leash on her.

    • NicBree

      Yep, corset or ladder piercing, both names work. And these ones are indeed "play" piercings (piercings meant to stay in for only a short amount of time, 48 hours). You can tell by the jewelry as hoops are generally used for play piercings. If they wanted this to be a permanent piercing they would have to use straight or barbell jewelry.

    • Jake

      I am a tattoo artist…. The last picture isn't the same person. all this would do is pull the rings out of this skin.. STUPID Theory.

  • PopcornFarts


    There is no God D:

    • ChairmanMeowz

      Thanks, I thought I was done throwing up.

    • trumeth

      made me literally blow chunks, fuckiin nasty

    • isawoj

      I thought it was a bandage at first. Well, off to lunch. Thanks Chive!

    • TheC

      #13 was exactly my reaction. Imagine my surprise when I scroll down from #12 to realise that theChive knows me so well.

      • PonderingOx

        same here

      • peddlinmommy2

        Mine too D=

        That gave me nitemares

    • Award_Giver

      The grossest picture award!!! Just plain disgusting!

    • Kidn

      it'd be a convenient place to smuggle drugs through airport security.. just saying, if there is a silver lining, that is it.

    • Gnole

      This looks a lot like wax to me….Plus it helps me sleep at night believing it.

      • hMMMM

        that shit isn't wax…it's for real. I've seen this before.

    • Kmac

      Snake feets

    • Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

      It's paraffin wax. You put it in a slow-cooker to melt it, dip your feet, let the wax harden and pull it off. It softens the skin and helps with calluses.

      • ya. thats a dude.

        I'm almost done with my PTA degree. We do paraffin. It does NOT look like this when its done. Paraffin wax will still retain some goey almost playdo-ish look. This is a sheet of dead human skin. Not the same.

    • Jessica

      I have an overwhelming urge to peel that.

  • thehookah

    It really is what the fuck day at Chive.

    • t dangle

      it is a train wreck within a train wreck.

      • t dangle

        and where are all the bouncing tits! i can't fap to this.

        • You


    • craigarlen

      There is the new chive recurring theme post – WTF day, at least then we'd know to not be eating while scrolling…

  • Dunderfart

    I find this very very hard to masturbate to =(

    • Mr. Kabul

      but not impossible? Just asking because I gave up…good luck with that!

      • Gnole

        Just a simple case of mind over matter.

  • JHarris

    I can live with #25

    • imo

      nah…too much.

    • jpp407

      she would beat you like Chris Brown

      • CalculatedRisk

        She beats Chris Brown?

    • ROK247

      i would.

    • HornyMoose

      happily tap dat ass

    • lilix

      id hit

  • Guest

    i CAN fap to this 😀

  • LukeSkywalker

    Hmmm… back to the cheerleaders post, I think.

  • Dingo8MyBaby

    #1 Can't tell if hipster…Or homeless.

    • Phil McKracken

      Homeless hipster. He was homeless before it became cool and everyone started buying sleeping bags and making cardboard signs. Now smelling like piss isn't alternative any more.

    • Ditto

      Maybe… both?

      • ya. thats a dude.

        is there a difference?

    • Diana

      Probably hipster 🙂

    • living

      the mans a rock star! the guy with the dread mullet, is confusing me, that other person with the really long matted dreads is a mentallly ill person and disturbed me greatly. but normal dreads are awsome

  • konaehukai

    #30. Find whatever it is and burn it with fire.

    • b-ry

      looks like China

    • aucklandboy123

      i think its carrot top

    • drewdeze

      thats jim carrey playing vera di milo

  • AGM

    well that just put off lunch for another hour or 3

  • AssClown

    #18 Really hope zoophilia doesn't kick in…

  • Oliver Klosov


  • AssClown

    #12 Must be salty as hell!!

    • big sir

      Ohh…. that one's a keeper!

  • mattythegooch

    And the battle of the "Shitlocks" goes to…………#29 #22 WINNER……#1

    • The_Dood

      #22 is infinitely more disgusting. It's become a cohesive blob, and by the looks of it, it's been that way for a long, long time.

  • cmon

    don't get #1. first?

    • cmon

      wait, never mind.

    • Wally

      I agree, and am still not sure either. First thought was Afroamerican combover. . . .

  • the other guy


  • AssClown

    #31 Bet you that if she throws that pokeball in her hand she'll say: "Cheese burger and coke, I choose you!!!" And then devour that shit.

    • b-ry

      that's an apple….she's trying to eat healthy.

    • Captlazarus

      That was the funniest fucking comment today. You win sir.

    • what a guy

      it's funny, this chick has been in these chive posts several times. she's some sort of fat fetish model, which means someone at the chive is in to this shit secretly haha.

      • AssClown

        Oh the irony…and you just happen to know about her how?

        • what a guy

          oh, i know, i really know this information, because i trully know it, and i do know it all, and i have known it and theatartians agree with mee, the one who is always godish maaaaaan!!! now FUCK?!?!?!? u are a clown, a clown on crooked creeping cracky cocainiak, SON!!! frig off !!!

          reguardless of how i now, it is still really funny that they like her this much

    • Choppers

      It's probably the worst thing ever…… A fat chick with no tits…

    • Evil Dung Beetle

      DIET Coke

    • mjb

      Hilarious comment is hilarious. Made me lol at work.

    • DanDaMan

      I lol'd at work

  • al b one


  • Colin_

    "I'm a Barbie girl, In a Barbie world"
    "Life in plastic, It's fantastic"

    • yep

      She's fake as all hell but I'd still give her a ride…

      • stackofbadcomments

        That's nice and all, but she wouldn't give you the time of day, buddy.

        • yep

          Did I say she would? Nope, just admitting that I'm not turned off by her and wouldn't call her a train wreck. Who knows…a girl that looks like that…you might be able to rent it by the hour!

          • Oblivious

            Don't give up, theres always rohypnol.

            • CalculatedRisk

              Does this smell like chloroform to you?

    • Guest

      No word of a lie, I'm sitting here looking at this pic and this song is playing on the radio at work. LOL

    • plaasic trashtic

      rape….. RAPE… she would need to be raped for Rapery!!!!

  • EasternCanuck

    #32… FAP??? I can't even look at half of it let alone FAP to it.

    • Derp

      Challenge accepted.

    • horn child deth face

      ok bitcheroni, yu got a freakeen deal there mr. cuntree jellatub. i' i'll be dambed beating you in this game friendly old chikuy chumpoff, now run off to wizard school young pottair! freanchea nameksam. n fk off!1

  • Biz02

    #15 – Commandant Lassard really knows how to let loose.

    • GernBlansten

      Kirk Douglas after a bender.

    • bdizzle

      Find her I like trashy bottom feeding hoes like that.

      • Da_Boz

        Clearly a dude! How do you like that trashy bottom feeding hoe now that you know it has a dick?

    • LeMac

      It's a trap

  • mcsgwigga

    #31 is disgraceful – an abomination in fact

    • GernBlansten


      • snoobs89

        its just "ble" she ate the abomina..

    • mcsgwigga fucklock

      calm down period mc'fuckwadingston. it's just a girl,

      • mcsgwigga

        it's you then?

    • Jason Bell


  • olfisheye

    #12…get the skin box!

    • Adam West

      thats a keeper.

  • beautyandbraids

    #22 look like a dead animal,.aligator or smth.either way disgusting

    • LeMac

      the bottom half looks a lot like dried out cow shit

    • Big Sir

      Next to the foot sole chips these pics make me want to vomit.

  • Mike Mauchline

    Ads with sound suck my will to live! Especially 2 of the same ad playing at a 1 second delay. Knock that Sh*T off!

    • polychonopolous

      OK ….. SO ITS NOT JUST ME …. thank god…..

    • Ball

      i dont have any ads, try getting mozilla firefox and getting adblocker on it

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