Dopamine dump! (29 Photos)

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #3 Nice I like this kind of help

  • Stafferty

    #25 If you know what happened in the Mets game don't tell me, I taped it…

    • hMMMM

      Mets lost.

      Is that Jerry?

      • Justin Hall


  • Zac

    #28, she got hot.

    • Bill57

      you're kidding right? you realize this is CGI?

      • Sean

        I thought that was Linda Le? Was in a post here on theChive

    • Lumpy

      I thought she was hotter before…

      • denleendeko

        Pedobear agrees

    • snoobs89

      whats the deal with them feet?

      • M.Loaf

        The deal is they hook around the ears.

    • mackin

      That's a might big beer.

  • JAFitC

    #15. Bad News Bears?

    • Tek257

      Only if your under the age of 10.

    • _bigdeal

      i know ill be considered a loser for saying it but: uhh.. a softball team of athletic young white male adults with pedobear on their shirts.. yeah… half of them probably ARE molesters.

      • Patrick Arden Heringer

        I can tell you that at least one of them is a Special Forces in the Army…Merica!

  • chiveboy

    being firsty makes me thirsty!

    • Paula_

      Being # five proves you have no life.

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG –

      • Bill57

        neither do you Paula

        • Tek257

          A Troll trolling Paula.

          • Paula_

            That was trolling?

            – the one you love to hate

      • truthserum

        YOU should talk!

    • _bigdeal

      pretzels were actually the answer..

  • TylerV

    #14 A lot of interesting things happen at riots. I should go to them more often.

    • Dan

      Didn't this guy get caught and beat down?

    • Mister H.

      that's easy, this is in mexico city…happens EVERY weekend (march, nor riots).

    • JOSS

      Super Barrio!

  • Mito

    #4 Holy shit!

    • Dan

      You can't afford her.

      • CableGuy2011

        Has she ever been found? If not I think it should be the greatest challenge of all time! FIND HER!

        • Tim Love

          It kinda looks like Diora Baird

          • Rocks Off

            No, actually it doesn't.

        • Allen

          Please find her. It's been way too long and she apparently can't be found.

      • Gutterville

        You couldn't either

  • ibangahapa

    #28 grew up to be a stone cold hottie. Plus, has giant beer? WIFE.

    • snoobs89

      LOOK AT HER FEET! you would be the wife in that relationship buddy

    • hMMMM

      giant beers are for showing off. No matter how fast you drink it, by the time you get to the bottom it'll be nice and lukewarm. Get a cup and go back and forth from fridge while taking leaks.

  • Bubba

    #4 Chicks on boats! They deserve their own post!

    • NebraskaGuy

      I'll thumb up that idea!

      • Superman

        Boats N Hoes!!

    • Trey_Shacksit

      PERFECT legs.

  • Tony

    "1.21 GIGAWATTS?!? GREAT SCOTT!!!"
    Pimp My Ride….Alien Version

    • Dolfan0925

      Jigawatts. 😉

  • Hans


    • yep

      I was gonna say "swing and a miss" but dude…you weren't even in the batter's box!

  • Paula_

    Hi #4, wanna help me get my dopamine flow going? You know what you have to do for that, right?

    – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
    — LG –

    • CalculatedRisk

      You could start by watching the video that #11 is from. Recognised it instantly – Destructive Dubstep by SaladUK on YouTube… Do yourself a favour, and end your work week with that…

  • Feeder of Trolls

    #25 "These pretzels are making me thirsty!"

  • Dan

    #10 Awesome bike! I'd love to ride around on that.

    • thom

      Pedobear approved.

    • Underhill

      I've seen that one before–I think on Soviet Steeds where Ural riders hang out.

  • Paula_

    #20 they don't fit trough the barrel… Epic failure. Giger rules though.

    – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
    — LG –

    • Justin

      You realize when the butt of the bullet is hit, the expanding gas PUSHES it through, right? If it was the same size as the barrel, it would fall out.

      Think out your responses Paula, or google more things.

      • Paula_

        I see now; the cross section of the barrel isn't exactly in the middle of the barrel. My bad.

        – the one you love to hate

      • Really?

        You realize if a bullet is a wider diameter than the barrel, the powder's explosive force has nowhere to go except for all directions, meaning every gun would blow apart in your hands if bullets were bigger than the barrel. It has to be the exact same size.

        Think out your responses Justin, or google more things.

  • Bruce Rineer

    #27 makes me want to build one

    • Annie Tautua'a

      Same here.

    • Luke

      so awesome

  • Jackson

    #20 H R Gegier birth machine awesom.

    • doreen

      He shouldn't be known as HR Giger, he should be known as Giger the Awesome.

  • Brian King

    #4 HOT!!! #6 Great Scott! #8 Bad ass…

    • Jesse

      Painting is by rich pellegrino. Super talented

    • David

      SL 65 black series

    • Marcus

      I've driven that car at my valet job. Shit is intense.

  • Jackson

    Oops forgot the e

  • LuvH8fulChix

    #2 No pickups, no acoustic resonation. Nice artistic piece, but no more useful than an unplugged electric. Add a pickup and a jack, it'd be pretty cool.

    • Javelin

      Just wait until he opens the ejection port!

    • Jumping jack flash

      considering there are 2 control buttons, probably for tone and volume, it's quite safe to say this guitar is wired. Now what kind of pick ups, i dont know, but it's not difficult to make it look like there are none.

      • implicate

        This ain't Guitar Hero, and those aren't "buttons". The bridge on this thing is acoustic style with a saddle, which means it probably has a piezoelectric transducer pickup hidden on the underside.

  • Bless1

    #6,#23,#4- yup!

  • moreDINNER

    #28 She's still the same size as a baby? wtf?

  • Lawdog

    #15 What, was this a twins only softball league?

    • The Pict

      Still not as gay as Twilight though.

    • hMMMM

      I see like…0 twins in this picture, unless they all left their twin elsewhere. The two guys that look similar (2nd and 3rd from right) aren't similar in height though…

  • misschris

    #19 So THAT'S where I left my spaceship

    • reme

      That's AWESOME if it's street legal.

    • Crappola

      Anybody know what/where that is?

  • NebraskaGuy

    #4 Sweeet Jesus!!
    #13 Sychnronized douchebags
    #28 I could come home to that every day!

    • Tim Love

      You come home to a baby drinking beer?

    • Yep....

      I'd rather come home to #4 everyday!

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