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  • theederv

    #12 is fucking awesome!


      As soon as I saw him do the first flip, I was like "Yup, he's going to end up with a trip to the hospital." Pretty glad I was wrong.

      • Dolfan0925

        FUCKING nailed it.

    • cliqueded

      Whether he made it or not that gif was gonna be here.

  • Danger Crisowa


  • slap MY hand!

    #11, Found the cause of the Japan Tsunami…. ooh, too soon?

    • Lulatsch

      it would fit, if shes from the Westcoast…

      Seriously – only in America!

    • Theblendguy

      But, Will ir float?

      • sigh

        DAMN TYPO

    • patov40

      Can't tell if internet troll, or troll's girlfriend…..:p

    • Verbal_Kint

      Not at all. You beat me to it…

    • Rocks Off

      It's never too soon for a fat joke cuz that's a whole lotta woman.
      Seriously though, how does that woman live with herself?

    • saltytrey

      Bet that scared the HELL out of the fish.

    • @sterlingsylvir

      I was having a pretty shitty day, until I saw this. So glad they were able to get her back in the water. It so weird that they just beach themselves like that.

    • Alister


  • HeyJewed

    #15 "No guys, I'm not drunk! I'll prove it to you… Look how well i can still dance!"

  • Paula_

    #11 No it isn't.

    – a hug is a hug, of course, of course
    – and no one can hug a troll of course
    – that is, of course, unless the troll is the famous Miss Paula

    • SkyVader

      Damn you and your comment stealing ways.

    • hMMMM

      Are you preemptively answering the inevitable question that'll come up? I'll ask anyway.

      "Is that you, Paula?"

    • Sick of Paula

      Bet you're a short fat umpa loopa, just like the fatass in this GIF

    • Tyler Durden

      Paula, if you're not a fat, ugly, swamp donkey, then send in a picture to theCHIVE for everyone to see.

      • plz

        u don't have to show your face.

    • Fezik

      #11 you hippopotamic land mass!!

    • dub

      Paul is Lauren's boyfriend.

      • definitely not dub


  • That Guy

    Sorry it took me so long to post, I was staring at #9.

  • That Guy

    Can't. Stop. Watching.

    • That Guy


  • Bill

    #16 Addicting!!!

    • Grammar Nazi

      *Addictive. "Addicting" isn't a word.

      • GreyGhost9


      • Grammar Nazi Nazi

        Addicting is actually a word. Read a dictionary.

      • RadioByeBye

        If I could like this comment a million times, I would. The world needs to know!

  • AndreaFay

    I love fat shit cat!!! #10

    • ronnie

      said the same thing about #!!

    • OhSomeEvil

      hes saying please ill be adorable if you give me for foods!

  • Sammy

    #10 how did a cat get that fat?

    • reme

      by not having a dog around to chase it's lazy worthless ass.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Food. ANd lots of it.

    • HolePwner

      The owner is probably just as fat.

  • Bill57

    this is how Redneck's fish

    • Dumb or GTFO

      #11 damn I hate when that happens

  • reme

    #9 Just the way it should be….firm and ready.

    • Chazz_B

      definitely the firmest of the tush gifs i have seen here, awesome

      • P90


    • Leonel

      Great reply, mate. Firm, indeed.

  • Chamezz

    Could watch #9 and #16 all day :D.

  • mystery_guest

    #14 — pilot error

    • Scientific Chiver

      Must have been a woman pilot

  • MonkeyMadness

    #6 I love that episode of The Big Bang Theory!

    • amrith777

      ALL eps of BBT are awesome!! But this one was especially funny! xD

  • JOE


  • lance

    #11 Greenpeace will be so happy!

    • Silentstatic

      yeah but I doubt the people in the background were very pleased when they were swept away by the resulting Tsunami sized wave.

  • The_Marc


  • The_Marc

    #9 damn thats hot…. #11 AHHHHH… Back to #9, BACK TO #9!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    #16 LOOOVE community!!

    • Ha.Ha.

      Do you see the tongue flash at the beginning of the clip? Ugh, she's so awesome. I watch the reruns with as much enthusiasm as the first runs.

  • bkfrijoles

    #9 internet classic 😉

  • MidwestChiver

    #9 one of the best gifs ever

    • The_Dood

      Perfect ass. That is all.

  • Dan

    #8 Parkour fail = win for everyone!

    • Zebulon Miller

      At what point does it stop being Parkour and start becoming attempted suicide?

  • rlogan75

    #16… who is she???

    • Kyle White

      Alison Brie. You're welcome.

  • rlogan75


    Never mind.. the girl from "Community"?? right?????

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