Stanley Kubrick cinemagraphs trip me out (27 gifs)

*Development of A.I. originally began with director Stanley Kubrick in the early 1970s. Kubrick hired a series of writers up until the mid-1990s, including Brian Aldiss, Bob Shaw, Ian Watson and Sara Maitland. The film languished in development hell for years, partly because Kubrick felt computer-generated imagery was not advanced enough to create the David character, whom he believed no child actor would believably portray. In 1995, Kubrick handed A.I. to Steven Spielberg, but the film did not gain momentum until Kubrick’s death in 1999. Spielberg remained close to Watson’s film treatment for the screenplay. A.I. was greeted with mostly positive reviews from critics and became a financial success. This film was dedicated to Kubrick’s memory after the end credits, saying “For Stanley Kubrick”. [source]

  • Guse

    #28. That's too bad. AI sucked.

    • Dan

      One of the most depressing movies ever made.

    • Frédéric Purenne

      You're right, I wish Kubrick was the one that did it!

      • Dan

        Kubrick was heavily involved in this movie. He greenlightes Spielberg as director.

        • Guse

          Who wouldn't? If you told me to choose any director in the world to direct a screenplay I wrote, Spielberg would be tops on my list. That doesn't mean even the masters don't make a stinker on occasion.

          The problem with AI was that it was two totally different movies (robot son vs. escape movie) followed by an ending that came out of left-freakin-field.

          • Da Sandman

            tarantino would be my first choce

            • Da Sandman


          • Fasteddy14

            You can't watch a Kubrick movie expecting something specific. He will disappoint you if you do. Kubrick didn't care what people thought. Ever see the 2001 series? Time drags on, but those movies are still compelling. He never let the film restrict his story telling method.

            AI was ultimately a futuristic fairy tale, like Pinocchio.

          • Jay

            The Kubrick ending was the kid stuck under the ice pleading with the blue fairy. The Spielberg warm-fuzzy ending was seeing his 'mother' again.

            It should've ended under the ice. That's the way Kubrick would've ended it.

            • JB7

              Actually, this is a myth and not true. Kubrick's treatment had all of that stuff in it.

  • Josh_5FDP


  • SasKc

    #9 her scenes were the best in that film

    • Fasteddy14

      If you read the Tom Cruise unauthorized biography, there is some really compelling story behind her footage with the young sailor (I think sailor)… Basically Kubrick filmed hours and hours of extremely graphic footage, and expected intense method acting on her part.

      • dOOb

        SOO hot.. before getting all that creepy plastic surgery done. Now she just looks…. scary

      • blues

        Can I get a Director's Cut? 🙂
        Yes, I know he's dead. That means he don't need it anymore!

      • _bigdeal

        the stuff with the sailor.. whew! holy shit. describing such a scene is so unbelievably cliche but how its done on there. oh my..

        also, all that group shit was weird and entertaining

    • farscapestuey

      her scenes are the worst in any to Julia Roberts

  • Chris

    #28 kind of takes a BJ from a stranger into a new perspective.

    Oh and for the first time…. FIRST!!!

    • Guse

      Tsk, tsk… if you hadn't spent that time typing the FIRST line you might have made it.

    • Jakka

      Better luck next time, chump.

  • Eric

    i love these kind of gifs

  • The Bacon Chronicles

    Okay, #15 is just terrifying. I've seen the movie, but wowza.

    • daveh873

      Terrifyingly awesome. This might be the best one I've seen.

    • The_Marc

      Great Movie!! One of the GREATEST!

    • MAX-POW

      He looks like this guy who played the rock band singer in lost…don't remember his name…and too lazy to google it

      • 123

        Look, I get that you're too young to know who Malcolm McDowell. But seriously, you Dominic Monaghan as the "rock band singer" instead of a Hobbit? really?

        • 123

          well I have completely stupid gone

      • prof

        I don't want to live on this planet anymore

  • BloodScrubber

    #11 Alot of my morning briefings look just like this…lol. Classic movie as well.

  • Phil McKracken


  • Dan

    #2 Those kids were one of the creepiest things ever put into film!

  • Typ

    I would have guessed #22 was from Team America

  • Brian King

    #14 So much pussy there!

  • Dan

    #25 Mmmm. Jelly donut!

    • @ABQLifer

      …And the way I see it, ladies, you owe me for one jelly doughnut! Now, get on your faces!

  • SkyVader

    Nightmares brought to you by the numbers #15 and #26

  • tralfaz


    What are you doing HAL?

  • Diana

    #6 holy shit!!

  • Kodos

    "Come play with us, Danny" <runs away screaming>
    Classic Jack.

  • Cyberfunker

    Fantastic Post Chive!!

  • Lumpy

    Best. Director. Ever.

    • Lumpy

      Best. Filmmaker. Ever.

  • Codey

    There should have been more Dr.Strangelove gifs

    • sarcasm

      or Eyes Wide Shut. There were some pretty strange scences in there too.
      Actually… I would mind 27 more of these gifs

  • Hack

    more galleries like this please

    • menace

      Every single one is from

  • jakubwrobel

    Stanley was a master for sure.


    #8 Still creeping me out

    • matt

      *knock knock* Penny?
      *knock knock* Penny?
      *knock knock* Penny?

  • misschris

    #26 I AM in a world of shit.

    • Matt

      762 millimeter FULL METAL JACKET

      • _bigdeal

        there are many like it but this one is MINE!

  • Bob

    Spielberg fucking MURDERED Kubrick's memory with his bastardized happy ending.

  • echogeo

    I saw what you did there.

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