“Drinking Out of Cups”–A video that lowered my IQ by at least 20 points (Video)

Dan Deacon and Liam Lynch were recording an album and left the mic on while Dan Deacon went on this rant. He claims he ‘was not’ on drugs. I know it’s a bit old, but so damn funny whether you’ve seen it before or not.

  • Defiant420

    This video has been out forever but will never get old!!! excellent to show at the bars and even better when your baked. The boy was tripping on acid and had locked himself in the closet and they recorded him threw the door

    • Bob

      That's what I heard too. Maybe not the part about the closet, but the acid deffinitely.

      • chodanutz

        he wasnt tripping on anything. The dude (Dan Deacon) recorded himself while flipping through tv channels while it was on mute. Some funny ass shit though

  • zimzum

    some how that gave me a head ache in my butt hole

  • blahballbuster

    if you don't like lighthouses… you suck!

  • charlie sheen

    I want to watch this while tripping, on shrooms. fuck yeah!

  • Bevi

    Sea hosses fo eva.

  • chodanutz

    who does this guy think he is? Captain Knots?

  • MegaRio

    That, was not random at all..

  • Brother Maynard

    Ok Chive, I'm having a really shitty day. Any extra humpage in the DAR would be greatly appreciated.

  • Insane2U

    Mr walk way lead me to the building ..Fuck you. (This stuff is funny)

  • MOAR

    Yeah, it's funny. But apparently Bob hasn't been on the interwebs for about 5 years. Still good, but dude, a lot of funny videos have come out since then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DriftwoodProse Nathan Hart

    Crazy old, but every time I hear "Mr. Walkway, lead me to the building. Fuck you." I laugh, so your tardiness is forgiven.

  • Lost In Translation

    If you don't like the lighthouse you suck.

  • the chird

    Capt. Tyin Knots vs. Mr. Walkway. Great song (side note)

  • http://twitter.com/EhhTayTay @EhhTayTay

    "no drugs"? hahaha… buddy was on acid maane.

  • sphincter

    This video is the ramblings of a man thats on acid and trapped in a closet.

  • lanesvfire

    bahahahaha this video will never get old. get real.

  • MarryMeBillMurray

    That "on acid in a closet" stuff is not true. Not even slightly.

  • MonkeyMadness

    Whether he was tripping on acid or not, this wasn't funny. I didn't even crack a smile. Senseless rambling? I hear that everyday at work.

  • mtpuckhead

    Bout time you got to this.

  • Johnnyhammerstix

    Dan Deacon….Babylon Long Island represent!

  • chad

    I saw this a year or so ago. I still watch it at least once a week! I love this video!!!!!!!!!

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