I hate my job (25 Photos)

  • TheStrawnster

    Bill 57, ambulance jobs don’t pay shit. #6 what city are you in? I only ask cause we had the same shitty MDT’s in our rigs

  • Robert

    #7 Hmm covered in shitty tattoos that are easily seen… good luck getting that job!

    • Lusc

      i’d love to meet these losers that so adamantly hate tattoos. That dude can put on what we call a long sleeve shirt in the professional industry. Get out more, Robert.

  • Anonymous

    #21 I still work at Lowes. I feel your pain, man.

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  • Anonymous

    #6 I feel your pain

  • Scott

    #7…. HAHAHA that URL goes to a website called the mommy thing!

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