Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • https://www.facebook.com/betlejeski Thomas James Betlejeski


    • RatedR401

      also known as a douche!

    • Pussy Magnet

      I'll save you the trip down shitty comment avenue and just let you know that this is pretty much as good as it gets for the rest of the first page.

      Better luck tomorrow.

    • 9048

      #20 it's not nice to call the guy you're fucking a "this".

      • CFC

        why do you assume he is fucking this guy…?

    • dutduru

      stop repeating pics. looks like u dont give a damn. are u on summer break or something????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • CFC

        easy sunshine…Keep Calm and Fuck Off…

    • biggles

      http:// uberhumor.com/ category/ funny-pictures/

      The chive, just in another format. Wow…who's copying who?

      Most of the posts are almost picture for picture, even in the same order.

  • EMMO


    • DCMOFO

      Nope. Chuck Testa.

      …. I'll show myself out.

    • EMMO

      I MEAN SECOND! 😦

      • Lucas

        Also known as First-Loser-Douche

      • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

        Go fuck your blender you retard.

  • Riley

    just hopped down here quick to say #40, #41

    I'll be up there the rest of the day if anybody needs me

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      #40 The fuck are they looking for; a contact lens?

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

      • 50-50

        A fuck to give for your comment.

      • dude

        Patty's 30% smaller penis?

      • SimonDPieman

        "I know i left some attention down here somewhere help me look will you?"

        "sure let me just get half naked"

      • typical

        Whores gonna whore.

      • R-Dub

        Ass to Ass!! Ass to Ass!!

        • you

          two-headed dildo

    • DemonIAm

      lucky fucking carpet!

    • thehookah

      "I'll be in my bunk"

      • DrROBOTO

        their dignity

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        FireFly Serenity FTW!

        – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
        — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

    • aussieland


    • http://www.facebook.com/evelyn.ponce Evelyn Ponce Quintero

      First double chivettes of the week? maybe?

    • TDub66

      their double-donger?????

    • boogermyster

      who the fuck was the lucky son of a bitch that took those photos ??

  • RatedR401

    #8 FTW

    • BloodScrubber

      He didn't get rick-rolled…he got stumped. 😉

      • DaddyD

        Or palmed.

    • NaNaNaMatmaN

      Tanning ninja has bright future

    • zingman

      Typical desperate chiver.

    • jeff

      probably only time he's been laid since that time with #17

    • spank mcslappy

      why are there mans shoes on those stumps??

      • the other Jen

        that is probably one of the funniest pics ive ever seen on the chive. weird, i know.

  • Chalk

    Hi B)

    • Undershooter30

      #16 close enough…. #17 Too close! #19 WAAAAY TOO FUCKIN CLOSE!!!

  • forrester


    well that turned my day right around

    • Yup

      They need to turn around….

    • frank

      all they need is a double headed dildo.

    • Ready for the Jelly

      AWESOME!! PLEASE SUBMIT MORE!! (we know you are checking every post to see what we write about you)

      • greazzlybear

        And if you are, let me know if you need a cameraman for any future submissions

    • Master_Rahl

      Anyone else thinking Human Centipede when you first looked at this? I think I watch too many movies…

    • Ready for the Jelly

      I know you're reading this, 'cause you're obviously huge attention whores…..

    • puck

      fdau! fdau!

    • NerdyMcnerdson

      So this is what hot chicks do all day! Hhmmm

    • thehookah

      As was famously said in Requiem for a Dream – "ASS TO ASS!!'

    • facepalm

      Wow what classy dignified chivettes….all the trolls who call them whores/sluts are blind ,look how decent they are. Well done ladies.

      • TRON


    • http://www.facebook.com/epl.young Elan Young

      This brings nothing but goodness and smiles.

      • trdtacoma

        and slutiness.

  • eric

    not first

  • AssClown

    #32 School is like a penis, it's long and hard unless you're Asian…

    • Trollway

      My penis is like a penis. It goes inside your mom's mouth.

      • FACEPALM

        My penis is like your mom. They're always ready at the same time

        • Trollway

          Your comment is like my penis. It makes no sense until I hit you in the face with it.

    • The Chivery

      Us Chivers' penises are like God; you're not sure if they're even there.

      Chive on!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Work is like a Penis
      It tends to get longer and harder…sometimes for no reason
      More often then not you have perform the task at hand on your own
      Cause even when you want to give a fuck, other people don't

      • Gentlemensaurus Rex

        That's deep doc

  • SkyVader

    #30 Too late.

    • Nesbit Faulkner

      Fuck the Police.

  • deleted4603026

    #41 Moar!!!! Please!!!!

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      I'm pretty sure the one on the right is Norma Stitz, check google images.

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

      • Mcfly707

        I'll get right on that, thanks.

      • Billy

        For fucks sake Paula everyone knows about Norma…………Unless that is really you.

    • Marios145

      Two attention whores…chive is going down the hill….

      • trdtacoma


        • Aimee

          Also agreed. Chive used to be just awesomeness. Now it's where girls go to post pictures of T&A for attention and to boost their internet popularity.

    • thehonestone

      Whore please !


    I shall devour your soul!!! #11


      Reflecting upon this, in my excitement to make the first page without actually hijacking a status like I normally do, I forgot to add

      Baby: I shall devour your soul!!!
      Man: *girlish scream*

      I guess my comment looks kind of bad when the lines are reversed. Let's just enjoy #40 and #41 instead!

      • lttl

        why do you even come here papaya, nobody likes you.


      I'm sorry everyone. I'm just trolling for a date. I hear this is the number one site for micro-penises…..

      • chapstick

        Yes it is! My penis is the size of a little chapstick, and I'm hung more than the average Chiver!

        • trdtacoma


  • Bud

    #38 Worth it

    • DapperDan

      Shit, I'd be incarcerated!

    • mcsailor

      still counts

    • DSP

      Doesn't matter had sex

      • panama99

        With your hand doesn't really count……

    • JT Mo-Nay

      Doesn't matter. Watched Sex.

  • wells11490

    #8 doesn't matter had sex

    • Fitzpatrick

      Kinda' like how I fucked the Patriots on Sunday.

  • Rose3191

    #2 It's a bird! It's a plane! It's nascar man!!!

    • bettingonthecubs

      Not nascar but you have boobs so you still get a thumbs up

      • BloodScrubber

        The guy on the far left MUST be looking at boobs to not see that coming at him. 😮

      • juniorjoel

        This guy was from my city. A journalist student (mine major too).

        Well, he made DAR.

        But really he died.
        Search for Brazil Campo Grande "Rafael Lima Pereira" stock car.

        Was outside the security area, though. Soo kinda DARwin awards…

        • 9OW

          he died? LOL

    • nate

      you're sexy rose

  • challenge accepted

    #25 she wants snu snu

    • Rose3191

      Futurama joke ftw!!!

      • Zapp Brannigan

        "We need rest. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised."

        • Rose3191

          Can't we just cuddle instead?

      • Zoey

        Yea! for Futurama!

    • bull1123

      YAY! awww… YAY! aww… YAY! aww… YAY! aww…

    • ROK247

      perfect motorboating setup

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    Bonus pic for my darling minions: here's a hottie with great natural boobies (nsfw'ish): http://bit.ly/ogueJ7

    Anywaysies… at first I thought the "Patty F@#ked Up" post one hour ago was about: [fill this in]

    – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
    — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

    • JO-Andy

      Opened it, stared at it for a couple of minutes. Didn't notice the people behind me. FML

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Wow, you're in to that kind of thing? Gross. I just can't seem to freak Chivers out anymore.

        – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
        — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

    • Mitch

      Hi Paula :*

    • wells11490

      [letting you contribute to the chive]

      • Wellsie 11491

        Lets go Raiders, beat them patriots. I'll be driving from Los Angeles to Oakland to watch the madness live!!!

    • Stan_Dalone

      #17 paula is that you?

      • 9048

        i knew someone was going to post that picture with that exact comment. get some new joke material. shit's stale.

        • Stan_Dalone

          two things1) if you knew someone was going to do it ya should have done it yourself and 2) what she does, unless she is you, is extremely stale as well. if she stopped trolling I would stop trolling her

          • Bill57

            you have to know they are idiots, don't you?

            • Stan_Dalone

              yes I am more than aware

              • BIll57

                they really believe thumbing us down matters lmao losers

                • Stan_Dalone

                  if they had brains they'd be a danger to themselves

                • Stan_Dalone

                  they can't help themselves

                  • tznatch

                    your not going to start sucking each others dicks are you? if so please leave.

                    • Aydork

                      I don't understand why you do this Stan_Dalone…
                      It bottles my mind that you come here deliberately to sound like a massive knob-jockey and not even attempt to be funny or intelligent.

                    • Stan_Dalone

                      bottles? you mean boggles? knob- jockey? Are you trying to make yourself seem intelligent, I am funny when I choose to be or not funny when it calls for it. As for you trying to judge someone you know nothing about. Is like taking a shot in the dark with a blind fold with the safety on.Do some homework before you engage your mouth when your brain s turned off

                    • Aydork

                      Yeah, you know when things are so crazy and it gets your thoughts all trapped…like in a bottle.

                      And, i by no means attempt to say knob-jockey with any ounce of intelligence, it's a derogatory term and requires absolutely no skill to use. But that just adds to how fun it is to say.

                      And finally, as for judging someone i don't know, hey, what else is the comment section for apparently. You seem to have these big speeches in EVERY single comment section about how much you don't care about this site, but then every new post, hey look who it is. Back to "enlighten" us some more on how you don't care about getting downvoted. Just because this account is new doesn't mean i haven't been visiting this site for quite a while.

                      In fact, you should feel proud, you encouraged me to create an account just so i could tell you to shut up. So thank you.

                    • Stan_Dalone

                      I do like the site, I never said I didn't care about the site. I just don't care about getting voted down. What little intelligence you do have or want to use trolling doesn't require much so have.

                      It was once said and I am paraphrasing to have knowledge isn't power but to pass on that knowledge is. so yes I try to help "enlighten" if you don't like me or what I have to post then don't read it move on. Oh wait that's right you are here to pick on people by not using your brain for a hat rack

                    • trdtacoma

                      go attention-whore somewhere else.

                    • Stan_Dalone

                      well everyone of you who comes to reply are the attention whores it seems to me since I didn't seek you out. you sought me out to comment on something that had nothing to do with you so simply STFU

                    • Stan_Dalone

                      if we were and we are not it would be none of your concern. More over since you are no one of any importance to this site or anywhere else. you may mind your own business

                    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

                      Bill and Stand are the same person.

                      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
                      — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

                    • Stan_Dalone

                      you thought of that all on your own or did you have help paula cause you are wrong lmao

          • lttl

            "if you knew someone was going to do it ya should have done it yourself"

            by that reasoning if you know that someone somewhere is going to jump from a very high building to end their life then you should follow suit?


            • Stan_Dalone

              It is very easy to take something out of context turn the words around and try to make someone answer a leading question, to get an answer you want from him. In this case that is not going to happen.If you care to redress the question in the context of which it was meant then we could have an intelligent debate

              • Davinport

                No, I agree with lttl on this one, please do us all a favor and go jump. You seem to think you're being clever or witty, but you're an annoying jackass that's wasting the time of people who, frankly, are simply better than you. Please STFU, no one cares what you think.

                • BIll57

                  Yet another persona of paula who seems to feel like they have the ability to effect judgement on someone they don't know. My friend if you don't like what I have to write, don't read it. just pass me by and move on with your life.have a good evening

                • Yepi0o


    • DerJöe

      thanx Paula that made my day

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1623814660 Thomas Spadea


      • PaulaTaint

        Can't wait to explain that page to our work surf nazis…

        I made cream pie with Paula

    • bdg

      Thank You!!!!! Hey Hey Paula………….

    • cubicman

      I love U 🙂 :-*

  • AssClown

    #49 Find her…and her boobs…

    • #387

      Our eyes met from across the internets.

    • Sean

      Is this the same girl biting her lip in the other photo from last week or just another hottie at Octoberfest?

    • Yup

      The rest of her is probably worth finding too.

    • Blumpkin

      By the time she finishes that brew, we would all get a turn

    • Hunter

      can we get an all Oktoberfest girls post? bitte

      • sameoldsameold

        yep another repeat, please dont find her find us new girls..

        • Logan

          this. sick of seeing the same shit.

          • JerkFace

            Then get off the internet and go outside, dipshit

            • Logan

              says the guy on the internet.

              • Chris

                He isn't complaining about seeing the same shit.

    • Glennco

      find the one on the right

    • fleischpeitsche



    #28 i'm in loveeeee

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Image search Norma Stitz, bit nsfw though ❤

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

      • MAX_POW

        i know you paulita "la pesadita".
        Por que no te dejas de romper las pelotas un rato, hijo de un camion lleno de putas.!!…feel free to translate

        • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

          Lavadora libros de instrucciones de usuario (o manuales) puede ser muy difícil de encontrar. No hay dinero en el almacenamiento de lavado manuales de usuario de la máquina, por lo que el fabricante es el mejor lugar para obtener uno de. Algunos se pueden descargar de forma gratuita, y otros que usted tendrá que comprar.

          – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
          — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

      • wanker

        die a horrible death

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      I looked at her & Strawberry Fields Forever played on the radio.

  • I_am_elf

    #28 As long as I have a face, she has a seat. I do sometimes wonder why I am single.

    • Guesty 5


    • SeaBassEX

      As long as she has boobs, I have a headrest. I, too, am single.

    • timok023

      playing baseball in a dress with bunny ears on your head doesn't help either

      • Sie9

        only a white person would do that shit…..

        • TheAndychrist


        • JBinNC

          I'm sure Asian's would be the first to do it.

  • MatadorPride

    #7 Little Caprice – the porn princess!

    • El Jefe

      Oh, yes. TONS of "fun" photos from this shoot.

    • anyone

      Too skinny, she needs to eat more.

      • 9OW

        agreed. not hot

      • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

        Disagree. I think she's fucking hot!! Fantastic body and pretty face.

    • denleendeko

      Who's the queen then?

  • HobbesTiger

    #17 Is that Tyler Lautner?

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #32 Rev. Pedobear disapproves of sign

  • steve

    #38 worth it.

  • nicky b

    I'll be the jackass who says "Early DAR is early." I really like this site, but sometimes you gotta put the good old sayings to bed… #28 is hot. Not FTW, just hot

    • myfrigginopinion

      Too skinny …women should have curves not bones.

      • Matt

        so you're telling me you wouldn't bang this chick? you're gay

        • B-Jammin

          I agree with women having curves but dude…she does have curves and skinny? Looks like she is in perfect shape to me! There is a difference between being in shape and being skinny. Not to mention she is very beautiful! I agree to disagree with u on this one!!!

  • Mark


    Love that look.

    • MAX_POW

      i like a little more than her look

    • sameoldsameold

      this is a threepeet

      • Stan_Dalone

        don't complain to us, complain to them

    • Stan_Dalone

      that look could melt iceburgs

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